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Human Sciences with a Focus on Tech

Technology is playing an increasingly larger role in shaping how we look at our world, what we do and how we do it. Human sciences enable us to explore and explain what is happening as technology re-shapes the real and virtual places in which we live, work, and play. The methods we use are evidence-based, helping us sort out opinion from information, fad from fact.

Our university focus on science and technology will support you to develop valuable skills - including research, data analysis, communications and critical thinking. At Lewis, you will receive personalized attention from our renowned faculty, whose main focus is your success.  

Knowledge, Thought, and Action

IIT Lewis College of Human Sciences stands at the crossroads of knowledge, methods for discovery, innovation, creativity, and action. At Lewis, you'll approach your chosen field as a scientist, with an investigative, discerning eye. We'll help you develop your capacity for logical thought and inference - to encourage you to ask hard questions and to seek good solutions. 

Social consciousness is at the heart of our programs, which emphasize the free spirit and broad perspectives traditionally reserved for the liberal arts. At Lewis College, we extend a challenge to our students: we encourage them to 1) think deeply; 2) examine our complex world through work on compelling human problems; 3) join with our faculty who are dedicated to bridging the gap between theory and application, ideas and action; and 4) pursue careers that make a difference to others. After leaving IIT, you'll be offering what today's employers most urgently seek: a smart employee and excellent problem solver.

New, Innovative Degree Options

IIT has always attracted students with a pioneering spirit. And Lewis College is pioneering ways in which the more traditional fields of humanisitic inquiry cooperate with the ever-evolving technological revolution with new undergraduate degree programs. 

New Degree Programs

Top Ranked Graduate Programs

Lewis College programs are consistently ranked in the top 15 in the country by U.S. News & World Report and by our peers.

IIT Lewis College’s Graduate Rehabilitation Counseling program is ranked #9 in the country by U.S. News & World Report. (2011)

Our Graduate Industrial/Organizational Psychology program was ranked #13 nationally by Princeton Review (Gourman Report).

Chicago: A Living Laboratory

Lewis College’s location in the global city of Chicago offers our students countless opportunities to gain practical experience. From Fortune 500 corporations and city schools to medical centers and top-tier health care and training centers, our students have access to resources and networks that enhance their degree studies.

Chicago Living