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Informing the future: New worlds of possibility at the intersection of humanity and technology

IIT Lewis College of Human Sciences houses the Departments of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Psychology at IIT. We have nine undergraduate programs, four master's degree programs and four Ph.D. programs. At Lewis, you'll approach your chosen field as a scientist, with an investigative, discerning eye. But social consciousness is at the heart of our programs, which emphasize the free spirit and broad perspectives traditionally reserved for the liberal arts.

We extend a challenge to our students: 1) think deeply; 2) examine our complex world through work on compelling human problems; 3) join with our faculty who are bridging the gap between theory and application; and 4) pursue careers that make a difference to others. After leaving IIT, you'll be offering what today's employers most urgently seek: a smart employee and excellent problem solver.

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