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The Center for Research and Service at IIT

Optimizing Organizational Performance Through Research and Data

The Center for Research and Service (the Center) at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is one of the country's premier, university-based research and consulting services firms. We provide meaningful solutions, strategies and metrics to assist our clients in assessing, developing, and leveraging their human potential.

Originally formed in 1996, the Center has evolved into one of the country’s unique graduate student training centers and has an exceptional track record of providing organizations with meaningful behavioral metrics.  In 2005, the Center merged with the Institute for Psychological Services, a behavioral consulting bureau originally founded in 1945 to provide career counseling and executive selection.  IIT’s Psychology Program has a long history and strong track record of providing organizations and individuals with meaningful behavioral metrics, feedback, and strategies designed to enhance their personnel/organizational performance. 

Today, the Center offers professional consulting and research services through the Lewis College of Human Sciences at IIT.  Partnering with our clients, we leverage the experience and talents of our internationally recognized faculty and emerging graduate scholars to develop custom solutions using proven methodology grounded in research. The strategic alliances we develop provide the framework for producing lasting and verifiable results for our clients.

The Center employs a staff of full-time consulting professionals as well as faculty and graduate students in Industrial/Organizational (I/O), Clinical, and Rehabilitation Psychology.