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Sawyier Lecture: Trust, Science, and Epistemic Injustice

Heidi Grasswick

George Nye & Anne Walker Boardman Professor of Mental and Moral Science, Middlebury College
Humphrey Professor of Feminist Philosophy, University of Waterloo

Scientific communities and experts are potentially important sources of knowledge for all of us in society. Yet in order to access such knowledge, one needs to trust these experts, and responsibly-formed trust requires certain social conditions to be in place.

Recent literature on epistemic injustices focuses on injustices that threaten agents’ abilities as speakers and creators of knowledge. Grasswick will argue that we also need to attend to epistemic injustices that concern our role as recipients of knowledge, who can only know through trust.

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Mar 24, 2:30pm


Pritzker Science Center, Room 111

Light refreshments will be served at 2 p.m. prior to the presentation.