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Mél Hogan

Mél Hogan

Assistant Professor of Communication



SH 207


Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Curation, CU Boulder (2014)
Ph.D., Concordia University, Communication Studies (2012)

Research Interests 

data centers and server farms
internet materialities
media and the environment


Mél Hogan is as an Assistant Professor of Communication at IIT in Chicago. She teaches classes on media and the environment, internet materialities, and graphic design. Her current research looks at greening discourses and innovations for server farms and data centers in the US and beyond. She is the director of the Humanities and Technology Speaker Series at IIT, a co-editor of, and a research design consultant for She was also a founding member of the Fembot Collective.

Twitter: @mel_hogan 

Selected Publications 

2015 Water Woes & Data Flows: the Utah Data Center” Big Data and Society July–December 2015: 1–12

2015 The Archive as Dumpster” PIVOT: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies and Thought Special Issue: Picking Through the Trash

2015 “Out of Site & Out of Mind: Speculative Historiographies of Techno-Trash” NANO Issue 7: The Aesthetics of Trash. (co-authored with A. Zeffiro, Brock University)

2015 “Information Ownership and Materiality in an Age of Big Data Surveillance” Journal of Information Policy (co-authored with T. Shepherd, LSE)

2013 “The Archive’s Underbelly: Facebook’s Data Storage Centers” In Television New Media January 2015 vol. 16 no. 1: 3-18

2013 In Media Res ‘Environmental Media’ “The Node Pole as the Archive’s Underbelly?”  

2013 “‘Bumblehive’ and ‘Sealand’: Big Data Infrastructures” Culture Digitally