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Program Requirements for B.S. in Digital Humanities

General Education (48 hours)

  • (Departmental ITP is 3 hours, reflected in this total.)
  • Major (47 hours)
  • Minor (15 hours)
  • Free elective (25 hours)

Required Courses

  • ITP (3)
  • Science Electives (11)
  • Computer Science Requirement (2)
  • Math Requirement (5)
  • Interprofessional Requirement (6)
  • Non-major Humanities and Social Sciences Requirement (21)

Digital Humanities Requirements

  • Minor Requirement (15)
  • Free Electives (13)
  • Current Total (126)

All Majors

  • HUM 2XX Interest in Digital Humanities (3)
  • COM/HUM 2XX Digital Writing (3)
  • CS Elective (2)
  • COM 3XX Standards Based Web Design (3)
  • HUM 3XX Digital Humanities Research Methods (3)
  • COM 3XX Web Application Development (3)
  • HIST 3XX Digital Labor: History and Practice (3)
  • Interdisciplinary Specialization (15)

(Specialization options include: Analytics, Feminist Analysis, Information Architecture, Policy & Ethics, Science and Technology Studies.)

  • Traditional Humanities Specialization (9)

(3 upper-division courses totaling 9 hours. Students choose one focus area from the following options: history, literature, philosophy. Students are permitted to count topically appropriate independent study courses toward this requirement; this option may be particularly beneficial for those interested in pursuing graduate study.)

  • Recommended Minors: Business, Communication, Computer Networking, Database Management, Graphics and CAD (for non-Engineers), Entrepreneurship, History, Internet Application Development, Language and Literature, Legal Studies, Law and Society, Linguistics, Military Science, Music, Naval Science, Organizational Psychology, Philosophy, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, Political Science, Professional and Technical Communication, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Technology and Human Affairs, Urban Affairs