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Presentations and Publications Archive 2008

Matt Bauer

Matt Bauer & Frank Parker, "Transmission of 'merger'," Symposium on Phonologization, University of Chicago, Linguistics Department, Chicago, IL, April 2008.

Matt Bauer presented two invited papers sponsored by the German Dept., University of Wisconsin, Madison, on February 1, 2008: "'Merger' and Hypothesis Testing" (coauthored with Frank Parker) and "The Use of Ultrasound in Sociophonetics."

Matt Bauer & Frank Parker, "Reliability and Validity in Studies of Low Back Merger," Linguistic Society of America, Chicago, Jan. 2008.

Matt Bauer & Frank Parker, "/æ/-Raising in Wisconsin English" (with F. Parker), American Speech, 83 (Winter 2008): 403–431.

Michael Davis

Michael Davis, "Ethics in the Details: Follow-Up Workshop," Howard University, Washington, DC, 8 December 2008.

Michael Davis, "Ethics and Society in the Engineering Curriculum: US Experiences", Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK, 13 November 2008.

Michael Davis, "Engineering Ethics," Northern Institute of Technology, Technological University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, 15-17 November 2008.

Michael Davis, "Torture and the Professions", Philosophy Club, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 22 October 2008.

Michael Davis, Ethics and the Legal Profession, 2nd. ed. (with E. Cohen & F. Elliston). Prometheus Books: Buffalo, N.Y., 2008.

Michael Davis, 'Thinking Through the Issues in a Code of Ethics," New Directions for Higher Education 142 (Summer 2008): 55–74.

Michael Davis, "Justifying Torture as an Act of War," War and Political Philosophy, ed. L. May (Cambridge UP, 2008), pp. 187–203.

Michael Davis, "Some Paradoxes of Whistleblowing" Ethical Theory and Business, 8th ed., ed. T. L. Beauchamp, N. E. Bowie, & D. G. Arnold (Pearson, 2008), pp. 147–155.

Michael Davis, "Professional Responsibility: Just Following the Rules?" reprinted in Professions in Ethical Focus: An Anthology, ed. F. Allhoff & A. J. Vaidya (Broadview, 2008), pp. 41–48.

Michael Davis, "Is There a Profession of Engineering?" reprinted inProfessions in Ethical Focus: An Anthology, ed. F. Allhoff & A. J. Vaidya (Broadview, 2008), pp. 146–165.

Michael Davis, Panelist, "Ethics Education for Graduate Programs in Geographic Information Science and Technology," Assn. for Practical and Professional Ethics, San Antonio, Feb. 2008.

Michael Davis, "No Dual Loyalties: The Profession of Medicine Comes First," American Philosophical Assn. (Midwestern Division), Chicago, April 2008.

Michael Davis, "Is Engineering Ethics the Same in Shantou as in Chicago?" Steelcase Corporation Endowed Fund for Excellence Leadership Lecture, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo, March 2008.

Susan Feinberg

Susan Feinberg, Panelist (invited), "Education and Employment: Challenges and Opportunities for Technical Communicators," Chicago Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, Oct. 2008.

Margaret Power

Margaret Power, "Negotiating Political and Gender Dichotomies: Interviewing Right-Wing Chilean Women and Left-Wing Chilean Men," Oral History Assn. Conference, Pittsburgh, Oct. 2008.

Margaret Power, "Why Solidarity Matters" (invited), Univ. of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Oct. 2008.

Margaret Power, "The Transnational Diffusion of Anti-Communism: Conservative Women in Brazil and Chile in the 1960s and 1970s" (invited), Univ. of Pittsburgh, Oct. 2008.

Kathryn Riley

Kathryn Riley has been invited to join the Editorial Review Board for the Texas Tech University Press Series in Technical Communication and Rhetoric.

Kathryn Riley, Exercise Book for The Academic Writer’s Handbook, 2nd ed., by L. Rosen. New York: Longman, 2008.

Kathryn Riley, Margaret Graham, & David Russell, "Publishing in Business Communication Journals," Assn. for Business Communication conference, Lake Tahoe, NV, Oct. 2008.

Warren Schmaus

Warren Schmaus, "A New Way of Thinking about Social Location in Science." Science & Education, 17 (2008), 1127-1137.

Warren Schmaus, "Robert King Merton," New Dictionary of Scientific Biography, ed. N. Koertge (Farmington Hills, MI: Scribner's, 2008).

Warren Schmaus, "Rescuing Auguste Comte from the Philosophy of History," essay review of Les Trois États: Science, théologie et métaphysique chez Auguste Comte by M. Bourdeau, History and Theory 47 (May 2008): 291–301.

Warren Schmaus, "Durkheim, Jamesian Pragmatism, and the Normativity of Truth" (invited), presented at a seminar in honor of Durkheim’s 150th birthday, Univ. of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, Nov. 2008.

Warren Schmaus, "Two Concepts of Social Situatedness in Science," Philosophy of Science Assn. 2008 Biennial Meeting, Pittsburgh, Nov. 2008. An earlier version was presented at the 10th Annual Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, March 2008.

Warren Schmaus, "Renouvier's Critique of Comte," 7th International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science Conference, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, June 2008.

Karl Stolley

Karl Stolley, "The Lo-Fi Manifesto," Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 12(3).

Karl Stolley, "More Than 'What You See': Alternatives to WYSIWYG Web Development" (invited), Michigan State Univ. Rhetoric and Writing Program's Distinguished Speaker Series, Jan. 2008.

Karl Stolley, "Using Microformats: Collaboration and the Semantic Web," CCCC Computer Connections, New Orleans, April 2008.

Karl Stolley, "Rethinking Digital Literacy in Terms of 'Open Source,'" ATTW Conference, New Orleans, April 2008.

Karl Stolley, "Redesigning Kairos (with K. Gossett & D. Eyman)," CCCC Computer Connections, New Orleans, April 2008.

Karl Stolley, "What You See Is What You Look At: Digital Literacies of Code-Level Development," Computers and Writing, Athens, Ga., May 2008.

Karl Stolley, "Producing Digital Scholarship for Kairos" (workshop; leader), Computers and Writing, Athens, Ga., May 2008.