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Programmed Inequality named Book of the Week by Times Higher Education

Programmed InequalityThe Times Higher Education Supplement, a leading publication for higher education professionals, chose Marie Hicks' new book, Programmed Inequality, for its book of the week slot this week. Professor John Gilbey writes in his review that Programmed Inequality is "a sophisticated work of scholarship: detailed, insightful, deeply researched," and "has a much wider relevance, too, which it would be unwise to understate. Discussing, as it does, the role of profoundly structural gender discrimination in the collapse of technical dominance by a formerly great power, this book makes very uncomfortable reading – on a number of levels."

Read the full review and the interview: The failure of the UK computer industry in the 20th century holds uncomfortable lessons for the US in the 21st century, writes the Times Higher Educational Supplement