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Dr. Phil Shurrager and Dr. Willard Kerr make up the full-time faculty for Department of Psychology and Education

Dr. Wakerr, Harriett Shurrager, R.D. Dykman, Dr. Phil Shurrager, Dr. David Boder

IIT's Department of Psychology awards its first Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology


Dr. William Krathwahl speaks to national convention of American Psychological Association. Click here to view press release.

A counseling service to assist students adjust to life at IIT is initiated by Dr. Marion Groves and staffed by advanced students in Psychology

Psychology Department continues to offer free testing and evaluation for the children of all IIT personnel

The College for Psychological Services moves from 18 S. Michigan to 3328 Federal Street. Click here to view press release.


Dr. David Boder is made Professor Emeritus of IIT and retires

Psychology Department develops standardized objective tests for evaluating graduate students for admission to candidacy for advanced degrees

In spring of 1952, there are 26 undergraduates and 39 graduate students majoring in psychology


Dr. Willard Kerr is president of the IIT Chapter of the American Association of University Professors

Dr. Philip Shurrager is the only psychologist out of 18 presenting papers at the International Conference on Regeneration of the Central Nervous System

Dr. George Ross joins the Department of Psychology and Education as Assistant Professor


Chapter of Psi Chi, national Psychology honorary society, is installed at IIT, with 39 members and Dr. Harriet Shurrager as faculty sponsor

Psychology Museum is closed and Dr. Boder donates the cash assets of $36 to purchase books for Psychology Department library


Dr. Morris Aderman joins the department. He presents A Century of Psychology: Learning Brings Adventure at the spring meeting of the Illinois Psychological Association Click here to view press release (PDF file).


Dr. Harriett Shurrager receives major grant for developing performance tests for visually impaired adults

There are 23 undergraduates and 37 graduate students enrolled in the Psychology Department

IIT awards eight B.S. degrees in psychology, five M.S. and six Ph.D.s

Dr. Mary Vermillion begins teaching half-time and working half-time on Dr. Harriett Shurrager's project to develop a standardized test for adult blind, funded through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, U.S. Dept of Health, Education and Welfare. Dr. Phil Shurrager, Dr. George Ross and Dr. Ira Salisbury also contribute consulting expertise to the project.