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"E Cubed" Program enables Psychology students and faculty to facilitate group productivity of IIT interdisciplinary student and faculty project groups

David Hershenson is appointed Coordinator of Counseling Programs and given responsibility to develop a core program in counseling

Glen Geist accepts faculty appointment and will coordinate the Rehabilitation program


Drs. Phil and Harriett Shurrager retire after 26 years with the Department of Psychology and Education

Dr. D. B. Hershenson becomes chairman of the Department of Psychology and Education, Dr. Mary Vermillion becomes assistant chairman


Specific graduate program sequences are established in General-Experimental, Industrial and Counseling Psychology

A Psychology Department lecture series is instituted, with speakers from universities and across the country

Graduate applications increase to 443, 119 more than the previous year, and enrollment is 213 graduates and 61 undergraduates. Department discusses solutions to very low number of undergraduate applications.


Name changes to "Department of Psychology," more consistent with activities of the department and more typical of the better departments throughout the country


Rehabilitation Counseling Program receives full five-year accreditation from Council on Rehabilitation Education, becoming one of sixteen programs (out of 83 established programs) in the country to achieve this status

The IIT Faculty votes to extend the Ph.D. program in Psychology for the full five-year term


Department Chair David B. Hershenson leaves to assume position of Dean of Sargent College at Boston University

Dr. Mary Vermillion is named Acting Chairman of the Department of Psychology

Psychology is the largest graduate program on the IIT campus (287 total), with more American full-time graduate students and a higher percentage of women graduate students than Lewis College and Armour College combined

Rehabilitation Counseling Board of Overseers is established

IIT's Career Center shifts to the College of Psychological Services and is no longer part of the Psychology Department

Dr. George Ross is appointed Associate Professor Emeritus upon his retirement from the Department of Psychology and Education


Dr. Donald Tepas is hired as Chairman and professor

Dr. Nambury Raju joins as assistant professor

The department gains international recognition through Dr. Margaret Huyck's work, while on sabbatical, in Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands

Human Sleep Laboratory is established in the Life Sciences Building equipped with basic equipment required to record electrophysiological concomitances with human sleep and a minicomputer for online real-time analysis of variables


Dr. Donald Tepas becomes the first U.S. member on the Scientific Committee on Shiftwork of the Permanent Commission & International Association on Occupational Health

Dr. Mary Vermillion is appointed Executive Officer of Lewis College