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PsychLink Newsletter Fall 1997

Volume 2, Issue 1, Fall 1997
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Editorial Director: M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D. Content and Design: Omar Azam

PsychLink is published by the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Psychology twice a year and follows the academic calendar.

From the College Director

Energized by a strong 1996-97 year, the College of Psychology continues to flourish in undertaking the transition from a department to a free-standing College. Nationally, psychology annually competes with business as the top choice of major for undergraduate students. We have launched an accelerated degree option at the undergraduate level. In addition to our long-standing BS program, students may now opt to apply to complete both a BS in psychology and a JD at Chicago Kent Law School in six years! Entrance to Kent is assured with few contingencies (minimum GPA, LSAT). You may be aware that the prominence of Kent has been increasing, and it is now among the top law schools in the country. We have enclosed a coupon for you to pass along to budding psychologists, and lawyers, so that they can apply free of charge to undergraduate psychology at IIT. If you need more coupons, just let us know.

Admissions at the doctoral level in clinical psychology continue to be more competitive than medical school. Passing of federal ADA laws has propelled rehabilitation psychology into the fore in both corporate and health care settings. Globalization and the need for corporate downsizing has increased the prominence of I/O psychologists in the management of change processes. Faculty in psychology have been highly productive. Therefore, the graduate programs are flourishing.

Nam Raju has worked very hard this year to expand the Center for Research and Service. Established in 1991, the Center has a unique opportunity to contribute to the fulfillment of the College of Psychology's mission to educate and train students within the scientist/practitioner model. A nexus of training, information and services, the Center will forge a partnership linking education, industry, and the community. There will be more about the Center in coming months.

The Psychology Board of Overseers was established and has been hard at work on the Center Business plan and developing the Psychology fund raising campaign plan. Dennis Armstrong, is leading the psychology campaign. His subcommittee includes Gary Morris, Linda Jeleniewski, and Sandy Marcus. We are most appreciative of their support and assistance. Bryan Dunn, CEO of the Kinship corporation is serving as chair of the board. He is joined by IIT trustee David Vitale, Vice Chair of First National Bank, and a distinguished group of professional and business leaders. They bring energy, enthusiasm and new perspectives on the role of psychology in the university. I am exceedingly grateful for, and impressed by, the effort, commitment, and professionalism of the board members.

These changes, and the exciting opportunity presented by the Pritzker-Galvin challenge, create an extraordinary fund raising campaign opportunity. We are planning a meeting for January 17th, 1998 to brainstorm and launch the psychology fund raising. We need people who are willing to help us find lost alumni, develop recognition mechanisms, cultivate donors, and talk with alumni about making a pledge during this window of opportunity. Please call me if you would like to see some old friends, network with alums, and help us.

I know many of you will receive solicitations from the university in the upcoming months. We would like to ask you to consider designating any and all contributions specifically to psychology. In the main, general university funds (e.g., general scholarship) do not benefit psychology or psychology students. While we wish to support the university, we have our own students and programs as our priority, and we have many different areas of need. We are delighted to seek support for undergraduate and graduate psychology student funding, professional activities of students, the development of the Psychology Center for Research and Service, and professional development of faculty. We also hope to obtain an endowed professorship for internationally renowned distinguished professor Nambury Raju, expert in test validation and item response theory. We appreciate gifts at all levels. We encourage you to consider where you would most like to help. We accept credit cards for those of you who can accumulate frequent flier miles, enjoy options for term payment, or who simply like the convenience of bank cards.


--M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.

Rehabilitation News

Chow S. Lam

Chow S. Lam, Director of Rehabilitation Program was inducted as a Fellow of the American Psychological Association during the organization's annual convention held August 15, 1997 in Chicago. Dr. Lam presented his research on Treatment Matching in Dual Diagnosed Clients. In the audience to support Dr. Lam's appointment as APA Fellow for the Rehabilitation Division were his wife, current students, IIT rehabilitation alumni, IIT faculty colleagues, and noted psychologist, Beatrice Wright.

Dr. John Hilburger

Dr. John Hilburger, former visiting Rehab faculty, has joined IIT as tenure-track assistant professor of Rehabilitation. Dr. Nancy Hanson joined the Rehab Faculty. She is a graduate of Notre Dame University.

Three Students Begin Doctoral Program

Gary Soley is a graduate of University of Illinois-Chicago. Dr. Lam will serve as his research advisor.

David Rapp is a graduate of Grinnell College. Dr. Hillburger will serve as his research advisor.

Dong Hyung Lee is a graduate of Chungnam National University in Korea. Dr. Nancy Hanson will serve as his reasearch advisor.

Rehabilitation Counseling

Rehabilitation Counseling --14 students were accepted for the counseling program. The weekend program currently has 17 students.

New Lab Formed

New Lab Formed --The former Rehabilitation Library (LS Rm. 255A) has been converted as Dr. Lam's research lab.

Clinical News

The American Psychological Association is slated to visit the Institute this year as part of its re-accreditation process. Dr. Michael Young has been busy planning for that event. One aspect of the visit is a self study, whereby information is gathered by members of the department so as to gain as complete a picture as possible of the Institute and its operations. Along with other aspects of the preparation for the visit, the process is quite involved. Thanks to the APA's new guidelines, future accreditation visits will be repeated only every seven years.

Graduate students attended a number of conferences. Eddie O'Connor, Janice Chartrand, Allison Cromey, and Greg Petersen were at the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology. Julie Kabat attended the Society for Research in Psychopathology's annual meeting. Amy Siston, Shari Neuell, Gail deMarco, and Jeff Canar were at the annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy.

I/O News

Reflecting a trend of growth in the College's program enrollments, the I/O department boasts almost triple the number of new students as compared to two years ago.

With that in mind, Welcome to this year's new students!

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Susan Bootay
Michael Collins
Michelle Conner
Allan Fromen
Andrew Garman,M.S.
Michael Henry, M.S.
Donhwa Lee
Sandra Lewis
Dana Lee Moore
Noelle Newhouse
Linas Orentas, M.S.
Daniel Spizzuco, M.S.
Angela Sternburgh
Jenny Thompson
Norberto Valbuena, M.S.

Personnel & Human Resource Development

Thohir Afandi
Marina Magid
Jana Szostek
Kenneth Zlatoper

The College congratulates Dr. Nambury Raju as he receives the designation Distinguished Professor. Known for his work in item response theory and test development, Dr. Raju spearheaded the effort to expand the Center for Research and Service. Established in 1991, the Center is a non-profit, fee-for-service program operated by the College of Psychology. The Center integrates the rigor of the scientific method with the latest human resource research to meet workplace challenges within the public and private sectors. In addition to long-standing clients such as the department of Rehabilitation services and the Veterans Administration, the Center has provided services to Ameritech, United Airlines, I/O Solutions, and a major Chicago-based hospital.

Scott Morris is representing IIT working on a multidisciplinary project on causal reasoning in artificial intelligence, in cooperation with computer science faculty from Northeastern Illinois University. A grant to fund the research is currently under review at the National Science Foundation.

The I/O program produces its own newsletter which was released this fall with updates of their many activities.

Faculty List

Welcome to our new faculty members, JoAnne McKee and Tony Paquin. Ms. McKee is a field placement coordinator for the Rehabilitation Program. She received her masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Illinois at Champaign. Dr. Paquin is a visiting professor who joins us from Texas A&M University. His research interests are in cross-cultural differences in attempts to improve productivity/organizational effectiveness in traditional and nontraditional organizations, work motivation, and psychometric issues in the improvement of organizational effectiveness.

Full-time faculty

M. Ellen Mitchell, Associate Professor - Clinical Program & Director of the College of Psychology
Roya Ayman, Associate Professor - Industrial/Organizational Program & Director of I/O Psychology Program
Glen Geist, Professor - Rehabilitation Program
Nancy Hansen, Assistant Professor - Rehabilitation Program
John Hilburger, Assistant Professor - Rehabilitation Program
Joyce Hopkins, Associate Professor - Clinical Program
Margaret Huyck, Professor - Undergraduate Program, Developmental
Chow Lam, Professor - Rehabilitation Program & Director of Rehabilitation Program
JoAnne McKee, Field placement coordinator - Rehabilitation Program
Charles Merbitz, Associate Professor - Rehabilitation Program
Scott Morris, Assistant Professor - Industrial/ Organizational Program
Anthony Paquin, Assistant Professor - Industrial/ Organizational Program
Nambury Raju, Professor - Industrial/Organizational Program & Director of the Center for Research and Service
Sylvia Roch, Instructor - Industrial/Organizational Program
Lori Rokicki, Assistant Professor - Clinical Program
Robert Schleser, Professor - Clinical Program
Tamara Sher, Assistant Professor - Clinical Program
Allen Wolach, Professor - Undergraduate Program, Experimental
Michael Young, Associate Professor - Clinical Program & Director of Clinical Training

Faculty News

Nam Raju, Ph.D.

Nam Raju, Ph.D. was named a Distinguished Professor by the IIT Board of Trustees. Most of his research activities continue to center around meta-analysis, utility of organizational interventions, and differential item functioning (item bias). This year, new procedures were developed and implemented in the utility area, and the results so far are very encouraging.

Charles Merbitz, Ph.D.

Charles Merbitz, Ph.D., is principal investigator for a training grant funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration entitled, "Rehabilitation Engineering Technology Long Term Training," with a federal budget of $100,000 per year. The grant lasts until August 2000.

As of November, Dr. Merbitz is also president-elect of the Behavioral Analysis Society of Illinois (BASIL). He is also currently the president of the Chicago Association for Behavior Analysis.

Joyce Hopkins, Ph.D.

Joyce Hopkins, Ph.D., was named President of the Illinois Association of Infant Mental Health.

Robert Schleser, Ph.D.

Robert Schleser, Ph.D., was elected Chair of the Academic section of the Illinois Psychological Association.

Chow Lam, Ph.D.

Chow Lam, Ph.D., was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago. He chairs the Vocational Rehabilitation Planning Committee. Dr. Lam was also selected as one of the university researchers to participate in a community-based organization and university collaboration HIV/AIDS prevention research project funded by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

Faculty Profile

Dr. John Hilburger

In this edition of PsychLink, our faculty spotlight is on Dr. John Hilburger. Dr. Hilburger received his B.A. in Psychology and M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Illinois at Champaign. After receiving his masters, he began work at Thresholds, an agency with which he has had a long-standing and involved relationship. "It was one of the first comprehensive programs that dealt with reintegrating people with severe mental illness back into the community." The main goal is prevention of psychiatric rehospitalization in addition to vocational and social rehabilitation, independent living, education, and physical well-being. Dr. Hilburger stayed there for twenty years, and from 1986 until 1990, he was the director of Thresholds South. While there, he got to know Dr. Chow Lam, Director of the Rehabilitation Psychology Program here at IIT.

After twenty years, Dr. Hilburger felt the need for a change, specifically a new challenge. He realized that he had always received much satisfaction from staff supervision, in-service training, and research. It seemed logical, therefore, to begin work on a doctoral degree, which occurred in 1990. While studying at IIT, Dr. Hilburger began coordination of field work for the students in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program. After receiving his Ph.D. in 1995, he started teaching classes as an adjunct professor and then served as Visiting Assistant Professor. Starting this Fall, Dr. Hilburger has become an Assistant Professor at the College, and shares his enthusiasm: "I'm very pleased to be here -- it's rare to have a faculty that works so well together."

Dr. Hilburger's current research interest centers around the Stages of Change model as it applies to people with severe mental illness and on developing a new instrument for determining what stage a client is in. His activities as a professor also entail supervision of the Weekend and Evening Masters Program and the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Track of the Rehabilitation and Counseling Program. When Dr. Hilburger is not busy with his research or clinical activities, he spends time enjoying gardening and jogging (3 miles every other day!).

Alumni Notes

Shirley Alexander

Shirley Alexander, a student in the Weekend/Evening M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling Program, was recognized by Thresholds and Mercy Hospital for her astute clinical skills in a crisis situation. You can read more about her in the Summer 1997 Edition of the Thresholds newsletter (available through Dr. Hilburger).

Mike Baer, Ph.D.

Mike Baer, Ph.D. (1971), writes to us from New York, where he is involved with practice (psychotherapy, testing, and biofeedback) and teaching activities in affiliation with the U. of Rochester. Dr. Baer was recently elected to the Board of Trustees of the American Psychotherapy Association.

Russ Barcelona

Russ Barcelona is working with Hyde & Lichter, Inc.

Millicent Stephens Chrusciel, M.S.

Millicent Stephens Chrusciel, M.S. (1968), is at Farnsworth, a Chicago Public School. She co-authored 2 articles on child development after receiving her masters from IIT and has since then been practicing as a school psychologist.

Dan Dowhower

Dan Dowhower is Research Program Manager at Case Western Reserve University.

Russell Day

Russell Day served a term as President of the Chicago Industrial/Organizational Psychologists.

Julie A. Deisinger, Ph.D.

Julie A. Deisinger, Ph.D., is now working full-time as a post-doctoral resident in the Department of Psychology at Saint Xavier University.

Felicia A. Dudek

Felicia A. Dudek presented "Codependency Revisited" at the Haymarket Center Summer Institute this past June.

Chris Freiburger

Chris Freiburger served a term as Program Director of the Chicago Industrial/Organizational Psychologists.

Liz Freidman, Ph.D.

Liz Freidman, Ph.D., has a new position as psychometrician in Pediatric Neuropsychology at the Rush Neurobehavioral Center in Skokie.

Carrie Jeske

Carrie Jeske is specializing in recruiting and placement at Excell.

Mark LoVerde

Mark LoVerde is now Manager of Selection Services at Inland Paperboard & Packaging in Indiana.

Russ Lobsenz

Russ Lobsenz is now with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Teresa Pappas

Teresa Pappas is now a Training Specialist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

James S. Peters II, Ph.D.

James S. Peters II, Ph.D. (1952), has recently published several books in addition to those listed in the above section. These are: The Memoirs of a Black Southern New Englander, Her Eyes Have Seen the Glory, The Saga of Black Navy Veterans of World War II, and Love Across the Color Line.

Bradley Planey

Bradley Planey, an alum, is the Program Director of an acute rehabilitation unit at Central Arkansas Hospital in Searcy, AR. Within the next year, Bradley will oversee the doubling of the number of rehabilitation beds and the addition of a 20 bed SNF unit and an outpatient program.

Fred Rafilson

Fred Rafilson is President and CEO (and owner) of Industrial/Organizational Solutions, LLC.

Barry Ziering, Ph.D.

Barry Ziering, Ph.D. (1982), is Vice President at Prudential Real Estate Investors where he is involved with real estate portfolio management and research. "Moving to a line position," he observes, "I can truly say that the line vs. staff distinction is crucial for organizational psychologists to fully understand and appreciate." In his present position, Dr. Ziering applies his background in multivariate statistics to the world of economic and demographic data.

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