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PsychLink Newsletter Fall 1998

Volume 3, Issue 1, Fall 1998
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Editorial Director: M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.; Editor: Omar Azam; Consultants: Olivia Anderson, Angeles Anaya, Michael Gravitt, Elizabeth King

PsychLink is published by the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Psychology twice a year and follows the academic calendar.

From the College Director

What a glorious fall it has been! There are many accomplishments of faculty and students that are noted in this newsletter. My admiration for the work around me abounds. We have had over four million dollars in research grant proposals submitted in the past year; international and national presentations and publications; growing student enrollment; and we have raised more money in the past eighteen months than raised in the past ten years for all of Lewis College. Kudos and thanks to all of you for your help and unflagging support.

A few of the notable accomplishments of faculty include but are not limited to:

  • Professor Glen Geist‹recipient of RSA grant for Ph.D. students in Rehabilitation Counselor Education
  • Professor John Hilburger‹President, Great Lakes Chapter National Rehabilitation Counselors
  • Professor Nancy Hansen‹Chair, Research Committee of the American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists and Social Workers
  • Professor Joyce Hopkins‹President, Illinois Association for Infant Mental Health
  • Professor Margaret Huyck‹appointed member of Governor Edgar's Commission on the status of Women in Illinois
  • Professor Chow Lam‹ranked number ten in the nation in rehabilitation research productivity
  • Professor Charles Merbitz‹elected Chair of the Outcomes Task Force, American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists and Social Workers
  • Professor Nambury Raju‹Served on the National Academy of Sciences' Committee on the National Assessment of Educational Practice
  • Professor Robert Schleser‹elected Chair, Academic section, Illinois Psychological Association
  • Professor Tamara Sher‹Editor, Special Series in Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings

There have also been a number of noteworthy staff changes. Bruce Fisher, Ph.D., joined us in August as the Director of the Center for Research and Service. Bruce, a 1987 I/O alumnus, was formerly on staff at Organizational Psychologists. He has made remarkable progress on the implementation of the board-approved business plan for the center. The center is dedicated to advancing individual and organizational effectiveness through education, research, and consulting services. It supports clients through services that improve both individual and organizational performance. Elizabeth King comes to us from Arizona where she gained extensive expertise in office operations, budgeting, and oversight. She now heads the psychology office as Administrative Associate Director. We are most pleased to have her talents and professional skills to assist us with the diverse array of tasks we now undertake as a free-standing College. Michael Gravitt accepted the position as Administrative Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions and has been helping us to structure and implement a plan to recruit undergraduates in psychology. Michael has extensive admissions and financial aid experience that is an asset in this endeavor. We have a new brochure that is being mailed to interested students, and we are hopeful of increased enrollment. Please spread the word about undergraduate psychology at IIT. If you wish to assist him in this marketing, recruitment, and retention effort, please feel free to call him at 312/567-8945. I am very pleased to announce that we have two new members on the Psychology Board of Overseers. Bridget Nowak (Rehabilitation 1986) and Stephen Steinhaus (I/O, 1987) have agreed to join the dedicated and talented group of people who comprise the psychology board and whose steady support has been a mainstay for me. Please join me in thanking and welcoming them in this capacity.

Finally, I have been most impressed by the commitment and dedication of our alumni volunteer group. These remarkable individuals have given time nights and weekends despite other full time jobs to help us with our fund raising effort. Please let me know if any of you would like to be part of the alumni volunteer group. We are especially interested in finding additional clinical alumni to participate in that effort.

M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.

Donor Listing

The College of Psychology gratefully acknowledges the following donors who gave generously to the IIT Challenge Campaign from November 1996 through October 1998. Donations recognized are by psychology friends and alumni designating their gift to either the College of Psychology or the IIT general fund.

Anonymous (2) -- Dr. Peter D. Abrams -- Dr. Stuart J. Agres -- Ms. Olivia K. Anderson -- Dr. David A. Anderson -- Mr. Ivars P. Antens -- Mr. Colonel C. Armstrong -- Dr. Dennis R. Armstrong* -- Dr. Kevin J. Armstrong -- Dr. Annette Arzt -- Dr. Michael J. Asher -- Mr. Curtis Austin, Jr. -- Dr. Brett K. Avner -- Dr. Roya Ayman** -- Ms. Mary F. Bay -- Ms. Diane L. Bazan -- Dr. Michael J. Belcher -- Mr. Fred I. Berkowitz -- Dr. Robert A. Berry -- Mr. David I. Bishop -- Dr. Bruce E. Bonecutter* -- Mr. Clarence E. Boyle -- Mr. John W. Braski -- Dr. Stephen E. Breuning -- Dr. William R. Burwell -- Dr. Roy W. Carlson -- Ms. Luisa P. Castellanos -- Ms. C. A. Clougherty -- Dr. Thomas P. Cogan -- Dr. Ira N. Cohen -- Mr. Charles H. Cole -- Mr. John P. Cole -- Dr. Jeryl W. Cordell -- Dr. Kay D. Cotter -- Mr. Arthur O. Cromer -- Dr. Mary J. Cross -- Mrs. Katherine Czischke -- Dr. Lawrence W. Dachowski -- Dr. Russell R. Day -- Dr. June F. De Lessio -- Mrs. Darlene G. Dehne -- Dr. Julie A. Deisinger -- Ms. Verla K. Demopoulos -- Dr. Lawrence S. Dribin -- Mr. Bryan R. Dunn* -- Dr. Margaret C. Dust -- Ens. Kenneth R. Edwards -- Dr. Lawrence Egel -- James R. Emmett -- Mr. Jerry Enenstein -- Mr. Wolfgang D. Eschenlohr -- Mr. Willard Eubanks -- Dr. Andrew J. Falcone -- Dr. Donald G. Ferrell -- Bruce & Laura Fisher -- Jacqueline K. Fitzgerald -- Mrs. Yvonne Fogerty -- Dr. Christopher D. Freiburger -- Dr. Jotham Friedland -- Mr. Robert N. Friend -- Dr. Steve J. Frommelt -- Dr. Glen O. Geist** -- Dr. William J. Giardina -- Mr. Daniel Giffort -- Miss Dorothy C. Glass -- Mr. Edward M. Godbersen -- Ms. Sally A. Gonzalez -- Mrs. Jean C. Gorman -- Ms. Katie M. Grand -- Mr. Robert J. Grassl -- Dr. Stephen J. Guastello -- Mr. Kevin J. Haggerty -- Dr. Juanita L. Hall -- Dr. Nancy Hansen** -- Dr. John W. Harris -- Dr. Francis W. Hartel -- Dr. Richard L. Hazlett -- Mr. Ernest S. Hegyi -- Dr. Yvonne R. Heins -- Dr. James T. Heisler -- Mr. John C. Heitz -- Dr. Robert M. Heller -- Mr. Ronald A. Hernes -- Dr. Diana H. Higgins -- Dr. John J. Hilburger** -- Dr. John W. Hollender, Jr. -- Dr. Joyce Hopkins** -- Dr. John B. Houck -- Dr. Allen H. Howard -- Dr. Margaret H. Huyck** -- Mr. Larry I. Ikeda -- Mrs. Linda S. Iwamuro -- Dr. Linda A. Jeleniewski* -- Dr. Nancy L. Jensen -- Mr. Robert E. Johnson -- Mr. Charles V. Juliano -- Ms. Sophie G. Karaitis -- Dr. Ken Kaye* -- Mr. Kevin Kelly -- Mr. Mohammad Khalid Mrs. Lynn T. Kirkbride -- Mr. Jerry S. Kirkpatrick -- Dr. Rosalie Kirschner -- Dr. Paul Kleinman -- Mr. Ernest Knight -- Mrs. Mary S. Koch -- Dr. Daniel E. Kolar -- Dr. Terrence J. Koller -- Ms. Diane Krause-Stetson* -- Mrs. Phyllis B. Kudan -- Mr. Daniel M. La Spesa, Sr. -- Dr. Larry J. Laffitte -- Chow & Irene Lam** -- Dr. George M. Langlois -- Dr. Shirley M. Lapidus -- Karen M. Lavin -- Dr. William T. Lawhorn -- Mr. Brian J. Leahy -- Mr. Mark D. Lerman -- Dr. Mitchell D. Liberman -- Ms. Sheila J. Lima -- Mr. Leonard J. Long -- Dr. Sandra E. Lowe -- Dr. Renee C. Magiera-Planey -- Mr. Frank A. Malinowski -- Mrs. Barbara A. Malone -- Mr. Robert Mantsh -- Dr. Sander I. Marcus* -- Desiree Marziali -- Dr. Alfred P. Mascitti -- Dr. Jaci J. Masztal* -- Mr. Robert J. Mateer -- Mr. Dennis J. McCabe -- Dr.Carol A. McDonough -- Ms. Charline M. McGrath -- Mrs. Natalie L. McLaughlin -- Dr. Brian T. McMahon -- Mr.Michael A. McKee -- Dr. Charles T. Merbitz** -- Mr. Jerrold S. Meyer -- Ms. Stephanie Miller -- Ms. Sue A. Miller Dr. M. Ellen Mitchell** --Mr. Emmett J. Moran, Jr. -- Dr. Gary W. Morris* -- Dr. Scott Morris** Dr. Subhash C. Mukherjee -- Dr. D. Evan Murphy -- Dr. Tria B. Murphy -- Mr. Kimball Nedved -- Bridget Nowak* -- Ms. Lisa M. Olson -- Mr. Edward F. Pagella -- Dr. Anthony R. Paquin** -- Dr. Donald Paull -- Dr. James S. Peters, II -- Mr. Bradley E. Planey -- Mrs. Christine A. Polito -- Ms. Charlie D. Pollard -- Dr. Charles A. Pounian -- Dr. Prabha Puri -- Dr. Nambury S. Raju** -- Shruti Reddy -- Ms. Marianne Reed Ms. Ellen J. Reidy Heather L. Reilly Mr. Roger W. Reining Miss Patricia L. Riggs -- Dr. Sylvia G. Roch** -- Dr. Lori A. Rokicki** -- Mr. Russell W. Roschman -- Ms. Joanne H. Rosenberg -- Dr. Hassan Sayeed -- Theresa J. Schaeffer -- Dr. William A. Schiemann -- Dr. Robert Schleser** -- Dr. John Scott* -- Mr. David R. Sennett -- Ms. Katherine B. Sharp-Belle -- Dr. Tamara Goldman Sher** -- Dr. Paul A. Sherman -- Dr. Susan L. Slater -- Dr. Michael C. Smith -- Dr. Frank J. Smith -- Mr. Robert W. Soelter -- Dr. Maurice L. Solodky -- Dr. Addison W. Somerville -- Ms. Nancy J. Sons -- Mr. Alan H. Sons -- Mr. Mark M. Sowa -- Dr. Anthony E. Spahr -- Mr. Eugene D. Spizziri -- Dr. Steven Stanard -- Dr. Dennis R. Stark -- Dr. Stephen D. Steinhaus* -- Ms.Pamela Stone Dr. Denise B. Strauch -- Mrs. Elaine M. Sugent -- Dr. Kenneth E. Taylor -- Tenneco Inc. (2) -- Dr. Elaine C. Thomopoulos -- Thresholds (2) -- Mr. Mark A. Tietbohl -- Mr. Jeffrey A. Truthan -- Mrs. Peggy L. Tyler -- Dr. Paul H. Van Wyk -- Mr. Raymond H. Van Zelst --Dr. Steven W. Veit -- Dr. Mary E. Vermillion -- Vernon Roche Hodgson, Inc. -- Mr. David J. Vitale* -- Dr. Anthony F. Vitiello -- Vocational Testing, Inc. -- Dr. Wayne J. Von Bargen -- Dr. Joan Walker-Hurst -- Ms. Merriam E. Wamble -- Dr. Gerald J. Wellens -- Mr. Frederic W. Widlak -- Mr. James K. Wills -- Dr. Allen H. Wolach** -- Dr. Michael A. Young** -- Ms. Normandie J. Zagorski -- Mr. Jack L. Zeibell -- Bruce A. Zimmerman -- Ms. Rebecca L. Zwolinski -- Dr. Kenneth A. Zych

* College of Psychology Board of Overseers Member
** College of Psychology Faculty

Every effort is made to verify the accuracy of this listing. If a correction is in order, please call the College of Psychology office at 312/567-3500. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Clinical News

Congratulations to students who have recently defended their dissertations

Linda Dunaway

Neuropsychology of deficit willed intention in schizophrenia. Advisor: Dr. Lam.

Gail Ihnen

The functional significance of social perception in schizophrenia. Advisor: Dr. Penn

Theresa Kiolbasa

Adequacy of hemodialysis compared to kidney transplantation: a neuropsychological perspective. Advisor: Dr. Lam.

Michelle Kornbleuth

Causal analysis of the relationships among attachment, role modeling, mental problems and delinquency. Advisor: Dr. Lam.

Rhonda Mayes

An examination of the cognitive appraisal of stress in African-American women: Are stress differences a result of race or culture? Advisor: Dr. Schleser.

Edmund O'Connor

The effect of competition on acute pain tolerance. Advisor: Dr. Schleser.

Sheryl Tatelman

Social support, marital status, and marital satisfaction in relation to mental health among survivors of breast cancer. Advisor: Dr. Mitchell.

Welcome to the new class of clinical Ph.D. students

Gail Pinales
Gwen Hales
April Halfpenny
Mandy Grant
Anne Wiley
Liat Ayalon
Marina Gonzales-Soriano
Milly Shivers
Renee Pichler
Sara Wontor
Sandra Kuperman

Industrial/Organizational News

We are proud to recognize the achievements of our recent graduates:


Russell E. Lobsenz, Ph.D., Do measures of tacit knowledge assess psychological phenomena distinct from general ability, personality, and social knowledge? Advisor: Dr. Morris.
Vanita Cecilia Misquita, Ph.D., Exploration of factors leading to organizational commitment of the subordinate in a unionized environment. Advisor: Dr. Ayman.
Sameena Mohiuddin-Noetzel, Ph.D., The effect of job title on job evaluations ratings. Advisor: Dr. Morris.

Masters Level

Jennifer Lyn Langell, M.S., The role of aptitude-treatment interactions in training evaluation. Advisor: Dr. Ayman.
Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., The effects of frame-of-reference (FOR) training and a combined FOR and observational training (FOR/OBS) program on rating and observational accuracy. Advisor: Dr. Roch.
W. Grant Peirce IV, M.S., The relationship between work-force diversity and the strength and quality of organizational climate. Advisor: Dr. Ayman.
Michael T. Schuelke, M.S., Rating of women leaders: The moderating effects of salience of leadership, sex of subordinate, and sex of raters. Advisor: Dr. Ayman.
Eleni Speron, M.S., Agreement between rating sources on leader¹s performance: the role of gender, context, and self-monitoring. Advisor: Dr. Ayman.

Masters PHRD

Melanie Anderson, M.S.
Brad Johnson, M.S.
Ming-Hong Shih (Calvin), M.S.
Rebecca Romano, M.S.
Jennifer Zieleskiewicz, M.S.

Bruce Fisher, Ph.D.

Bruce Fisher has recently left his role as partner at the Chicago-based consulting firm, Organizational Psychologists, to "come home again" to IIT as the new Director for the Center for Research and Service in the College of Psychology. As a research and consulting arm of the College of Psychology, the mission of the center is to advance individual and organizational effectiveness through research-based solutions and consulting services. The center has worked with the following companies: D.C. Fire Department, Peoples Energy Corp., AMCO Engineering Co., Shine Brothers, Inc., JW Allen and the National Academy of Sciences. Bruce is a 1987 graduate of IIT¹s Ph.D. Program in Industrial Psychology. He consulted for fourteen years with the firm Organizational Psychologists. In addition, he taught for the last ten years in the graduate program at Loyola University's Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

From the Board Chair

In my professional career, I have had the privilege of being involved with several organizations in a voluntary capacity. My experience with IIT and specifically the College of Psychology has been one of the most rewarding. It is a rare and special opportunity to see a group of committed board members and volunteers, formed just two years ago, establish committees, develop plans and move them to action to achieve positive results. Psychology faculty have been instrumental and most supportive in this process.

Please allow me to share with you some important milestones within the College of Psychology. Under the leadership of Dennis Armstrong, our campaign committee has continued to be successful. We are especially pleased to announce that we have surpassed $300,000 in funds raised to support the students, faculty and programs of the College. With the matching Pritzker/Galvin challenge, this totals $600,000. This is an incredible accomplishment (all of Lewis College, which included Psychology, raised $197,000 during an eight-year period from 1988 to 1996). To Dennis and his committee, including Gary Morris, Sandy Marcus and Linda Jeleniewski, we thank you and encourage you to keep up the good work. We are especially pleased to recognize College of Psychology contributors with a donor listing in this issue. We thank each of you for your generosity and support.

Alumni of psychology recently received a letter from the Director, M. Ellen Mitchell, outlining a special incentive for alumni contributing to the annual fund during this fiscal year. The Pritzker/Galvin challenge will triple or quadruple your tax-deductible gift as long as it is designated to scholarships and it is either a first time gift or an increase over your previous contribution. A $2 for $1 match will be provided for gifts from alumni who graduated prior to 1980; a $3 for $1 match will be provided for gifts from alumni who graduated in the 1980's and 1990's. These matching terms are guaranteed for annual gifts that are one-year contributions or multiple-year pledges of three or more years, up to $10,000. I urge you to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Every increased or new gift will be doubled, tripled or quadrupled‹what an exciting time to send your contribution! We have included a return form in the newsletter for your convenience.

In our continuing efforts to reach out to psychology alumni and friends, an events, cultivation, recognition and campaign committee has been established and is quickly getting organized under the leadership and coordination of George Langlois, Steve Steinhaus and Bruce Bonecutter. There are now 27 volunteers representing different decades of alumni across all the programs. Their work will help us build a network with you so that we may keep in better contact and provide an opportunity for you to become involved in the future growth of the college. We also have implemented a series of informal breakfasts with M. Ellen Mitchell and Lewis Collens, president of the university, to share information about the College of Psychology and revitalized IIT. We especially thank board member, David Vitale, for hosting our November 10 breakfast at Bank One. We hope you will have a chance to attend one of these sessions. As always, we welcome and encourage your participation at all levels.

--Bryan R. Dunn, President & CEO, Kinship Corp. Chair, College of Psychology Board of Overseers

Faculty News

Scott Morris, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in the I/O Program, received an IIT Educational and Research Initiative Fund (ERIF) grant for a research project titled, "Exploring the Structure of Causal Knowledge." Recently, he also became Treasurer of Chicago Industrial-Organizational Psychologists (CIOP).

Chow Lam, Ph.D.

Professor in the Joint Clinical/Rehabilitation Program, traveled to Hong-Kong this past August to present a paper on "Treatment matching in Rehabilitation." Dr. Lam also recently became Treasurer of the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.

Tony Paquin, Ph.D.

Tony Paquin, Ph.D., was a visiting professor for the Œ97-Œ98 term and now is a member of the full-time faculty. For the past year, Tony has served as the Chair of Undergraduate Recruitment Task Force of the College of Psychology.

Roya Ayman, Ph.D.

Roya Ayman, Ph.D., has continued her training work with Arthur Andersen conducting group dynamics and leadership development sessions. Also, she served on two working groups of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women in Illinois. Dr. Ayman was re-elected to a four-year term as the newsletter editor for the International Association of Applied Psychology. Last year she was also asked to join the Education and Training Committee of SIOP. On a final note, Dr. Ayman received a plaque in recognition of her presentation on "Celebrating the Success and Challenges Facing Asian American Professionals in the Work Place," from Lucent Technology.

Margaret Huyck, Ph.D.

Margaret Huyck, Ph.D., recently gave a Gerontological Colloquium entitled, "Continuities and Discontinuities of Gender," at the Adler School of Professional Psychology.

Sylvia Roch, Ph.D.

Sylvia Roch, Ph.D., presented at the Chicago Industrial Organizational Psychologists' October 1997 meeting. The topic was careers and competencies of I/O psychologists. In addition, she also reviewed for the SIOP 1998 Conference.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Roya Ayman

Associate Professor and the Director of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at IIT, Dr. Roya Ayman is this month's featured faculty member.

Dr. Ayman originally did her undergraduate studies in sociology and psychology. She became especially interested in psychology at college where she studied the decision-making processes of immigrants who moved between rural and urban areas. Deciding to pursue social psychology, she traveled from her native country, Iran, to the United States to study at the University of Utah.

Dr. Ayman's father, an I/O psychologist, had done work in Iran that interested her, and soon she became interested in leadership effectiveness, particularly cross-culturally. However, the political climate overseas was unstable, and so she chose to study Mexican culture because of its similarities with Iranian culture. Teaching for a year and doing dissertation research at Regio Montana Universidad in Mexico, Dr. Ayman worked with managers in various Mexican industries.

Back at the University of Utah, she took classes in Public Administration and by graduation was quite interested in a job in the professional/applied setting. However, her plans took a turn when she saw a notice in the APA Monitor about a position opening at IIT. "It was as if it was written for meŠI saw it as an applied environment, in a non-traditional psychology department."

Since then, Dr. Ayman has been at IIT. Throughout, she has had one foot in the business world and one in academia. Her research has been primarily practically-oriented. Leadership effectiveness is her main area of interest. As the proportion of women leaders has increased in the past few decades, Dr. Ayman has become interested in gender diversity research within the field of leadership. Also, she has examined the work-family interface as it applies to workers of both sexes. This field of study concerns conflicts that an individual faces as they balance themselves between work and family.

In addition to pursuing research, Dr. Ayman has enjoyed teaching at IIT. She has been very impressed with the quality of students, both undergraduate and graduate, psychology and non-psychology majors. Being the Director of the I/O Program, she also spends much effort maintaining the high reputation of the program, as well as recruiting and maintaining the best of faculty and students. Because of this, she is very pleased about the current state of the I/O Program. She remarks, "This year is great because for the first time since I have been here, all the faculty is settled and doing research. Things are more stable and productive than they have been in recent memory."

Dr. Ayman's activities last year were a continuation of her training work with Arthur Andersen, conducting group dynamics and leadership development sessions. Also, she served on two working groups of the Governor's Commission on Status of Women in Illinois. She is on the education and training committee and the program committee of SIOP. Additionally, Dr. Ayman engages in ad hoc reviewing for Personnel Psychology and the Journal of Vocational Behavior.

Alumni Notes

Paul Brooks

Paul Brooks is at Organizational Effectiveness Consultants.

Nancy deLay

Nancy deLay is a consultant in HR Research for Eli Lilly & Company in Indiana.

Bruce Fisher

Bruce Fisher is the Director of the Center for Research and Service at IIT.

Chris Freiburger

Chris Freiburger is President of the Chicago Industrial/Organizational Psychologists and has started his own company, Human Capital Management Group.

Steve Guastello

Steve Guastello received the IIT Alumni Award (Fall 1997). He is the president of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, and authored the book, Chaos, Catastrophe, and Human Affairs.

Sehee Hong

Sehee Hong completed his Ph.D. at Ohio State University with the dissertation topic, "An investigation of the influence of internal test bias on test predictive validity." He is now an assistant professor at the University Of California, Santa Barbara.

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson is Human Resource Manager at East Bank Club.

Pete Leddy

Pete Leddy is Director of Executive Development at PEPSICO in New York.

Ming-Hong Shih (Calvin), M.S.

Ming-Hong Shih (Calvin), M.S., is pursuing his Masters in Computer Science through the Public Administration program at IIT.

Douglas Quartetti

Douglas Quartetti is at HumRRO.

Fred Rafilson

Fred Rafilson is President and CEO (and owner) of Industrial Organizational Solutions, LLC.

Steve Steinhau

Steve Steinhau is at SHL.

Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas is the Human Resources Generalist for World Color, and will be a guest lecturer for Scott Morris's Employment Law seminar this semester.

Leonard J. Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Leonard J. Goldsmith, Ph.D., received his M.S. from IIT in 1962, and is completing his 17th year as Chief Psychologist at the Toronto Hospital.

Joseph Cuningham, Ph.D.

Joseph Cuningham, Ph.D., completed residency in neuropsychology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and is with the Brain Injury Program at Curative Rehabilitation Services.

Kenneth Zych

Kenneth Zych received his Ph.D. in 1972, and is now a diplomat in clinical neuropsychology in Okinawa, Japan and teaches for the University of Maryland.

Faculty, Student, & Alumni Publications & Presentations

Ayman,* R., Heatherly, L., & Korabik, K. (Aug. 1998). The effect of dyad gender composition, type of organization, and the domain of leadership behavior on subordinate satisfaction. Paper presented at Academy of Management meetings, San Diego, CA.

Ayman,* R. & Romano,* R. (1998). Measures and Assessments for the Contingency Model of Leadership. In F. Yammarino and F. Dansereau, Leadership: The Multi-level approaches. New York: JAI Press.

Azam,* O. A., & Young,* M. A. (Nov. 1998). Does ruminative response style predict severity of winter depression? Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology, Cambridge, MA.

Becker,* J., Ayman,* R., & Korabik, K. (Aug. 1998). Discrepant perceptions of leadership behavior: Gender, self-monitoring, and leadership context. Paper presented at American Psychological Association meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Bose,* J. L., Geist,* G. O., Lam,* C. S., Slaby,* M., & Arens,* M. (1998). Factors affecting job placement success in proprietary rehabilitation. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 29, 19-24.

Chemers, M. M., Ayman,* R., & Fiedler, F. E. (1998). The contingency model of leadership effectiveness: Back to the future. In F. Yammarino and F. Dansereau, Leadership: The Multi-level approaches. New York: JAI Press.

Groehler,* L. R., & Morris,* S. B. (Apr. 1998). Effect of performance appraisal system knowledge on rater agreement. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dallas, TX.

Lam,* C. S., Castillo,* M., & Ramos, L. (Nov. 1998). Marrying cultures: Scientist concerns in university and community collaborative evaluations. Poster presented at the meeting of the American Evaluation Association, Chicago, IL.

Larmore,* A. & Ayman,* R. (Apr. 1998). The relationship between CEO empowering leadership, transformational leadership, and direct report feeling of empowerment: A multi-level analysis. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dallas, TX.

Leahy,* B., & Lam,* C. S. (in press). Neuropsychological testing and functional outcome in individuals with traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury.

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Morris,* S. B., & DeShon,* R. P. (Apr. 1998). Effect size estimates for meta-analysis with repeated measures designs. In R. P. DeShon (chair), Problems and pitfalls when conducting meta-analysis. Symposium conducted at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dallas, TX.

Morris,* S. B., & Lobsenz,* R. (Apr. 1998). Significance tests and confidence intervals for the Adverse Impact Ratio. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dallas, TX.

Oshima, T. C., Raju,* N. S., & Flowers, C. (1997). Development and demonstration of multidimensional IRT-based internal measures of differential functioning of items and tests. Journal of Educational Measurement, 34, 253-272.

Oshima, T. C., Raju,* N. S., Flowers, C., & Slinde, J. (in press). Differential bundle functioning using the DFIT framework: Procedures for identifying possible sources of differential functioning. Applied Measurement in Education.

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Paquin,* A. R. (1998). Effect of incremental informational value of ProMES feedback on productivity. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dallas, TX.

Peirce IV,* W. G., & Ayman,* R. (Apr. 1998). Workforce diversity effects on the quality and strength of organizational climate. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dallas, TX.

Pritchard, R. D., & Paquin,* A. R. (1997). Messung und Steigerung der Produktivität in Organisationen. Special issue on group related work in organizations in Zeitschrift fur Arbeits und Organisationpsychologie.

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Raju,* N. S. (1998). Review of Ramsay Corporation Job Skills‹Reading Prints & Drawings. In J. C. Impara and B. S. Plake (Eds.), The Thirteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook (pp. 822-824). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements of the University of Nebraska.

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Raju,* N. S., Reyhan,* B., Edwards, J. E., & Fleer,* P. F. (in press). Accuracy of population validity and cross-validity estimation: An empirical comparison of formula-based, traditional empirical, and equal-we