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PsychLink Newsletter Spring 1997

Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 1997
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Editorial Director: M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.; Section Editor: Gail DeMarco; Design: Omar Azam, Angela Lee

PsychLink is published by the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Psychology twice a year and follows the academic calendar.

From the College Director

The 1996-1997 academic year has been a challenge and source of excitement. We have had several notable accomplishments with rapid growth in the Center for Research and Service under the direction of Nam Raju; faculty awards as noted below; our first year in countless years to admit undergraduate psychology majors (our others have been transfers); growth in the rehabilitation and industrial/organizational enrollments and welcomed stability in all our programs. The faculty deserve our support and recognition of these great achievements.

The board of overseers will have its first meeting in mid June. Headed by Bryan Dunn, President and CEO of the Kinship Corporation, it will have as an initial focus the psychology fundraising campaign and development of the Center for Research and Service. Most of you have probably heard the incredible news of the $120 million Pritzker-Galvin challenge grant. These families have generously pledged to match gifts over the next 5 years to help IIT raise $250 million . The funds will allow us to provide scholarships to students, replenish five key Mies campus buildings, construct a new campus center, and support faculty and programs at IIT. Psychology will undertake to raise $5 million and we will be seeking your support to do this. For those of you who are regular donors, please be sure to earmark your contributions for psychology so that we can benefit from the matching grant. Have a good summer and keep us advised of your activities. Please send news and comments to me via mail: Illinois Institute of Technology, College of Psychology, 3101 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60616, via fax at 312.567.3493, telephone 312.567.3500 or e-mail me at Feel free to visit our web site at

Best regards,
M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.

Rehabilitation News

The Rehabilitation Counseling Program celebrated its 30th Anniversary on April 14th. Honored guests and speakers were Dr. David Hershensen, founder of the program, Dr.Brian McMahon, M.S. graduate and previous faculty member, and George McCrowey, M.S. graduate and current Deputy Director of Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services. Topics discussed included "Rehab Yesterday & Today" and "New Directions in Disability Management".

Marcie Zinn, clinical/rehab student, is an active lecturer on increasing self-efficacy of music students and the mind-body connection in music. Marcie's audience includes music teachers of all levels across Illinois. Marcie has a professional certificate in Piano Performance, Music Theory and Piano Pedagogy which has just been renewed by the Music Teachers' National Association, the official certifying agency for music professionals.

Clinical News

Margie Pechota, clinical student, will presented the results of her thesis at the Midwest Psychological Association on May 9th.

The clinical faculty are delighted to announce that the following students will enter the program this coming summer. Welcome to the College of Psychology!

Lara Dhingra - Johns Hopkins University
Erika Gold - University of Michigan
Tim Houle - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ilianna Hevia - University of Illinois
Kristen Krueger-Mendoza - University of Wisconsin - Madison
Dong-Hyung Lee - Chungnam National University
Deepa Rao - University of Chicago
David Rapp - Grinnell College
Laura Schmitt - Plymouth State College
Jennifer Schneps - University of Wisconsin
Gary Soley - University of Illinois- Chicago
Melissa Marquart - University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Steven Zombory - Rutgers University

Take a look at the great 1997 internship placement sites for clinical students. Congratulations!

John Anderson - Henry Ford Health Science Center, Detroit
Andrew Burns - Children's Memorial, Chicago
Johnathan Cole - Biloxi Mississippi VA
Theresa Kiolbasa - Westside VA, Chicago
Michelle Kornbleuth - Franciscan's Children's Hospital, Boston
Maureen Mansfield - LI Jewish Medical Center, NY
Eddie O'Connor - Salem VA, VA
Amy Siston - University of Chicago

Industrial/Organizational News

Dr. Roya Ayman

Dr. Roya Ayman, Director of the Industrial/Organizational Program, was selected to participate on the Review Committee to update a leadership training program for the National Fire Academy, FEMA, Maryland.

The I/O program produces its own newsletter which will be coming to you in the fall with updates of their many activities. Click here for the I/O Newsletter.

Faculty List

Full-time faculty

M. Ellen Mitchell, Associate Professor - Clinical Program & Director of the College of Psychology
Roya Ayman, Associate Professor - Industrial/Organizational Program & Director of I/O Psychology Program
Glen Geist, Professor - Rehabilitation Program
Nancy Hansen, Assistant Professor - Rehabilitation Program
John Hilburger, Assistant Professor - Rehabilitation Program
Joyce Hopkins, Associate Professor - Clinical Program
Margaret Huyck, Professor - Undergraduate Program, Developmental
Chow Lam, Professor - Rehabilitation Program & Director of Rehabilitation Program
Paul Larson, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Psychology
Charles Merbitz, Associate Professor - Rehabilitation Program
Scott Morris, Assistant Professor - Industrial/ Organizational Program
Nambury Raju, Professor - Industrial/Organizational Program & Director of the Center for Research and Service
Sylvia Roch, Instructor - Industrial/Organizational Program
Lori Rokicki, Assistant Professor - Clinical Program
Robert Schleser, Professor - Clinical Program
Tamara Sher, Assistant Professor - Clinical Program
Gwen Stinebrink, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Psychology
Allen Wolach, Professor - Undergraduate Program, Experimental
Michael Young, Associate Professor - Clinical Program & Director of Clinical Training

Faculty News

Dr. Chow Lam, Rehabilitation Program Director, received the Booz Allen and Hamilton 1997 Booz-Allen and Hamilton Excellence in Teaching and Service Award from IIT for his outstanding contributions in leading the program development in rehabilitation psychology, and for his ability to serve as mentor to students and faculty alike.

Congratulations to Dr. Charles Merbitz, who, in collaboration with Dr. Paco Ruiz, a professor of Mechanical Engineering, was awarded a grant by the Fund for Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE).

This program aims to help undergraduate engineering students to be more inventive by developing and marketing their ideas. Dr. Merbitz was also appointed Chair of the Outcome Measure Task Force of the American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists and Social Workers.

Dr. Nambury Raju of the I/O program, was recently named Distinguished Professor. Dr. Raju is an internationally recognized expert in psychometrics and meta-analysis.

The title is bestowed on faculty members who have achieved national or international prominence in their field based on scholarly work and excellence in teaching. Nambury recently rejoined IIT's faculty as director of the Center for Research Service. He returned after serving as professor in the School of Psychology at Georgia Institute of Technology (1993-1996). Prior to that, he was with IIT from 1978-1993.

Dr. Raju introduced a new statistical analysis procedure (Raju's Formula) and his findings have been adopted by experts in the field. He has the rare distinction of being elected a Fellow in two divisions of the American Psychological Association.

Undergraduate applications increased 6% this year. Support for exceptional students is being provided through the Heald Scholarship Program.

Dr. Margaret Huyck, Professor, continues her project based learning class on Post Occupancy Evaluation. This semester, she and her colleagues from Architecture and Civil Engineering are evaluating new student residences to make recommendations for the IIT campus development program.

She is also staying busy writing her quarterly OWL (Older Women's League of Illinois) News and is chair of the program committee for the Silver Images Film Festival of Terra Nova, Inc. You can visit the WTTW web page to see Dr. Huyck's essay on "Work".

Dr. Huyck has been selected for the Science Policy Fellowship sponsored by the American Psychological Association, with an appointment in the Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research (OBSSR) within the office of the Director of National Institutes of Health.

The year long Fellowship is under the AAAS program of fellowships designed for individuals working in public policy in many different areas. AAAS provides an intensive 2-week training (in September), and periodic meetings with public figures.

The OBSSR was established by Congressional mandate and opened officially on July 1, 1995.

The broad mission of OBSSR is to stimulate the growth of behavioral and social science research which contributes to the improvement of health.

OBSSR has accomplished its first mandate, which was to develop a standard definition of behavioral and social sciences research which can be used to assess and monitor funding for behavioral and social sciences research at all of the NIH institutes, centers and divisions.

During her fellowship year, she will participate in a variety of initiatives, including: 1) helping to identify areas of research that cut across institute boundaries that could be suitable for funding; 2) increasing behavioral and social science visibility in the NIH community; 3) communicating behavioral and social science advances to the public and within the scientific community; and 4) working to enhance multidisciplinary research.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Scott Morris

Dr. Scott Morris has been an assistant professor in the Industrial/ Organizational Psychology program since Fall 1993. Scott's home town is Keokuk, Iowa. Scott later moved to Cedar Falls where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Northern Iowa. Soon after, he earned his Ph.D. in I/O Psychology at the University of Akron.

Dr. Morris has numerous papers in his field, targeting research toward gender stereotyping in personnel selection. Specifically, he examines the cognitive processes involved in the acquisition of information and decision-making. According to Dr. Morris, a key problem in stereotyping research is that social norms dictate an unwillingness to admit using stereotypes. As a result, he has worked on methods of detecting the presence of stereotypes.

Alumni Notes

Linda Dunaway

Linda Dunaway, clinical/behavioral medicine student, was the 1st author on a presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Psychological Association and awarded for the Best Poster.

Johnathan Weinand

Johnathan Weinand is a 1990 graduate whose internship, The University of Mississippi/VA Consortium, was awarded the "Outstanding Training Program" by AABT, 1995. Dr. Weinand was also admitted into Council of the National Registrar of Health Service Providers in Psychology (1995).

Sander I. Marcus

Sander I. Marcus, an alumnus of the Clinical Program, co-authored a book entitled, Could Do Better, which is a handbook for parents who have underachieving children. Dr. Marcus received his M.S. in 1968 and his Ph.D. in 1969 from The Institute's Clinical Program. He worked at IIT until the mid-1980's at the Counseling Center, where along with Jot Friedland, he established a program of retention for advising students.

"Many thanks to alum who provided financial support, suggestions and comments. We hope to hear from many others."

Faculty, Student, & Alumni Publications & Presentations

Boutelle,* K., Kirschenbaum,* D, Baker,* R, Mitchell,* M.E., (1996, November). An antidote to weight gain over the holidays: Attention and very consistent self-motivating. Paper presented at the Association Advancement of Behavior Therapy, New York.

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Daniels,*R., Mitchell,* M.E., Renhoffer,* K., Crean,*J., Mirsky,* J., McCarthy,* C., Malina,* A., Pechota,* M., Benson,*R (1997, May). Applying the Positive-Negative Symptom Distinction to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Paper to be presented at the Midwest Psychological Association Annual Convention, Chicago IL.

DeMarco,* G. (1997, May). Applying behavioral analysis in a clinical setting in Chicago. Poster session to be presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Behavioral Analysis, Chicago, IL.

Huyck,* M. (1997). Advantaged women at mid-life. Poster session presented at the Gerontological Society, Washington, D.C.

List, M. A., Mumby, P., Haraf, D., Siston,* A., Mick, R., MacCracken, E., & Vokes, E. (In press). Performance and quality of life outcomes in patients completing concomitant chemoradio-therapy protocols for head and neck cancer. Quality of Life Research.

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Pechota,* M. , Mitchell,* M.E. (1997, May). The impact of positive and negative behaviors of social network members on an individual's recovery from sexual assault. Poster at the annual meeting of the Midwest Psychological Association.

Roth, E. J., & Merbitz,* C. T. (In press). Hemiplegic gait: Relationships between walking speed and other temporal parameters. American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Runkle,* J., Ayman,* R. (1997, April). Relationships between ethnic stereotypes & requisite management characteristics. Paper to be presented at the 12th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial/ Organizational Psychologists.

Rybarczyk, B., DeMarco,* G., DeLaCruz, M., & Lapidus, S. (1997, February). Comparing two types of mind-body wellness programs for older adults with chronic illness. Poster session presented at the Rush University Research Forum, Chicago, IL.

Rybarczyk, B., DeMarco,* G., DeLaCruz, M., & Lapidus, S. (1997, April). The efficacy of two types of mind-body wellness programs for at-risk adults. Paper presented at the meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, San Francisco, CA.

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Sher,* T., Hopkins,* J., DeMarco, G., & Marshall, K. (1997, February). Impact of antepartum hospitalization on maternal mood and marital satisfaction. Paper presented at the meeting of the North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology, Chicago, IL.

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*indicates IIT affiliate