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PsychLink Newsletter Spring 1998

Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 1998
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Editorial Director: M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.; Editor and Art Director: Omar Azam; Additional Copy Editing: Olivia Anderson

PsychLink is published by the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Psychology twice a year and follows the academic calendar.

From the College Director

The time has been flying by and there are many exciting events to report. In January, the fund raising subcommittee of the Psychology Board of Overseers met at Kent Law School with an impressive group of volunteers to talk about the fund raising initiative for Psychology. David Vitale, IIT trustee and psychology board member delivered an excellent presentation on giving. Also in attendance were (board members) Dennis Armstrong, Bruce Bonecutter, Linda Jeleniewski, Gary Morris, Jaci Masztal, (volunteer friends of psychology) Joe Hahn, George Langlois, Dan Lezotte, Susan Lobonc, Sue Slater, Steve Steinhaus, (faculty) Roya Ayman, Chow Lam, Nam Raju and Michael Young. We initiated a "Lost Alumni Treasure Hunt" to help us find missing alumni. I am pleased to announce that George Langlois is the winner of that effort.

Our group of volunteers is well represented by I/O alumni. We would be more than delighted to have additional people join us. In particular, we are seeking clinical (counseling) and rehabilitation alumni to assist us. Please call me as soon as possible if you have an interest.

It is also my pleasure to announce the appointment of Olivia K. Anderson, CFRE to the position of Director of Development for the College of Psychology. She will be working for us half time coordinating our efforts. Olivia brings us ten years of fund raising experience, most recently serving as Senior Director of Development at the University Health Care Foundation in Augusta Georgia. During her seven years there, she directed a capital campaign, an annual giving program, and initiated major gift solicitations of corporations and foundations. Prior to that position, Olivia was Assistant Director of Development with Lyric Opera of Chicago. Her experience with the Chicago philanthropic community, coupled with the fact that she is a life long Chicago resident, make her an excellent resource for us.

We are delighted to have Olivia join our staff at such an important time in the future of Psychology to assist us in achieving the fullness of the transition from a department to an College. The Pritzker/Galvin Challenge has provided us with an auspicious opportunity to develop and expand psychology to a higher level of regional and national prominence. I hope you will all be able to meet her at some point. We would also like to invite you to the IIT Leadership Day on May 19, 1998. The psychology board meeting, chaired by Bryan Dunn of the Kinship Corporation, is open and scheduled from 10 AM -12:OO PM in the Life Sciences building. The IIT board of trustees meeting is also open and is scheduled for 2:30 until 4:00. There will then be a series of posters and displays with a cocktail hour, dinner, and entertainment to follow. If you are interested and available to attend part or all of these activities, please call me as soon as possible so that I can arrange for your reservations.

Best regards,
M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Recruitment

For several years Dr. Hyuck and Dr. Wolach have served as academic advisors for undergraduate students. During the past year, Dr. Hyuck has been on sabbatical leave. Dr. Wolach has worked with Dr. Mitchell to advise undergraduate students. Meetings to discuss concerns of undergraduate students have been scheduled. In addition, undergraduates have been encouraged to work in laboratories of faculty members in our College of Psychology. An undergraduate student is advised of the faculty member in the College of Psychology who has research interests that most nearly match the research interests of the student.

Undergraduate education at IIT now contains multidisciplinary project based courses. These project based courses often include students with major course concentration in diverse areas. Undergraduate students must be placed in projects that are appropriate to their interests and long term goals.

We have also formed a faculty committee charged with the task of recruitment of undergraduate psychology majors and marketing of the psychology program. The committee is headed by Dr. Anthony Paquin and includes Dr. Nancy Hansen, Dr. Tammy Sher, and Dr. Sylvia Roch. Dr. Bob Schleser has also helped with the 3+3 BS/JD program.

Clinical News

The Clinical Program had a successful re-accreditation site visit by APA on March 5 and 6. The three visitors were very impressed with the commitment and work of both faculty and students. They also identified areas in which resources could use improvement, which will help us in our fund raising and our work with the administration.

Our students had another typically successful year in obtaining internships for 1998-99. Placements are:

Jeff Canar (Hines VAMC)
Janice Chartrand (Little Rock VAMC)
Rob Daniels (Univ. Washington)
Rhonda Mayes (IL State Univ Counseling Center)
Rob Morrell (Univ. MI - Ann Arbor VAMC)
Greg Petersen (Salem Virginia VAMC)
Paula Pitterle (Univ. MN Medical Center)
Meg Racenstein (Univ. IL Chgo- Psychiatry)
Karla Renhoffer (Milwaukee MHC)
Penny Wolfe (Eastern Virginia Medical Center)

Several students have presented their research at spring scientific meetings. Christine Gagnon and Mia Bergman presented at the Midwest Psychological Associations as well as the Association for Behavior Analysis. They and Greg Petersen, Janice Chartrand, Eddie O'Connor and Chris Weber presented at the Illinois Psychological Association. Paula Pitterle and Jenny Schnepps presented at the International Conference on Infant Studies. Jonathan Cole and Amy Siston presented at the Society for Behavior Medicine. Rob Morrell, Greg Petersen and Chris Weber presented at the Midwest Pain Society. Also, Jeff Canar and Gail Demarco gave an invited grand rounds talk at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.

Rehabilitation News

In the recent U.S. News & World Report issue on Best Graduate Programs, IIT's Rehabilitation Counseling program was ranked #8 in the nation. This comes in addition to a favorable report by a recent article in Rehabilitation Education, which ranked universities' research productivity in rehabilitation counseling for the last fifteen years. According to the report, IIT's Rehabilitation Counseling program was ranked #9 in the country and Dr. Chow Lam was ranked #10 on authorship contributions among over 1800 authors.

Dr. Glen Geist reports receiving a 5 year grant totaling $500,000 for the Ph.D. program in Rehabilitation Counselor Education.

From the Board Chair

It is nearly one year since the inception of the College of Psychology Board of Overseers. In June, 1997, the 11-member board convened and established two main objectives. First, to develop a business plan for the Center for Research and Service, currently under the direct ion of Distinguished Professor, Dr. Nambury Raju. Second, to produce and implement a development plan to launch a $5 million campaign to raise funds for the College of Psychology as part of IIT's $250 million Challenge Campaign initiated by the Pritzker/Galvin challenge gifts.

I am pleased to report that the business plan for the Center has been completed and a search for a director for the Center is well underway. We look forward to working with Dr. Raju as the Center continues to establish a presence with industry across the country.

Our goal of $5 million over the next five years is an exciting challenge for the board. We have committed to raising $2.5 mi llion in support of undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, endowed professorships, expansion of the Center for Research and Service and for the creation of a faculty and student professional fund. All gifts designated for these projects will be matched dollar for dollar by the Pritzker/Galvin Challenge gift, for a total of $5 million to the College of Psychology. I cannot stress enough the value of this opportunity - your gift, designated to an area of Psychology of your choice, will be matched 100%! We hope that you will consider contributing during this exciting time for our Psychology students and programs. You may use the campaign response form on the final page of the newsletter to send in your gift.

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to introduce to you and recognize the efforts of the College of Psychology Board of Overseers. These individuals have demonstrated their commitment to IIT through their time and resources and I consider myself fortunate to be part of such a distinguished group of volunteers. I am also delighted to announce that we have 100% board participation toward our Campaign which is remarkable for a new board and a real testament to the dedication of this group.

Board Members

DENNIS ARMSTRONG, PH.D., Director, Organizational Effectiveness, United Airlines
BRUCE BONECUTTER, PH.D., Clinical Director, Alternative Behavior Treatment Centers
LINDA JELENIEWSKI, PH.D., President, Organizational Resources
KEN KAYE, PH.D., Principal, Kaye & McCarthy
DIANE KRAUSE-STETSON, Vice President, Human Resources, Duchossois Industries, Inc.
SANDER MARCUS, PH.D., Consultant, Friedland & Marcus
JACI J. MASZTAL, PH.D., Vice President/Managing Director - Southeast Region, Burke Strategic Consulting Group
GARY MORRIS, PH.D., Director of Human Resource Research, Ameritech
JOHN SCOTT, PH.D., Vice President, Applied Psychological Techniques
DAVID VITALE, Vice Chairman, First Chicago Corporation

On Tuesday, May 19, the College of Psychology Board, along with many of IIT's volunteer groups, including the Board of Trustees, will participate in IIT Leadership Day on main campus. We extend an invitation to our volunteer community and those wishing to become involved with future projects for the College, to join with us for what promises to be an outstanding day for IIT. Please contact Olivia Anderson, Director of Development at (312)567-3518 for further information.

While we have made significant strides, we know that our future success will depend on you. Now more than ever, we look to our alumni, volunteers and friends of Psychology to assist us in accomplishing our goals and extend our sincere appreciation for your ongoing interest and commitment to IIT.

Warm regards,
Bryan R. Dunn,
President & CEO, Kinship Corp.
Chair, College of Psychology Board of Overseers

Faculty News

Dr. Nambury Raju

Mandated by Congress, the National Academy of Sciences has put together a Committee of professionals to evaluate the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Dr. Nambury Raju continues to serve as a member of this Committee, and the Committee's work is scheduled to be completed in late 1998. Dr. Raju is also an elected member of the APA Council of Representatives (1998-2000), representing Division 5.

Dr. Raju is also quite involved in editing and reviewing. He is on five editorial boards, among them the Journal of Applied Psychology and Educational and Psychological Measurement, and also was an ad hoc reviewer for twelve other journals.

Dr. Allen Wolach

The latest version of WolStat (a Statistics software package authored by Dr. Allen Wolach) has been completed. This version of WolStat has fifteen new nonparametric statistics. WolStat now performs more nonparametric statistics as compared to SPSS or SAS. WolStat continues to support a series of multiple comparison tests following one, two and three factor analyses of variance. These multiple comparison tests were introduced in the previous version.

Dr. Chow Lam

Dr. Chow Lam is President-Elect of the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association.

Dr. Nancy Hansen

Dr. Nancy Hansen was awarded an IIT grant of $10,000 from the Education and Research Initiative Fund to study sources of bias in subjective ratings of improvement in medical rehabilitation.

Dr. Hansen was also invited to serve on a national panel convened by the Spinal Medicine Consortium. The panel is to review research on the prevention and treatment of secondary medical conditions after spinal cord injury and to develop guidelines for clinicians. She was also elected another term as Chair of the Research Committee for the American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists and Social Workers (AASCIPSW).

Dr. Charles Merbitz

Dr. Charles Merbitz chairs the AASCIPSW (see above) Outcomes Measurement Task Force, formed this year to address controversies in the allocation of medical rehabilitation resources.

Drs. Merbitz and Hansen were recently awarded a grant of $32,000 from the North Central Regional Education Laboratory to study instructional decision-making and the measurement of educational outcomes in selected schools.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Michael Young

Michael Young, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology in the Clinical Program. Although this is his second year at IIT, he has had a long and distinguished career before joining the faculty here.

Dr. Young received his undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Chicago, where he initially had thought about majoring in physics. He went on to receive his doctorate from Adelphi University, where much of his research focused on cognition and development.

His first job was at Rockland State Hospital, where new psychiatric drugs were being tested. He ultimately gained charge of the clinical assessment side of things. After two years there, Dr. Young found an opportunity closer to his hometown of Chicago, at the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute. After conducting schizophrenia research there, he moved on to Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in 1980, where the prevailing research was on Affective Disorders. During these years, Dr Young's interests gradually shifted from diagnostic and symptom issues to symptom process issues. "I was interested in how symptoms change over time and the responsible underlying process," Dr. Young says. "My research into Seasonal Affective Disorder and Premenstrual Syndrome are examples of disorders where such issues are critical." Furthermore, Dr. Young's research has also started focusing more on the interaction of biology and psychology. Thus, the theme of how biological and psychological processes interact over time to influence psychology, runs through his current research.

Some of Dr. Young's specific findings regard the role of hopelessness in depression and suicide. It seems that trait levels are what are related to suicide attempts more than the level of an individual's level of hopelessness at any given moment. Dr. Young notes, "These findings came out of a study where we did statistical modeling of how hopelessness and depression covary over time."

Dr. Young notes on his time so far at IIT that, "all the students and faculty are very committed to the work they're doing. It is impressive how well everybody works together-- faculty with faculty, faculty with students, and students with students." He also notes some differences between his experience at IIT and at Rush. At Rush, I was a psychologist in a medical care environment. Coming here, I would be a psychologist in a research and academic setting. But after being here, I also realize that I am a psychologist in an engineering university."

-Omar Azam

Alumni Notes

Jim Sharp

Jim Sharp writes that he has been flying airplanes for Delta for 25 years. Presently, he is a 767 Captain based at Dallas-Fort Worth.

Mike Baer

Mike Baer, who was mentioned in last fall's PsychLink, has been elected as Chairman of the Board of the American Psychotherapy Association for 1999.

He is involved with the American College of Forensic Examiners and notes the growing impact of law on the profession of psychology: "This is one of the directions where psychology appears headed in a big way. Many practicing psychologists are entering forensic practice either through the neurosciences or the criminal/personality route."

He also gives regards to Professor Huyck, "as per her very impressive Washington appointment!"

Since the last PsychLink, we have not heard from many alumni, so we are missing all the activities that are going on in your lives! We would love to hear about how your career is going, observations from the world outside of academia, or any other information that would be informative.

Faculty, Student, & Alumni Publications & Presentations

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*indicates IIT affiliate