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PsychLink Newsletter Spring 2000

Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2000
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Editorial Director: M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.; Editor: Elizabeth King; Consultants: Olivia Anderson, Angeles Anaya, Andrew Day

PsychLink is published by the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Psychology twice a year and follows the academic calendar.

From the College Director

Greetings to all! It's hard to believe that we have made it through winter and another semester. Recent months have been a whirlwind uplifted by so many alumni with whom I have made contact.

Richard Hazlett (Ph.D. 1990) lives and works in the Baltimore area where he has ventured into creative areas that utilize his knowledge of psychophysiology in unique arenas such as marketing. Among the myriad activities in which he engages, he trains physicians, conducts research at Johns Hopkins, consults and enjoys life with Tasha and his three sons.

Peggy Tyler (M.S. 1973) is an attorney responsible for coordinating multiple interests, regulations, and contract needs for the federal office of architecture in Washington, DC. This is a job difficult to describe, let alone in a single sentence. She has two sons and has had an extraordinary array of professional experiences since leaving IIT.

Bruce Bennett (Ph.D. 1971) at the APA Insurance Trust has offered to speak in the lecture series we are still working to launch. He is quite well versed in issues relevant to managed care and the future of clinical psychology.

In northern Virginia, Edmund Milauckas (B.S. 1951) is as busy in retirement as he was when he worked for the navy. He was at the forefront of the human factors discipline using simulation methods that have become leading models in the area of communications and system design.

Duke (Diego) Hernandez (B.S. 1955), former IIT trustee, was here on campus touring the sites of the new campus center and Crown Park. Also retired from the navy where he achieved the rank of Vice Admiral, he is now busier than ever consulting all over the world on matters of strategy and culture to some of the nation's top industrial global corporations.

In New Orleans, a wonderful reception was hosted most graciously by faculty member Roya Ayman, and I/O alumni came out in droves. Among them were Steve Steinhaus (Ph.D. 1987), Mike Burke (Ph.D. 1982), Allen Witt (M.S. 1982), Patrick Devine (Ph.D. 1980), Janet Prescott (Ph.D. 1986), Nancy DeLay (Ph.D. 1995), John Scott (Ph.D. 1985), Linda Jeleniewski (Ph.D. 1985), Glen Budgell (Ph.D. 1991), Larry Laffitte (Ph.D. 1998), Greg Olson (M.S. 1997), Russ Day (Ph.D. 1986), and Chris Freiburger (Ph.D. 1993). Please excuse me for failing to mention some names; it was so well attended that I cannot possibly recall everyone. It was a great event for networking.

While in New Orleans I also had the chance to meet Larry Dachowski (Ph.D. 1963) who is soon to be professor emeritus at Tulane. He and his wife are preparing to leave the sultry weather of Ĺ’Nawlins to move to frosty Keene, New Hampshire. I also had occasion to see Allan Scholom, former faculty member, whose private practice in Chicago is thriving. He was very close to the late Kevin Hartigan, Ph.D. and is willing to accept calls from people who wish to express their regrets or learn more about Kevin. Allan is also undertaking to raise funds to support psychoanalytic training. Please contact him at his office if you wish to contribute to that effort.

The psychology faculty are growing more impressive all the time. We have a record number of grant proposals submitted. Three training grants in rehabilitation from the Department of Education have been renewed including the rehabilitation educator grant by Glen Geist, the psychiatric rehabilitation grant by John Hilburger and the rehabilitation counselor grant by Chow Lam. Tammy Sher was the recipient of a wonderful $50,000 grant that will allow her to fund more students on her couples communication intervention project to reduce cardiac risk. Congratulations to all.

You can expect to hear more about the exciting research that is being conducted by the psychology faculty in future newsletters.

I hope to see each and everyone of you at PsychNite 2000, September 17 on the uglyduck. Enjoy the summer.

--M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.

Progress at the Center for Research and Service

My first year as Director at the Center has been both exciting and challenging. We have increased Center revenue over 300% from the previous year, while building an infrastructure to drive future growth. With proposals pending and a solid base of clients, prospects for the coming year look very good. Owing to our business activity, we were able to fund two full-time graduate assistantships. In addition, many graduate students were able to grow, develop and contribute through their involvement in the Center's consulting assignments. Dr. Nambury Raju, Distinguished Professor and Senior Scientific Advisor to the Center, was pivotal in developing several significant clients for the Center this year. His work included a contract for large scale psychometric analyses of a popular 360-degree feedback instrument published by a major consulting firm. This work has contributed a large database that is currently being used in two masters theses and one doctoral dissertation.

Other substantial projects during this past fiscal year include:

  • Development and implementation of a custom 360-degree feedback system for manufacturing supervisors
  • Design and implementation of an assessment center for selection of team members and team leaders in a major financial services center
  • Team building for partners in a nationally recognized law firm
  • An organizational survey for a major oil company
  • Several training needs analyses surveys with follow-up curriculum design and delivery of training programs
  • Development and validation of an industrial math skills test

We owe our success to many people who have supported the Center in various ways. While these supporters are too numerous to list, I would especially like to thank our board members, our clients, and the members of the IIT community, including our administration, institute faculty, and graduate students. Let's look forward to another great year together!

Bruce Fisher, Ph.D., Director, Center for Research and Service

Alumni Notes

Jane Sutliff, Ph.D.

Jane Sutliff, Ph.D., is working for a group practice in Denver that specializes in the treatment of people with anxiety disorders. She is living in Colorado with her husband, John Loerke.

Your success is a resource to the College of Psychology. Your achievements help us recruit students, increase the IIT student/alumni network and encourage contacts among alumni. Please let us know what's new with you, and help us to keep our database up-to-date by dropping us a line via fax at 312.567.3493; on the web at:; or by mail at 3101 South Dearborn Street, LS Room 252, Chicago, IL 60616-3793. Thanks!

Program News

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Congratulations to the following industrial/organizational students who finished their dissertations:

Mitchell W. Gold

Cue utilization in judges' use of the Angoff cut score method. Defended April, 2000. Advisor, Scott Morris.

Cinzia Bellarosa

The roles of information consistency, accountability, and confidence on questioning strategies during the employment interview. Defended December, 1999. Advisor, Scott Morris.

Clinical Psychology

Our students had another very successful year in obtaining internships, all of which are in funded, APA-approved sites:

Rodney Benson, Westside VA Medical Center, Chicago.
Christine Cooper, Northeastern Ohio Universities Consortium.
Allison Cromey, University of Mississippi Medical Center.
Brian Leahy, Westside VA, Chicago, Neuropsychology Program.
Vickie Theodos, University of Chicago, Child Program.
Chris Weber, VA Medical Center, Phoenix.

Rehabilitation Psychology

Mia A. Bergman

Mia A. Bergman, clinical/rehabilitation student, received a student presenter award from the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis. She also won $300 at the Midwest Pain Society's Annual Scientific Poster Award competition on March 11, 2000 in Chicago, Illinois. In addition, she received a scholarship in April of 2000 from the Fredrika-Bremer Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Rehabilitation Program held its spring advisory board meeting on April 28, 2000, at IIT's Hermann Hall. The board's president is Carol A. McDonough, Ph.D., and its Secretary is Robert Mantsh, C.R.C. Members include Deborah Crown, M.S., C.R.C., Allen Heinemann, Ph.D., Beth Katz, M.S., C.R.C., Charlene McGrath, M.S., C.R.C., George McCrowey, M.S., John Mayes, M.S.W., Bridget Nowak, M.S., C.R.C., Joanne Rosenberg, M.S., C.R.C., Amy Santacaterina, M.S., C.R.C., and Esther Sciammarella, M.S.

Undergraduate Recruitment

Along with the traditional methods of recruiting undergraduates, a campaign of personalized contact is underway to ensure that the schools and students in Illinois are aware of the College's outstanding graduate and undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate recruitment typically begins with mailings to students who have shown an interest in the program. The College's database is composed of students who have filled out interest cards, those who have called for information, and those who have inquired via the web - either through IIT's website, or through fastweb, a computer service designed to help students receive college information. Students receive letters, mailings about the College, brochures outlining our programs, and special mailings, such as the postcard describing our combined BS/MS program in rehabilitation counseling.

One of the key elements to our recruiting efforts involves high school visits and presentations. Last year, we visited close to 25 schools, and there are plans to visit 50 high schools in the upcoming year. At these schools, we do 10-15 minute presentations to psychology classrooms, and hand out informative brochures and applications. We also talk to counselors and teachers in order to build relationships, hoping that in future years, we will be a recommended option for students seeking an undergraduate degree in psychology.

The IIT admissions office started a new outreach campaign, and we quickly joined the effort. High school students were brought to IIT for the day, given a tour, attended classes, and met with faculty and admissions staff. The visits were very productive, and are a good way to make a strong impression on the students and high schools alike.

We invite all of you to help us in this endeavor by informing people you know of our strong commitment to psychology undergraduate education.

--Jamal Scott, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, College of Psychology

From the Board Chair

The new century is here and with it brings tremendous outlook for the future of the College of Psychology and IIT. During the first Psychology Board meeting of 2000, we unveiled five-year plans for the College, the Center for Research and Service and presented a development plan to support these initiatives. All plans outlined goals for the College to reach its next level of success. We are grateful to our Board, volunteers, faculty and alumni for continuing to assist us in the achievement of these initiatives.

On March 9, hundreds of guests attended workshops and a ceremonial groundbreaking for the new McCormick Student Center building to be located on State Street in between 32nd and 35th streets on the main campus in Chicago. IIT Trustee and Psychology Board member, David Vitale joined President Lew Collens and other dignitaries as they donned a hard hat and "moved the earth" to mark the beginning of the site preparation phase of construction. Exciting news relating to the progress of this project is updated daily on The university landscape renewal project is visible this spring with the planting of trees and flowers in an area north of Crown Hall along State Street. We encourage and invite you to visit campus this summer to witness this exciting progress.

During the March 28 Board of Trustees meeting, the Challenge Campaign leadership announced over $198 million has been raised toward the $250 million goal. Just prior to this printing, we received the news that we are now over $200 million counting the Pritzker/Galvin Challenge Funds. All gifts this year were recognized on the new online honor roll found on the website

The College of Psychology has raised nearly $1.2 million including matching funds. A substantial increase in psychology's funds raised this year were a result of the generous bequest from Professor Emeritus Mary Vermillion. Dr. Vermillion left this gift to IIT after establishing the Mary Vermillion Graduate Fellowship Fund several years ago. Recently a letter was mailed to notify you of her death and announce the exciting opportunity we have as a result of Dr. Vermillion's kind and caring gift. We will establish the first fully-funded fellowship for graduate studies in the Institute's history. We encourage you to join her many colleagues and friends in contributing to this special fund in memory of Dr. Vermillion.

Please be reminded that the Pritzker/Galvin matching funds are available for pledges through December 31, 2000. After this date, only cash gifts will be matched 100% if given during 2001. We encourage you to consider a multiple-year pledge now so that we can secure matching funds for all years before the end of 2000. We have included a reply envelope in this newsletter for you to use to send in your contribution. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

This spring we were grateful for the opportunity to reach out to alumni and friends of the Institute through two very special events. Center for Research and Service supporters enjoyed the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and sixteen alumni, donors, board members, faculty and students cheered the Chicago Blackhawks during a winning game at the United Center. These gatherings were made possible by a generous gift from IIT Trustee Craig Duchossois and Psychology Board Member, Diane Krause-Stetson of Duchossois Industries, Inc.

Last but certainly not least, please mark your calendar for the College's event of the year! PsychNite 2000 is planned for Sunday, September 17, 2000. The event will feature an evening cruise on the uglyduck boarding off of Navy Pier in Chicago. Please see the detailed event description in the newsletter.

George Langlois, Chair of PsychNite 2000 along with the energetic event committee, has secured a dozen sponsors for this event. We are grateful to these organizations for their support of our efforts. Please join me in thanking Burke Strategic Consulting Group (Diane Salamon and Jaci Masztal), CauseData Systems, Inc. (George Langlois), CDW Computer Centers, Inc. (Don Gordon), Fairmont Hotel Chicago (Susan Ellefson), Friedland and Marcus (Jotham Friedland and Sander Marcus), Organizational Strategies, Inc. (George Langlois and Dan Lezotte), Rubloff and Associates (Marie Gordon), SHL Chicago (Stephen Steinhaus), Silver Creek Bottling Company (Carolyn Lang), United Airlines (Eileen Sweeney), and Urban Oasis (Olivier Petinaux). Special benefits for individuals and corporations making a commitment of $1,000 and above will be offered for supporting the event. Additional sponsors are welcomed. We look forward to seeing you there.

While we have set our sights high for the coming years, we know that we will accomplish much due to the unwavering support from Psychology board members, volunteers, donors, faculty and students. Together we will achieve the goals we laid out in our plans. Thank you for remaining committed to the process.

--Bryan R. Dunn, President & CEO, Kinship Corp. Chair, College of Psychology Board of Overseers

Faculty News

Chow Lam

Chow Lam will lead a team of rehabilitation experts to China to train physicians in rehabilitation counseling and psychology at the Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences in Guangzhou, China this June. The team includes Dr. Allen Heinemann from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Dr. Fong Chan from the University of Wisconsin, and Brian Leahy, a doctoral student of the joint Rehabilitation-Clinical Psychology Program at IIT.

Chow Lam and his lab developed an instrument, "LASER," to assess employment readiness for welfare recipients. The project was funded by the Goodwill Industries and the key lab members of the project are James Emmett and Anne Wiley. The results and implications of the project were presented at the Rehabilitation Program Spring Colloquium on April 28, 2000.

In March, the College of Psychology held a reception to honor Chow Lam's presidency of the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association during the American Counseling Association Conference in Washington, DC. More than 100 guests, friends and alumni of IIT attended the reception. M. Ellen Mitchell, Director of the College of Psychology, gave a welcome speech and recognized friends who contributed to the development of the Rehabilitation Psychology Program, such as Dr. David Hershenson, Dr. Brian McMahon, Dr. Fong Chan, Dr. ChrisAnn Schiro-Geist, and Dr. Vilia Tarvydas.

Tamara Goldman Sher

Tamara Goldman Sher's book, The Psychology of Couples and Illness: Theory and Research and Practice was recently released. Sher had been awarded a four-year $2.4 million grant for research on the subject last year by the National Institute of Health.

Joyce Hopkins

Joyce Hopkins was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article on electronic toys for infants and young children.

Roya Ayman

Roya Ayman was recently interviewed on WUSN's Chicago Up Close on the challenges of women in positions of leadership. In February, she was also interviewed by a US90 radio station about women leaders.

Dr. Ayman's other professional activities include continuing to conduct management development training sessions at Arthur Andersen & Company in St. Charles, Illinois, and with Andersen Consulting.

Dr. Ayman is a member of the program committee of the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology and reviewed papers submitted for the annual meetings. She also reviewed papers for the Academy of Management, Women & Diversity Division, and was a discussant on a paper session at the academy conference. She reviewed articles for Personnel Psychology, Leadership Quarterly, and Applied Psychology: An International Review.

Dr. Ayman served on the editorial boards of the following journals: The Leadership Quarterly, Applied Psychology: An International Review, and International journal of Management. She was reappointed as a member of the Education and Training Working Group of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women in Illinois starting summer 1999. She also continued to serve as the executive committee member of the Organizational Psychology division of the International Association of Applied Psychology, and will serve as the newsletter editor. She is a member of the program committee of the ICPA, which will be in Singapore in the summer of 2002. She has been serving on the advisory board for Trilogy (a mental health rehabilitation center).

Scott Morris

Scott Morris is serving as Secretary and Membership Chair for the Chicago Industrial Organization Psychologists. He is also teaching a new short course in multilevel data analysis.

John Hilburger

John Hilburger and Chow Lam were awarded a grant of $10,000 for long term training: M.S. in rehabilitation counseling and certificate program, an emphasis on rehabilitation of individuals who are mentally ill. In addition, they were awarded $99,970 for rehabilitation long-term training with an emphasis on ethnic minorities.

John Hilburger and Chow Lam received a research award from the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association during the Award Luncheon at the ACA Conference in Washington, DC. The award recognizes their research paper "Readiness for change among people with severe and persistent mental illness in a rehabilitation program."

Chow Lam and John Hilburger were awarded three training grants with $100,000 each year for five years, with a total amount of $1,500,000. These monies will be used to train master's level rehabilitation counselors and those who want to pursue a specialization in psychiatric rehabilitation. Training money is also available to train Ph.D. level rehabilitation psychologists.

Nancy Hansen

Chow Lam and Nancy Hansen were awarded a grant for $99,970 for long-term training rehabilitation psychology.

Nam Raju

Nam Raju served on the Committee on the Evaluation of National and State Assessments of Education Progress.

Faculty, Student, & Alumni Publications & Presentations

Ayman,* R. (2000, March). Current Theories About Leadership. Paper presented at CIOP meetings. Ameritech SBC, Schaumburg, IL.

Ayman,* R. (2000, March). Globalization: Is it a New Paradigm? Paper presented at Lucent Technology, Naperville, IL.

Ayman,* R. (2000, March). Rating Women Leaders. Paper presented at NSHEC Network 1999-2000 Seminar Series: Controversies & Challenges, Sharing Our Scholarship Across Institutions. Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, IL.

Ayman,* R. & Connor,* M. (2000). Twenty-Fourth International Congress of Applied Psychology, San Francisco: A summary report. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 23-24.

Ayman,* R., Speron,* E., & Korabik, K. (2000, April). Multirater Agreement on Leader's Performance: Gender, Self-monitoring, and Organization's Type. Paper presented at SIOP meetings, New Orleans, LA.

Bergman,* M., Blumenthal, J., McIntire, R. W., & Yen, S. (2000, May). Behavioral Treatment and Prevention in Correctional Settings, Juvenile Delinquency, and Drug Addiction. Paper accepted for presentation at the Association for Behavior Analysis 26th Annual Convention, Washington, DC.

Bergman,* M., Clorfene,* J. B., Gagnon,* C. M., Bernadin, G. A., Rokicki,* L. A., Semenchuk, E. M., O¹Connor, E. A., & Lofland, K. R. (2000, March). Inadequate Identification of Depression in Patients Suffering From Headache. Poster presented at the 24th Scientific Meeting of the Midwest Pain Society, Chicago, IL.

Ciavarella,* M., Corrigan, P., Lam,* C., Hilburger,* J., Chan, F., & Rowan,* D. (in press). Counseling intervention and skill training for people with psychiatric disabilities. In K. R. Thomas & F. Chan (Eds.). Counseling Theories and Techniques for Rehabilitation Professionals. Lake Zurich, IL: Vocational Consultants Press.

Clorfene,* J. B., Gagnon,* C. M., Bernadin, G. A., O¹Connor, E. A., Bergman,* M., (presenting author) & Lofland, K. R. (2000, July). The Role of Stress When Reported as a Cause of Headache in Relation to Depression and Disability. Paper accepted for presentation at the XXVII International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Dorenwendt,* H. & Raju,* N. S. (2000). Measurement Equivalence of a Translated 360-Degree Feedback Assessment into French and UK English. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Emmett,* J. (2000, March). Planning for Employment. Paper presented at the Family Conference 2000, Illinois Department of Human Services.

Emmett,* J. (2000, May). Employment Preparation. Paper presented at the StarNet Conference, StarNet Network.

Hilburger,* J., & Lam,* C. S. (1999). Readiness for change for clients with severe and persistent mental illness in rehabilitation programs. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 12-19.Kalpakjian,* C. (2000, August). Master¹s paper accepted for presentation at the American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, DC.

King, R. B., Chen, D., Gittler, M., Reinhart, R., Mervine, J., Temple, R., & Bergman,* M. (2000, April). Effects of Behavioral Intervention to Decrease the Incidence of Pressure Ulcers After SCI. Paper accepted for presentation at the American Spinal Injury Association.

Krueger,* K., Soley,* G., & Castillo,* M. (2000, April). Results of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Project. Presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine.

Lam,* C. S., Ramos, L., Krueger,* K. R., Castillo,* M., Bhalla,* R., & Soley,* G. (2000, April). Stages of Change Model for HIV Prevention in the Hispanic Community: Application of theory. Paper presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine, Nashville, TN.

Morris,* S. B., & Lobsenz, R. E. (2000). Significance tests and confidence intervals for the Adverse Impact Ratio. Personnel Psychology, 53(1).

Pec,* M. A., Emmett,* J., Merbitz,* C. T., & Hansen,* N. (2000, May). Precisely Measured Strategies for Adolescents with Autism. Paper accepted for presentation at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Association of Behavior Analysis 26th Annual Convention, Washington, DC.

Reinhart, R., Mervine, J., King, R. B., Semik, P., Bergman,* M., Temple, R., & Schmelser, M. A. (2000, September). Quality of Life: Relationship to Pressure Ulcers After Spinal Cord Injury. Poster accepted for presentation at the American Association of Spinal Cord Injured Nurses 14th Annual Convention, Las Vegas, NE.

Schmitt,* L. & Young,* M. A. (2000, May). Clustering of Symptoms Across the Offset of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms, Evanston, IL.

Young,* M. A. (2000, January). Differentiating Primary, Response and Feedback Components of Psychopathology. Paper presented at the Conversations in Psychopathology Series: Symposium on Affect-Cognition Interaction. Evanston, IL.

*indicates IIT affiliate


Please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 17, 2000, when the College of Psychology Special Events Committee will host an evening cruise on the uglyduck, boarding off of Navy Pier in Chicago. A volunteer group of alumni is coordinating this event as an opportunity to build an alumni network, reconnect with old friends, and raise funds in support of the programs at the College. We are pleased to announce that many corporate sponsors have committed to the event. Please see Bryan Dunn's message on the opposite page for a complete listing.

Invitations will be mailed in August. Tickets will be $50 per person with raffle donations at $25 each. The prizes will be two first-class roundtrip airline tickets to anywhere in the US, an overnight stay in a luxury Fairmont Hotel guest room with dinner at the Primavera, a computer software potpourri, and a one-hour massage.

Save the date and tell your colleagues and associates. Proceeds from the event will support faculty research, professional development, student scholarships, and special needs.

Psychology Undergraduates Perform in Musical

Several undergraduate psychology majors were crucial in producing the latest show at 33rd Street Productions. The musical Guys and Dolls was presented April 28, 29 and 30 at the IIT HUB Auditorium.

The Director/ Producer was Fabio Buffa, who has been involved in such productions before at IIT. One of our freshman students, Melissa Sargent, did the choreography for the "Hot Box Dancers" and did a spirited Cuban dance. Negina Kolesar, an upperclassman heading for a career in rehabilitation psychology, showed her flexibility as a dancer, visitor to Broadway, and painter of sets and backdrops. It's good to see such talent in action!

--Margaret Huyck, Professor and Undergraduate Advisor