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PsychLink Newsletter Spring 2003

Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2003
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Editorial Director: M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.; Editor: Steve Raminiak; Contributors: Bryan Dunn, Bruce Fisher

PsychLink is published by the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Psychology twice a year and follows the academic calendar.

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From the College Director

The fall semester at the College of Psychology is already winding down, with students wrestling with papers, tests and research.

The few recent teasing days of early spring have delighted those of us hunkered down and awaiting the passage of winter here in the College of Psychology. The plethora of spring bulbs planted, now three years ago, are starting to break the ground. The campus center, with its orange glass panels and mysterious honeycombed inlays designed to refract the light, are visible from afar. The new dorms and tube that conceal many feet of CTA "L" tracks are now visible structures taking shape and form are delightful and so, so, well, non-Miesian. If you are interested, these can be viewed at: (Campus Center), and (The Dorms).

Everyone has been busy per usual. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Chow Lam was named Distinguished Professor - a well deserved recognition. Glen Geist announced his retirement. I told him that he can't leave IIT but it appears that a kindler, gentler life of golf and travel has a more compelling call to him. Scott Morris agreed to take over a number of Glen's functions and serve as the Assistant Director of Psychology. John Hilburger was named a Fellow of the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association "in recognition of meritorious contributions to the field of Rehabilitation Counseling." I was elected for a three year term (following on a 1 year appointment) to the executive board of the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology, the national organization of university based graduate programs. All of our I/O faculty, five current students and 9 alumni are presenting this month at SIOP in Orlando. We are in the midst of fall admissions (most of you will recall what that was like). Tammy Sher is working on a grant renewal; Bruce Fisher and Theresa Campbell (nee Kiolbasa) are forging ahead with expanding Center services. The president of SIOP for the year 2003 is IIT alumnus Dr. Michael Burke who was Dr. Nam Raju's advisee. I cannot name everyone for fear that this will sound like a laundry list. Suffice to say that faculty and students alike are working diligently on research, classes, and grants and we are all looking forward to the sun. The news from our alumni is just great. Our College sign was "borrowed" because it was on the list for the Greek scavenger hunt. Happily, our sign was returned intact.

This, very roughly, is the mise en scene for those of us who spend a great part of each day here. Supporting our work is our Board of Overseers, friends, and volunteers who make our daily life better through their kind support and generous giving. The endowed faculty chairs, described by our Chairman Bryan R. Dunn, are significant projects. Each endowed chair requires $2 million of support. We believe that these endowments will elevate the programs, (already nationally ranked), the College of Psychology and IIT. We have a terrific group of people dedicated to each of these efforts; we invite your involvement as well. We realize that these projects will not be easy and we need you to help us in building these endowments. There are many ways to help, and only one of them involves financial contribution. If you are interested and supportive, I urge you to call Olivia Anderson at 312.567.3518.

Hope you have a great spring and hope to see you at the May 30th golf outing.

All the best,

--M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D., College Director

Progress at the Center for Research and Service

Despite a difficult economic environment, the Center for Research is having its best year ever. Fiscal year to date, we have enjoyed revenue growth in excess of 25%. Driving this growth, we have experienced significant success in several new service areas.

Leveraging our investment in web-based survey technology and a powerful automated survey results reporter, the Center has dramatically increased its share of the organizational survey market. In addition, we have had great success conducting surveys for multinational corporations, including organizational surveys across Europe, Asia and South America.

The Center has also had great success implementing web-based 360-degree feedback systems for our clients to use as tools for leadership development and performance management. Compared to paper and pencil 360-degree tools, we have seen rater response rates increase by almost 20%, as well as an 80% decrease in client costs. The Center's 360-degree feedback process can be readily adapted to clients' competency models, administrative systems, and reporting requirements.

Dr. Theresa Campbell, practice leader for psychological assessment services, has successfully launched this key service area for the Center. Her work has included assessments for geriatric, adult, and adolescent populations that involve suspected cognitive, intellectual, or psychiatric disorders. Dr. Campbell has established strong partnerships with public agencies, private companies, and insurance companies, and she is now poised to take this practice to the next level.

Dr. Nambury Raju continues to be an extremely valuable resource to the Center. Recently, in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Dr. Raju contributed to the design of a job analysis methodology to support the needs of the Social Security Administration with respect to disability determination. Additionally, Dr. Raju continues to lead test development and validation as a key service area for the Center.

Lastly, the Center has embarked on an important test development project with broad implications for employee and managerial selection. Building on the work of K. Anders Erikson regarding the structure and application of expert performance, the Expert Performer Inventory assesses the extent to which an individual employs behavioral strategies associated with expert performance. The Expert Performer Inventory is currently in the field testing and validation phase for sales and customer service samples. We are still recruiting participating organizations, so contact the Center if you have an interest.

‹Bruce Fisher, Ph.D., Director, Center for Research and Service

Alumni Notes

Helene Levine, M.S.

Helene Levine, M.S. (Class of '73) has been involved in management at the Anixter Center for the last 25 years. Just recently, she has expanded her responsibilities to begin an exciting new program in the area of Transition Services for special education students who are in their senior year attending Chicago area high schools. Under Ms. Levine's direction, the Anixter Center has identified 4 high schools and are partnering with the school staff, students and families to assist in moving students from school to work.

Fred M. Rafilson, Ph.D.

Fred M. Rafilson, Ph.D. (Class of '96) founded I/O Solutions, Inc. in 1997. Recently, Dr. Rafilson's wife, Kimberly, gave birth to a baby boy!

S. Jeffery Garfield, Ph.D.

S. Jeffery Garfield, Ph.D. (Class of '67) reports that he is shooting the best pool of his life and has recently played with two hall of fame pool players. Jeff spends his days on his balcony looking over the gulf of Mexico, and his nights watching "Law and Order" reruns.

Dennis Armstrong, Ph.D.

Dennis Armstrong (Class of '89) is currently Vice President, Leadership and Organization Development at the Limited Brands Incorporated in Columbus, Ohio. Dennis moved to Columbus in 1999, with his wife Stacy Armstrong (IIT Ph.D. 1991) and three daughters, Taylor, Hailey, and Lexie.

Rev. John B. Houck, Ph.D.

Rev. John B. Houck, Ph.D. (Class of '74) has been appointed Priest-in-Charge of Saints George and Matthias Episcopal Church in Chicago. He spends two days a week at the church and works three days a week in his private practice in the Loop and in Hyde Park. Dr. Houck was Chaplain and Campus Minister at IIT from 1968-1976, while he was getting his Ph.D. His specialties are the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality, couples' therapy, and addictions therapy. Dr. Houck has also been leading weeklong spiritual/psychotherapeutic retreats for German nuns and laywomen twice a year in Oberreifenberg, Germany since 1992.

Capt. Roger Stanley, US Army. B.S.

The army is sending Capt. Stanley (Class of '96) to get his MBA in conjunction with his appointment to the faculty of West Point's Social Sciences Department as a lecturer in economics. He will attend either Stanford and Harvard Business Schools this fall, and begin teaching in 2005.

Jerrold S. Meyer

Jerrold S. Meyer, B.S. (Class of '67) has been a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst since 1978 and is currently also a Professor in the Biopsychology Division. In the fall of 2001, Dr. Meyer also became Director of the Neuroscience and Behavior Program, a graduate training program composed of over 30 faculty from six different departments. He is the immediate Past President of the Neurobehavioral Teratology Society, a national organization concerned with the neurobehavioral effects of developmental exposure to drugs and environmental toxins. Dr. Meyer's research currently focuses on the influence of MDMA ("Ecstasy") on brain and behavioral development in an animal model.

Mark J. Zerwic, Ph.D.

Mark J. Zerwic, Ph.D. (Class of '84) is the lead Psychologist at the VA Chicago Health Care System, where he is responsible for managing 21 doctoral psychologists providing inpatient and outpatient mental health services to veterans. Dr. Zerwic is the Coordinator of Addictions Assessment and Program Enhancement at the VA, and he has over 15 years of experience in working with addictions. Recently, Dr. Zerwic returned to IIT on March 4, 2003 to give a talk entitled, "Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol and other Substance Abuse Disorders," at the IIT Counseling Center. "It was an experience of coming full circle," commented Dr. Zerwic, "as the IIT Counseling Center was my first clinical training practicum in graduate school. It was great to speak with current trainees, and it reminded me of my early experiences."

Maureen Hawkins, Ph.D.

Maureen Hawkins, Ph.D. [nee: Mansfield (Class of '98)] is a staff psychologist at Stanford University School of Medicine, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Child Development. In this position, she teaches and supervise post-doctoral trainees as well as holds therapy sessions.

Jaci Masztal, Ph.D.

Jaci Masztal, Ph.D. (Class of '88) has recently co-written a book called Journey to the top: Life stories and insights from fifty governors. The book was published by Hats Off Books, Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Masztal was an advisee of Dr. Ayman, and is a member of the Psychology Board of Overseers.

Susan Sorenson, Ph.D.

Susan Sorenson, Ph.D. (Class of '80) is a full-time faculty member at the UCLA Community Health Sciences School of Public Health. Her areas of interest include: intentional injury, homicide, suicide, sexual assault, battering, child abuse, mental health issues, and child health.

Dan LaSpesa

Dan La Spesa, B.S. (Class of '72) is currently teaching computer science at St. Petersburg College and in high school at Shorecrest Preparatory School. Mr. LaSpesa still has his software business, Oak Software, Inc., and is also working on a Master's degree in Computer and Information Sciences. He misses Chicago and IIT, but not enough to leave Florida.

Ivan Lippitz, Ph.D.

Ivan Lippitz, Ph.D. (Class of '75) retired from full-time practice in 1993, but keeps his license active. Dr. Lippitz also served as an ombudsman for the City of Evanston for 10 years. His time is spent traveling, working out several times per week, attending a wide assortment of cultural activities, serving as a board member of his condo association and playing an active role in the politics of Lincolnshire. Dr. Lippitz spends his leisure time by reading (including professional stuff), surfing the net, writing , and eventually, piano lessons.

Allen J. Friedrich, M.S.

Allen J. Friedrich, M.S. (Class of '73) manages the MetLife Disability's Vocational Rehabilitation for individuals who are receiving Short and Long Term Disability Income. Mr. Friedrich also works with employers to help them make accommodations for the employee's restrictions and limitations. After 30 years in vocational rehabilitation, Mr. Friedrich has found that rehabilitating with the employer is more effective than doing the same with the client alone. They need it more!

Kevin J. Armstrong, Ph.D.

Kevin J. Armstrong, Ph.D. (Class of '92) has recently been named Graduate Coordinator and Assistant Department Head at Mississippi State University. He enjoys teaching, consulting, and conducting research. He and wife, Becky, have 2 children now (Aubrey Claire aged 2 1/2 and Grayson who turned 1 in January).

Focus on the Faculty

Dr. Chow Lam

Chow Lam, Ph.D. is a man who needs no distinction ­ but is surely entitled to it. Recently, we caught up with Dr. Lam to learn what's new in his world.

On Nov. 19th, 2002, Dr. Lam earned a new title: "Distinguished Professor of Psychology". This title is bestowed on a faculty member who has achieved national or international preeminence in his or her field based on scholarly work and excellence in teaching. The IIT Trustee Board endorsed Dr. Lam as a Distinguished Professor of Psychology in recognition of his work in the scientific application of knowledge about the impact of psychosocial factors on persons with disabilities leading to improving their quality of life, and in honor of his international reputation as a rehabilitation counselor educator.

Dr. Lam has also been becoming more involved in an organization to study the stigma related to mental illness. As a Senior Faculty member of the University of Chicago's Consortium on Sigma Research (CCSR), Dr. Lam facilitates research projects and funding efforts devoted to understanding the phenomenon of stigma, developing and testing models that explain why it occurs, and evaluating strategies that help to diminish its effects. Special focus is on the stigma of mental illness using models developed through basic behavioral research.

CCSR is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of experts from psychology, psychiatry, social work, survey research, law, sociology, human development and the humanities. Members of the Consortium are on faculty at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois Institute of technology, Loyola University, Northern Illinois University, and the National Opinion Research Center. CCSR is funded in part by a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. CCSR also works with a distinguished group of consultants that are nationally recognized experts in their fields. Additionally, the Consortium has partnered with consumer, advocacy, and community provider groups.

Additionally, Dr. Lam has made significant progress in the development of a Chinese version of Lam Assessment on Stages of Employment Readiness (LASER). He and his graduate student from Hong Kong recently presented preliminary results at the American Psychological Association's Work Stress and Health Conference in Toronto, Canada. They noticed cultural cultural differences between the American version and the Chinese version and made special changes to the instrument to accommodate cultural sensitivity.

Have Golf with Nam

On Friday, May 30th at Poplar Creek Golf Course in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, the College of Psychology is planning an day of leisurely golf and American fare barbecue!

All proceeds will help honor Distinguished Professor Nambury Raju, Ph.D. through our efforts to establish an endowed chair in psychology. Dr. Raju is a world-class psychology professor, consultant, and mentor to many. He has done so much to help his students, and now is the time to give back and honor Dr. Raju.

We will play a four person, best ball competition, which will allow people of all ability levels to have fun. You can bring friends and choose who will be in your foursome. As an alternative, we will group you with people you are sure to enjoy. Remember, even if you are not a good golfer, we still encourage you to come out and have fun with us.

We have some wonderful prizes, including:

  • Great travel prizes for holes-in-one, including all expense paid golfing trips to Florida, California, and Canada
  • Golfing accessories and apparel for longest drive, straightest drive, longest putt, and closest to the pin competitions
  • Each member of the winning (4 person) team will receive a special prize
  • All attendees will receive a gift bag of great goodies!

Tee times will be between 11 am and 1 pm. After the round of golf, we have reserved a banquet room and patio for a PGA style barbecue from 4-7 pm. Your round of golf with cart, the barbecue, and all of the gifts and prizes are yours for $125 per person.

If you cannot attend, please consider sponsoring a student. If you wish, the student can have you or your company's name on his or her nametag. You may also choose to sponsor a hole for only $250. A sign would be posted at a hole for the duration of the event, and you will receive recognition in the next Psychology newsletter. Or consider the "Eagle" sponsorship level‹for $1000 your corporation will have a large sponsorship sign at a hole, mention in the newsletter, plus four free passes to play!

Please join us on May 30th, 2003 for a fun event. If you have any questions or want to register, please call 312.567.3500 or email See you there!

From the Board Chair

The College of Psychology has never shied away from big goals. We created several nationally ranked graduate programs, became an independent College, secured the largest grant to any single faculty member at IIT and helped create the first ever rehabilitation psychology program of its kind in Southeast Asia, to name but a few of our recent accomplishments.

Recently, a student at the College of Psychology caught me off-guard when talking about our graduate programs. I expected to hear her reactions about the subject matter of her courses or about which classes she found particularly engaging, or perhaps the occasional gripe about school (who hasn't had one!). But she didn't get too far into any of that. She began to talk simply of hope.

In these uncertain times, I should have known better. Sometimes it is difficult to see beyond the bubble in which we live. I cannot think of anyone who hasn't been affected by our economy or by the thought of our sons and daughters, friends and neighbors, off to war.

This student had a different view. She noticed the progress in techniques and approaches that help people cope; she heard of creative business responses to the global economy. She saw her personal development in her classes. She saw the expansion of IIT in the construction of the new Student Center. Both aesthetically and substantively, her bubble was full of hope.

Here at the College of Psychology, and at IIT in general, we put a priority on focusing student minds to grapple with the future. To ensure our progress in this regard, we have launched a campaign to fund two endowed psychology faculty chairs. An endowed faculty chair is a fund in which a pre-determined amount of money is gathered for the support of an esteemed faculty member. This gathered amount is then invested to produce reliable and substantial earnings used for the professor's salary, student assistants, research, conference travel and more. By re-investing the principal of this fund, the earnings benefits become permanent and a position becomes endowed.

One of these chairs will honor Distinguished Professor Nambury Raju. Dr. Raju is a prominent figure in I/O psychology and has consulted on, researched and taught test development and psychometric theory for over 20 years. Distinguished Professor Raju is also internationally known and respected for his research, consulting in test development, and more. On Friday, May 30th, I hope you can join me as well as old friends, alumni and faculty of IIT's College of Psychology for a golf outing and barbecue on at Poplar Creek golf course in Hoffman Estates. All proceeds will help honor Dr. Raju through our efforts to establish this endowed chair.

Distinguished Professor Chow Lam will hold the second endowed chair. He is featured in this newsletter and I urge you to read about him in the pages ahead. His work makes a real difference for individuals with disabilities to help them adjust to the changes they face and to enjoy the highest levels of productivity and life satisfaction.

Contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations have begun to set the framework for these positions, but we still need your help. These endowments will attract considerable attention to the College of Psychology and bring these two nationally recognized programs to the next level. A solid education is the most necessary asset in this day and age. As costs rise and budgets drop, we have to strengthen our ability to harness this new generation. Our best hope to invest in the future is to invest in our students.

--Bryan R. Dunn, President & CEO, Kinship Corp. Chair, College of Psychology Board of Overseers

Faculty, Student, & Alumni Publications & Presentations

*Antani, A. & Ayman, R. (April, 2003). Gender, Social Support and the Experience of Work-Family Conflict. Paper presented at European Academy of Management, Milan, Italy.

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Ayman, R., *Adams, S., *Hartman, E. & Fisher, B. ( in press). Leadership development in higher education is submitted for publication in S. Murphy & R. Riggio. The future of leadership development. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Ayman, R. (April, 2003). Putting cross-cultural in teaching I/O psychology. A panelist In Shreya Sarkar-Barney (chair/convener), Approaches To Teaching Cross-Cultural I-O Psychology, at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Orlando, Florida.

*Blitz, D. L., Lezotte, D. V., & Morris, S. B. (2003, April). Investigating multilevel effects of climate in linkage research. Poster to be presented at the 18th annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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*Wiley, A., Lam C.S., & *Emmett, J. (2002, August). Assessing readiness to work: an East meets West perspective. The 3rd Pan-Pacific Conference on Rehabilitation, Hong Kong, China.

*indicates IIT affiliate

Psi Chi

IIT's Psi Chi chapter is making a come back. Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, which encourages, stimulates, maintains excellence in scholarship, and advances the science of psychology. Membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students who are making the study of psychology one of their major interests, and who meet the minimum qualifications.

New members were inducted at a special dinner celebration on February 5. The Psi Chi Officers include Mary Geraghty, President; Lydia Aletraris, Vice President; Alina Tarlea, Secretary; and Fauzia Rahman, Treasurer. New members welcomed include Koren Aragaki, Izabela Bakunowska, Mohammed Chowdhury, Amber Coffman, Heather Green, and Andrew Holloway. Other members who were inducted last year include Sarah Casey, Samaria Martinez, and Melissa Sargent. The Psi Chi faculty advisors are Margaret Huyck and Mark Frame. Several students in the freshmen class have already pledged to join Psi Chi and are intending to be inducted next year.

The membership's ideas and actions are emerging and Psi Chi is looking forward with anticipation. Our members are organizing financial support to attend conferences, lectures, conventions, and other academic events. Psi Chi is involved in the process of organizing a set of symposia on campus to bring in speakers to cover a wide variety of issues. A committee is also working with faculty in the hopes of amending and improving the psychology curriculum by reviewing courses and degrees offered.

One of the goals of IIT's Psi Chi is to provide students with the opportunity to build psychology networks, both on and off campus. We are working to help students gain increased awareness of the myriad opportunities available to them. Psi Chi is in the process of publishing a weekly column in the school newspaper, TechNews (IIT's weekly newspaper). The column gives IIT students the opportunity to submit psychology related questions and receive accurate advice and information from one of the College of Psychology's esteemed faculty. The column will not only familiarize members of the IIT community with the College of Psychology, but also introduce the College of Psychology's faculty members and their areas of research and expertise. In addition, Psi Chi, in conjunction with the College of Psychology's Associate Director of Admissions, Martin Parker, is working to recruit prospective high school students by educating them of the opportunities available at IIT. Together with the support of, the Psi Chi faculty advisors, IIT and the surrounding community, Psi Chi hopes to involve students and evoke the continuing cycle of reciprocation.

Student News

Congratulations to the clinical students who applied for internship. All matched at excellent APA-accredited sites. Rishi Bhalla, Center for Addictions and Mental Health, Clarke Institute, Toronto. Gwen Hales, Cleveland VA Medical Center, Health/Geriatric Track. Allison Lerman, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical Center, Chicago, Child & Pediatric Program. Tina Nikolopoulos, Children's Hospitals, Minneapolis. Renee Pichler, Oklahoma Health Consortium. Karen Rottier, University of Minnesota Medical School, Pediatric Neuropsychology. Amanda Urban, Detroit VA Medical Center. Stephen Weinland, Miami VA Medical Center. Anne Wiley, Westside VA Healthcare System (Chicago). Steven Zombory, Eastern Kansas VA Healthcare System.

Julie Kabat has won the Trainee Travel Award from the Sleep Research Society to present her paper "The roles of REM sleep and gender in overnight regulation of anxious mood" at annual joint meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society.