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PsychLink Newsletter Spring 2004

Volume 7, Issue 3, Spring 2004
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Editorial Director: M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.; Editor: Brooke L. Wiles; Contributors: Bryan Dunn, Bruce Fisher, Jack Spani, Jennifer Walden

PsychLink is published by the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Psychology twice a year and follows the academic calendar.

Please send correspondence to:

College of Psychology
3101 South Dearborn, Room 252
Chicago, Illinois 60616-3793

From the College Director

There is never a dull moment here in Psychology at IIT. The most exciting news is that Joyce Hopkins is the Co-Investigator on a five year, $3.5m. NIMH funded study with colleague John Lavigne at Children's Hospital. The title is: "Oppositional Defiant Disorder/Depression in Younger Children: "Developmental Aspects". Our congratulations go out to Joyce and her colleagues. Not only will this allow us to support more students but it makes it possible for Joyce to concentrate more on her important work that will make a difference in the lives of many children and families. Additionally, Dr. Hopkins' research group is participating in the national standardization of the 3rd edition of the of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development. The College of Psychology will be reported as one of the standardization sites in the newly revised test manual. The Bayley Scales are the best standard assessment system appropriate for use with infants to asses cognitive, motor and social development. This is a wonderful achievement to a deserving clinical faculty member.

Most of you remember Allen Wollach, I am sure. Allen is retiring after 35 years here at IIT. He tells me that he has never had trouble keeping busy and he expects to travel, donate time and labor to Habitat for Humanity, and do the many things he has always done. We will miss Allen for his good heart, generosity of spirit, mechanical prowess, unflagging dedication to teaching, and devotion to his work in learning and statistical computer programs.

We are also bidding good-bye to Shreya Sarkar-Barney who is moving to the east coast. Shreya has been a member of the I/O program since 2002 and made the difficult decision to move after her spouse was offered a wonderful job opportunity in New Jersey.

For those of us with careers and families, we know the anguish that accompanies these decisions in which one cannot simply choose for one's own self but must weigh the needs of multiple others. We wish her and her family the very best for the future.

The list of good-byes seems long all of the sudden. Colette Matusinec, who worked in the main office keeping everything afloat, secured a job as a lawyer which made us all happy for her but sad for us. Jennifer Walden has stepped up to her position and has made the transition seamless. We are grateful to both. Arlonda Dickerson joined us and helps keep everything running.

We have been conducting multiple searches for faculty and we are pleased to announce that in the fall Drs. Ruthanna Gordon and Annette Towler from U. Mass Amherst, and U. Colorado Denver, respectively, will be joining us . Ruthanna is a cognitive psychologist whose work is in decision making; Annette is an I/O psychologist who studies culture, leadership, and training. You will be hearing more about their work in the fall newsletter.

SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists) was a blast this year. Held in Chicago, we packed the room and brought down the house showing our newly made DVD featuring the I/O program and honoring Dr. Raju. Contrary to muttered rumors, Dr. Raju is not retiring but we are undertaking an effort to endow a chair to honor his distinguished work and created a DVD to showcase all the great aspects of IIT, I/O and Nam. We will need your help to complete this important project.

Please be in touch. We really enjoy hearing from and about our alumni. We will feature a graduate of one of our programs in each newsletter. In this first issue, we report on the work and success of Bill Schiemann. Please let us know if you would like to be the person about whom we write. Send us your success stories!

All the best,

--M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D., College Director

Progress at the Center for Research and Service

The Center for Research and Service continues to experience success in its consulting service business. Center revenue is stable and investments in web-based survey technology and 360-degree feedback systems are offering an excellence return to the College of Psychology. In addition, building on the psychometric and statistical strengths of faculty in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program, the Center has increasingly supported the strategic human resources measurement initiatives of its clients.

The Center has continued to upgrade technology for organizational surveys, customer satisfaction measures, and multi-rater feedback systems. Enhanced capabilities for survey data reports now enable clients with a wide variety of formats and reporting options, which are delivered in an exceptionally cost effective manner. Enhancements for organizational survey reports include color graphics, executive summary reports with the most favorable and unfavorable rated items and dimensions highlighted, and time series analysis over as many as four administrations (perfect for pulse surveys).

Substantial projects over the past year include:

  • Development and validation of employment tests for warehouse personnel for a large multi-national automobile manufacturer
  • Development of leadership competency models and/or 360-degree feedback programs for five organizations, including a multi-national chemical company, two large insurance companies, and two not-for-profit organizations
  • Several large scale organizational surveys, including a multi-national survey for over 10,000 employees
  • Design and implementation of interviewing skills, performance appraisal and team skills training programs
  • Individual assessment for management selection and development
  • Executive coaching for performance improvement

Once again, in conducting research and servicing our clients, we have relied heavily on student and faculty contributions. We have provided applied research and consulting experiences to over thirty students from all the College's programs during this past year. This active partnership has become a hallmark of the Center, which serves both our clients' goals and the Center's mission to support student development.

With respect to our success over the past year, we extend appreciation to our faculty, students, administration, consulting partners, and, of course, our clients for their ongoing support and encouragement. Our success would not be possible were it not for these important stakeholders.

Finally, as we prepare to proceed to the next phase of growth, the Center seeks members for a new advisory board. The Center for Research and Service Advisory Board will join the Center Director and key staff as resources for strategic planning and to assist in reviews of Center performance and evaluation of key initiatives. Board members should represent diverse backgrounds and expertise. Given the nature of Board contributions, desirable applicants will have experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Consulting or professional services background
  • Marketing or PR expertise
  • Strategic planning expertise
  • Current strategic allies
  • Business development experience
  • Experience in the optimization of human capital

Please contact me regarding your interest in, or referrals for, the advisory board.

Bruce Fisher, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Research and Service
College of Psychology
Illinois Institute of Technology
3101 South Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60615

Alumni Notes

Andrew Burns

Andrew Burns moved to Baltimore, MD and took a position at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital as Pediatric Psychologist/Director of Impatient Psychological Services.

Lara Dhingra

Lara Dhingra is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Her research at MSKCC focuses on developing behavioral interventions for pain management and the treatment of tobacco dependence in cancer patients. Soon after moving to New York City, Lara was married to Todd Ricker at Half Moon Bay in Jamaica on December 6, 2003. Although they much prefer the waters of Montego Bay, Lara and Todd enjoy living along the shores of the East River in New York.

Heather Green

Heather Green is attending dental school at Howard University in Washington DC.

Stephen J. Guastello

Dr. Stephen J. Guastello is the founder of The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences. Dr. Guastello is hosting the 14th Annual International Conference in Milwaukee, WI, July 15-18, 2004. This years special focus is Paradox and Surprise.

Focus on Faculty

Dr. Allen Wolach

When Dr. Allen Wolach began his career at IIT 35 years ago, the face of the campus looked much different than it does today. The Psychology department moved from Chaplin Hall, with its distinctive red brick design to Life Sciences. Within two years after arriving at IIT, the administration building and machinery hall were the only "red brick" buildings that remained on the IIT campus. These buildings are now historical landmarks. While these landmarks have stood the test of time, so has a great teacher.

Dr. Wolach came to IIT as an Assistant Professor in 1969 after earning his Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico. Wolach was director of the experimental psychology program for nine years. During that time, there were more undergraduate students than graduate students and most students were interested in experimental psychology. Dr. Wolach has studied differences in how species learn and compared how and why different species learn. He took on the challenge of experimenting with fish using a unique classical conditioning apparatus. He observed that fish and higher animals produce similar response patterns in classical conditioning situations. Conversely, fish and higher animals produce different response patterns in instrumental or operant learning situations.

During his tenure with IIT at the College of Psychology, he taught over 7,500 students and mentored many of them. He has trained almost 30 Ph.D. students. "I enjoyed working with students who were willing to take an experiment the extra mile and work together to discover even more," he commented. His 35 years of service have meant a great deal to Psychology at IIT and his work in research has made an impact in the field. He has written programming books about analysis of variance and developed tutorial programs for teaching basic statistics.

Dr. Wolach will continue his work on statistical packages from home and plans to travel to England and Australia in the near future. We will miss Dr. Wolach and wish him the very best for a well-earned retirement. A reception honoring him was held on Tuesday, May 11th.

From the Board Chair

The $250 million dollar IIT, Pritzker-Galvin Challenge campaign has made many things happen in the last five years.

  • The endowment scored by more than $90 million
  • SAT scores for incoming freshmen increased from 1268 to 1301
  • Six new faculty positions were endowed
  • A strikingly designed campus center and new residence halls were built
  • The College of Psychology has achieved two nationally ranked programs

The generosity of IIT's Trustees, Robert A. Pritzker and Robert W. Galvin, matching grant made a difference to campus and academic programs. Pledge payments received from the challenged campaign will continue to be matched through June 30 of this year.

In the Fall of 2002, the College of Psychology took on its own challenge and announced the launching of a campaign to create two endowed faculty chairs in honor of two distinguished professors. One chair will be in Rehabilitation Psychology and the other in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Endowing these chairs will enhance the prominence of the College of Psychology and ensure the highest excellence in education for the future.

The goal is to raise $2 million to create the Industrial/Organizational Faculty chair. Distinguished Professor, Dr. Nambury Raju, an internationally recognized scholar and consultant in the field of Psychology and measurement, will be named to this chair.

Dr. Raju has devoted his career to improving productivity measurement and improvement in the work force. This endowment will honor his distinguished work to the field and allow for additional opportunities for research and training at IIT in Industrial/Organizational psychology.

A committee of devoted I/O alumni and colleagues of Dr. Raju worked together to create a compelling DVD about his life and work to help inform the university community about the value of his research. The DVD will be available to friends and supporters. Several alumni and friends have stepped forward with great interest in supporting this project.

To ensure that the social and emotional needs of persons with disabilities are supported to optimize adjustment, we have established a Rehabilitation Psychology Faculty Endowment fund with a goal of $2 million. This project will honor the vital position of Dr. Chow Lam, Director of the Rehabilitation Program and will help secure the future of rehabilitation training. We continue to receive significant contributions in support of this campaign. Our thanks go out to IIT Trustee and member of our Board, Mr. William C. Bartholomay, and his family who make a very generous lead gift.

Successful funding of the two chairs is critical to ensuring continuous quality programs and the long term success of the College of Psychology. Your help is needed to support these campaigns. We will be approaching our alumni and friends for donations and pledges. Members of our Board are already spreading the word to their colleagues. We will be relying on your help to reach our goals!

Congratulations to Dr. Roya Ayman on her promotion to full professor.

--Bryan R. Dunn, President & CEO, Kinship Corp. Chair, College of Psychology Board of Overseers

Admissions Corner

I am extremely excited to have become a part of the College of Psychology. I am working hard to recruit the Fall 2004 class. We currently have 11 admitted students with 4 having confirmed acceptance. We also have 16 pending applications. It is my hope that we will matriculate between 10 and 15 new students for this fall.

We have begun several new initiatives this year that will improve our recruiting power for this semester and semesters to come. We have created a mailing plan for our current inquiries that spans all four years of high school. This should have the effect of creating brand loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. We have also initiated a new scholarship program that allows psychology teachers to nominate their students to receive a scholarship. Students awarded this scholarship will have it presented to them at their high school awards nights.

This year we are instituting a new summer program for high school freshmen and sophomores interested in studying psychology. This 4-day program, called "Get Psyched", will have its inaugural class this August 1-4. We are hoping for around 20 students to attend. Please recommend this program to interested students and their families and ask them to visit the website:

Undergraduate Admission has begun requesting assistance from alumnae who are willing to represent IIT at college fairs and high school visits in their hometowns. If you are interested in lending a hand, please feel free to contact us at 312.567.3500.

Lastly, we have been working with our current students to improve our retention rates. We have communicated with struggling students in order to help them improve their grades and better adjust to college life. We have also been helping students who have difficulty in other majors to switch to psychology.

I want to thank everyone who has helped make my transition into this position a positive one. I look forward to working with you all in the future and know we will see many successes at the College of Psychology. If any one should have any ideas or comments about strategies for enrollment and/or retention, please feel free to contact me at or 312.567.8945.

--Jack Spani, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, College of Psychology

Student News

Koren Aragaki received a Stryker Award for Student Leadership, and was honored in a special ceremony on campus on April 14. She was nominated by several people for her contributions in leading the IPRO 339, Evaluation of IPRO Projects, team; for her outstanding scholarship; her leadership in her sorority; and her leadership in Psi Chi, the National Honorary Psychology organization. Koren is also employed at the Center for Research and Service. She anticipates a December 2004 graduation, and further education leading to a career in I/O psychology, and she has a good start already.

Congratulations to the following Clinical Program Ph.D. students who defended their dissertations in the 2003-2004 academic year.

Rishi Bhalla, "Neuropsychological functioning during the depressed and remitted states of late-life depression"
Robynn Kobayashi, "Health information presented to older adults as a source of age stereotype priming: Effects on neuropsychological test performance and symptom reporting"
Kristen Krueger, "The word accentuation test - Chicago: Validating a reading test for Spanish speakers"
Allison Lerman, "Predictors of social anxiety disorder and contingent self-worth: Behavioral inhibition and relationships with parents and peers during childhood"
Gail Pinales Osterman, "Internet use and information-seeking style among cancer patients"
Margaret Nelson-Pechota, "Spirituality in support-seeking Vietnam veterans: Guilt, forgiveness, and other correlates of long-term adjustment to combat-related trauma"
Paula Pitterle, "The relationship between attachments and socio-emotional adaptation and self-esteem in the preschool years"
Laura Schmitt, "The impact of education and language test performance in cortical and sub-cortical dementia"
Amanda Urban, "Body image and sexual functioning in a college student population"
Stephen Weinland, "A calibration of the McGill Pain Questionnaire-Short Form using item response theory"
Penny Wolfe, "Effects of coaching on simulated malingering performance: Comparison of three symptom validity measures"
Sara Wright, "Factor structure of a neuropsychological battery: Utilization with a multiple sclerosis population"

Congratulations to the following Clinical Ph.D. students for their placement in APA-accredited interships for 2004-2005.

Rishi Bhalla, Brown University Medical School, Neuropsychology, Providence, RI
Christina Blodett Dykus, SCO Health Service, Neuropsychology, Ottawa, Canada
Amy Buser, North Texas VA Medical Center, Medical Psychology, Dallas, TX
Andrea Fosco, University of Minnesota Medical School, Pediatric Psychology, Minneapolis, MN
Sarah Landsberger, Indiana University School of Medicine, Adult Psychiatry, Indianapolis, IN
Lisa Perry, The Menta Group, Aurora, IL
Annemarie Reardon, edith Nourse Rogers VA Medical center, Addictions Treatment, Bedford, MA
Reema Singla, University of Akron Counseling Center, Akron, OH
Sandra Zakowski, Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County, Oak Forest, IL

Congratulations to graduating senior Izabela Bakunowska , who has been accepted into the Industrial/Organizational doctoral program here at IIT.

Current Personnel and Human Resource Developement students: Brandon Fleener, Heather Leffler, Jamie Kuo and Sofiya Velgach have all applied and been accepted to the PhD program here at IIT. We look forward to their continued contributions to the College of Psychology as they continue their education.

Congratulations to Jennifer Duffecy, Sarah Levinson and Geetha Munisamy who presented at the Meritorious poster session in Baltimore on March 24-27. The poster was entitled, "The Effects of a couples-base treatment on activity level in cardiac patients."

Faculty, Student, & Alumni Publications & Presentations

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On March 6, 2004, Dr. Chow Lam delivered a Key Note speech entitled "Self management of Chronic Illness: A cross-cultural perspective" at the Conference on Self Managing Health and chronic illness: key to positive living. The conference was organized by the Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation and Community Rehabilitation Network. More than 300 physicians, nurses and rehabilitation professionals attended a three-day conference. In addition, Dr. Lam conducted a one-day post-conference workshop on "Facilitating behavior change: Models, skills and techniques".

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Bold = Faculty
* = Student or Alumni