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PsychLink Newsletter Winter 2003

Volume 6, Issue 2, Winter 2003
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Editorial Director: M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D.; Editors: Jennifer Walden, Brooke Wiles; Contributors: Bryan Dunn, Bruce Fisher, Martin Parker II

PsychLink is published by the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Psychology twice a year and follows the academic calendar.

Please send correspondence to:

College of Psychology
3101 South Dearborn, Room 252
Chicago, Illinois 60616-3793

From the College Director

It is an Indian summer in Chicago. The orange panels of the new campus center provide a delightful and gorgeous backdrop for the autumn leaves. The main campus and neighborhood has changed substantially and if you have not seen it, you should arrange to come by so we can tour you around. The new dorms and campus center are fabulous.

I am delighted to say that while we always have great need, and we will continue to ask regularly for your support, we would like to offer you an opportunity to give to others.

You are probably aware that we have been struggling to increase the enrollments in our undergraduate psychology program. The numbers have been creeping up by onesies and twosies and we continue to have capacity for more. I invite and welcome all of you to help us by referring students to the undergraduate program. In fact, we would be willing to award a $10,000 scholarship to any undergraduate psychology major who you refer to us for enrollment provided that he or she meets the following criteria:

  • 3.25 high school GPA on 4.0 scale
  • 1330 SAT combined Verbal and Quantitative, or 30 ACT
  • must apply and be admitted to IIT prior to July 2004
  • must enroll as a full time undergraduate student in psychology for Fall 2004
  • cannot combine this scholarship with any other IIT merit based scholarship(s)

In order to maintain this $10,000 scholarship, the student must maintain a 3.25 GPA at IIT and be enrolled fulltime.

Wouldn't it be great fun to offer this $10,000 scholarship to a stellar high school senior you know who is planning to study psychology? Think of friends, family members, neighbors, and other contacts who might qualify for this great opportunity and have them apply. If you have someone to refer, call or email us and we will give you a certificate to personally hand to the prospective student about the $10,000 award. Our web site for application forms and undergraduate admissions information is:

On other fronts, we are continuing to work on the endowments for a distinguished family member in I/O and in Rehabilitation. We will need your help on these large projects. We are planning to publicly launch them in April, coincident with SIOP. Our main psychology event of the year will be organized around those projects. I have a new staff member, Brooke Wiles, who is full time and leading our development effort. You can read more about her in other parts of this newsletter.

Recently, Michael Belcher (Ph.D., 1978) was on campus. He has a successful set of group homes, the Buckeye Family, in Ohio that serve the needs of individuals who are chronically mentally ill. While here, he launched with students and provided us with wonderful materials to facilitate client record keeping. We also met with Carolyn Thompson (MS, 1985) who heads a successful training business, Training Systems, Inc., that helps companies enhance their business functions across the U.S. Alumni and board members George Langlois, Jaci Masztal, John Scott, Bridgett Nowak, Linda (Jeliniewski) Liang, and Stephen Steinhaus also head very successful consulting businesses. The business acumen of these alumni is phenomenal. I invite you all to keep us appraised of your professional success. We also like to hear about the lives of the members of the family of psychology - please keep us posted.

I hope this finds you all well. Let us know what and how you are doing. I always enjoy receiving news from alumni.

All the best,

--M. Ellen Mitchell, Ph.D., College Director

Progress at the Center for Research and Service

The Center for Research and Service is continuing to experience growth in its consulting services business. Fiscal year to date, we have enjoyed revenue growth in excess of 5%, as compared to our record year in 2002. In addition, our net revenue contribution to the College of Psychology has increased over 15% from last year. In particularly, our investments in web-based survey technology are offering an excellent return to the College of Psychology.

The Center has developed several important strategic alliances with other consulting firms, enabling our consulting partners cost-effective support for their large-scale projects. In turn, we have been pleased to subcontract with several world-class consulting firms. while preserving the integrity and nature of our partners' relationship with their clients, we often provide "behind the scenes" support for their psychometric and measurement projects. In other cases, our partners have featured the credentials of some of our esteemed faculty and staff during the proposal stage of large projects as a way to extend and enhance their own capabilities. The cultivation of such strategic alliances and partnerships has become a key element in the Center's growth strategy.

The Center also has had great success implementing web-based 360-degree feedback systems for our clients to use as tools for leadership development and performance management. While the most common application of 360-degree feedback has been for leadership and management development, the Center has been in the forefront of the application of multi-rater feedback to teams and individual contributors. In addition, some of the Center's clients have integrated these multi-rater programs into performance management and compensation administration.

Distinguished Professor and Senior Scientific Advisor for the Center, Dr. Nambury Raju continues to contribute his expertise to various projects at the Center. Most recently, he led a job analysis and content validation study with a national non-profit organization. Using a statistical program created by Dr. Raju, the data were analyzed and presented to subject matter experts as a basis for both curriculum development for a national training program and test development for certification examinations.

Dr. Theresa Campbell is continuing her work with the Center in psychological assessment of geriatric, adult, and adolescent populations that involve suspected cognitive, intellectual, or psychiatric disorders. Dr. Campbell has contributed to Center growth with an increase in revenue of 420% over the same period last year. While still a relatively small component of the Center's business, continued growth is expected in the psychological assessment practice. Dr. Campbell has recently led the Center to expand this service into pediatric assessment. The Center will now provide comprehensive outpatient neuropsychological evaluations for assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities in children.

Other substantial projects over the past year include:

  • Two large-scale multi-rater feedback programs for individual contributors (non-managers) as part of performance management and compensation systems
  • Development of leadership competency models and 360-degree feedback programs for three organizations
  • Several large scale organizational surveys, including a multi-national survey for over 12,000 employees
  • Design and implementation of team skills training programs, including work with a major publisher that is re-engineering their product development to digital processes and cross-functional terms
  • Team building and facilitation for several departments seeking to enhance collaboration and communication
  • Individual assessment for management selection and development
  • Executive coaching for performance improvement

Once again, in conducting research and servicing our clients, we have relied heavily on student and faculty contributions. We have provided applied research and consulting experiences to over thirty students during this past year. This active partnership has become a cornerstone of the Center's identity - one that serves both our clients' goals and the Center's mission to support student development.

In closing, thanks to our faculty, students, Board members, administration, consulting partners and, of course, our clients for ongoing support and encouragement. Our success would not be possible were it not for these various stakeholders.

Bruce Fisher, Ph.D., Director, Center for Research and Service

Alumni Notes

Melanie Anderson-Lundberg

Melanie Anderson-Lundberg is working at Loneanalyser and Hewitt/loneanalyser, and was recently profiled as the American Woman in Business of the month in Sweden. She has recently been developing a web-enabled employee satisfaction survey and been working on several global compensation projects for multinational companies.

Michael Burke

Michael Burke has been promoted to Freeman Chair of Doctoral Studies in Research at Tulane University.

Garth Davidson

Garth Davidson is working at Solo Cup Company as a Human Resources Analyst. He is conducting HR research.

Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott has formed a data-mining consulting practice after a 12 year career working with SPSS. His company, Kenning Research focuses on providing advanced analytical services to develop predictive and descriptive models of 'people data'.

Brandon Fleener

Brandon Fleener is working at Pearl Solutions.

Mark Frame

Mark Frame is a Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Texas at Arlington, TX.

Isis Garcia

Isis Garcia is the new manager of the Workplace Excellence Division for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Linette Heatherly

Linette Heatherly is the Director of Training and Development for the Pallas Group, LLC in Chicago.

Helen Michniewicz

Helen Michniewicz is an Organizational Development Specialist with Square D Company/Schneider Electric.

Jennifer Runkle

Jennifer Runkle is a Manager of Organizational Development at Ingersoll-Rand in St. Louis, MO.

John Scott

John Scott edited a book with Drs. Raju and Edwards entitled The Human Resources Program-evaluated Handbook.

Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas is a Human Resource Manager at Sysmex America, Inc in Mundelein, IL.

Ken Zlatoper

Ken Zlatoper is a research analyst within the department of psychiatry at UIC. His research is a longitudinal study linking sexual harassment and general workplace aggression with a variety of "well-being" outcomes, and focuses on alcohol/drug usage.


PsychLink would be delighted to include what is new with you in our next issue. Your fellow alumni enjoy reading about your successful accomplishments and exciting news. Tell us if you got married, welcomed new additions to your family, published a book, etc. Please send letters, papers, presentations and change of address with your email address to:

Brook Wiles
Institute of Technology
3101 S dearborn 252 LS
Chicago, IL 60616

Focus on Faculty

Dr. Joyce Hopkins

PsychLink caught up with Dr. Joyce Hopkins, Associate Professor for the Clinical Program of Psychology. Joyce came to the College of Psychology nine years ago from a position as Co-Director of the Parent-Infant Development Service at the University of Chicago, a comprehensive assessment and treatment program for young children and their families. Her education and expertise are focused on socio-emotional development in high-risk infants, and the relationship between maternal psychopathology and infant development.

This semester Joyce is teaching abnormal psychology at the undergraduate level and Basic Clinical Skills at the graduate level. In the Spring she will teach Child Psychopathology, a course in her area of expertise. Joyce and her students are researching specific risk factors for the development of behavior problems in young children. She is also working on the development of a treatment manual that integrates strategies derived from attachment theory and behavioral parent training for young children with behavior problems.

In addition to her regular teaching schedule, Joyce serves as a mentor to her graduate students who are working on masters theses and dissertations. "Joyce is like an encyclopedia. She can cite studies and authors off the cuff. She reads extensively and inspires us to read as well. She is extremely personable and also a very caring teacher," explains a second year graduate student. This spring Joyce and a former graduate student will present a poster at the International Conference on Infant Studies. The conference will be held at the Palmer House in Chicago from May 5-8, 2004.

Joyce is also active in the major inter-disciplinary professional organization for Illinois professionals involved with infant mental health issues, the Illinois association for Infant Mental Health. She is past President of this organization and currently serves on the Best Practices Committee.

On a more personal note, Joyce is the mother of 15-year old twins, a boy and girl. "My twins have given me personal experience with temperament and gender effects on child development," she reported. For fun Joyce enjoys Chicago theater, hiking, cross-country skiing and she is also an avid reader.

Admissions Corner

As I eagerly step into a new recruiting season, let me be the first to tell you that we have made tremendous progress in developing undergraduate psychology enrollment. Eleven new students enrolled for the fall of 2003, consisting of seven freshmen and four transfer students. This is a thirty-seven percent increase from the year 2002!

Several new initiatives are in place for the upcoming year and I am very excited about the potential results. Recently, a new brochure was developed to highlight our combined B.S./M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling program as well as our combined B.S./M.S. Personnel and Human Resource Development program.

I have also launched a certificate that will allow teachers of high school level Psychology courses to nominate their very best students for a $10,000 scholarship. I believe that by establishing closer relationships in the educational community, recruitment success will be inevitable.

I have also been working directly with the undergraduate advisors to increase retention and help make the transition to college as smooth as possible for the incoming students.

I appreciate everyone who has been a resource in the past recruitment year and look forward to future success at the College. If anyone should have any ideas or comments about strategies for enrollment and/or retention, please feel free to contact me at 312.567.8945 or

--Martin Parker II, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, College of Psychology

From the Board Chair

All of our great hard work in fund raising, cost cutting, and strategic planning has finally paid off! The first new structures to be added to the campus in over 30 years have been completed and are open. Our new dormitory complex, State Street Village, welcomed its first residents at the start of the fall semester. At the beginning of October, the long awaited McCormick Tribune Campus Center opened its doors with a big media splash and a visit by Major Daley. The changing face of the campus promises continuing innovation and excitement for the University in the years to come.

Traditionally, the main campus of IIT has been known as the finest collection of the work of Ludwig Meis van der Rohe, one of the most renowned architects of the 20th century. Mies developed the original master plan for the campus and designed 20 of the campus buildings. He is recognized as establishing a new standard for modernism in architecture. As the years passed, the University managed its need to grow, to maintain and preserve its architectural legacy as well as its leadership role in the revitalization of the neighborhood and forged ahead in the development of a new Main Campus master plan in 1996. These two new buildings are a result of this award winning master plan and represent the works of two more leaders in the global architectural world.

State Street Village was designed by Helmut Jahn, Mies' son-in-law and the architect of the United Terminal at O'Hare International Airport. The six building complex contains both suite and apartment-style units and is now home to over 350 students. The dorms prove to be an innovative approach to residential living, boasting voice, data, and television outlets in all living spaces, 24-hour security, computer monitored laundry services, and landscaped courtyards as well as outdoor roof terraces. These unique state-of-the-art residences truly exemplify the future of Illinois Institute of Technology.

The much anticipated McCormick tribune Campus Center is the first building designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas to be completed in the United States. The building design won the much coveted Pritzker Prize for Architecture and has been featured in the New York Times and People Magazine. The design is meant to unify IIT, connecting the residential and academic areas of campus using diagonal pathways, established from years of student use, as a design basis. The building houses multiple dining facilities for students and faculty, retail shops, meeting areas, and recreation facilities, among other services. A major feature of the building is the dramatic concrete and steel tube that encases the CTA Green Line providing insulation from both sound and vibration. Truly this brand new building goes a long way to helping revitalize and rejuvenate not only the campus but the surrounding neighborhood as well.

As you can see, dramatic changes have happened at IIT. State Street Village and The McCormick Tribune Campus Center compliment well our Miesian roots and are the first of what we hope are many other changes to occur on campus. In the next few years, existing Mies buildings will be renovated and the campus and the neighborhood will continue on the path to revitalization. Please visit and observe first hand these wonderful buildings. I'm sure you'll be as impressed with the changing face of the campus as I am.

--Bryan R. Dunn, President & CEO, Kinship Corp. Chair, College of Psychology Board of Overseers

Faculty and Staff Updates

Psychology Welcomes New Director of Development

On October 6, Brooke Wiles joined the College of Psychology as the new Director of Development.

Brooke comes to us from Seattle where she was the key development staff person for Washington Women in Need. Her seven years experience in development has included raising funds to support low vision assistance programs, long-term health care for retirement care facility, as well as leading the fund development efforts for mental health and education services to benefit low-income women.

Brooke is proud to call Chicago her new home and she is enthusiastic about building on the past development efforts to ensure the College of Psychology's continued academic excellence. She admits to being a Seattle Mariners fan but quickly converted to cheering for the Cubs and Sox during their wild and fantastic seasons.

Please join us in welcoming Brooke!

Rehabilitation Counseling Program Welcomes New Professor

David Peterson, Ph.D., is the new associate professor in Rehabilitation Psychology programs. He comes to IIT by way of New York University, where he directed the masters programs in rehabilitation counseling. He is excited to join his four colleagues at the nationally ranked (number 5) rehabilitation counseling program at IIT!

Current research includes computer-based training in ethical decision-making, and clinical implementation of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF), the new classification system from the World Health Organization (WHO). Dr. Peterson is starting two research teams in his laboratory that compliment these two research areas.

Rehabilitation Director Joins Study

Dr. Chow Lam, Director of Rehabilitation Psychology Program, joins a team of researchers from University of Chicago, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences from Beijing to study "Stigma and behavioral health in Urban Employers from China and the USA". The project is funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Fogarty International Center (FIC). The project is directed by Dr. Patrick Corrigan of University of Chicago. The team will have its first meeting in Beijing early December.

Clinical Program Welcomes Visiting Faculty Member

Daniel J. Moran is a Visiting Professor in the Clinical Program at IIT. Dr. Moran also serves as the Director of the MidAmerican Psychological Institute in Joliet, IL. He is also a clinical supervisor at Howe Developmental Center in Tinley Park and is on staff at Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet.

Dr. Moran completed his doctoral degree in Clinical/School Psychology at Hofstra University under the supervision of Jurt Salinger, and earned the J.R. Kantor fellowship in 2000 for working with Bill Verplanck (B.F. Skinner's chairperson) on the applications of the 'Associate Technique' in order to improve training in psychology. Dr. Moran was president of the Behavior Analysis Society of Illinois (BASIL) for two years and was director of graduate training at Valparaiso University for four years prior to starting at IIT.

Dr. Moran spent the summer of 2002 running therapy groups and events with Albert Ellis, and currently practices and investigates clinical behavior analysis with anxiety, depression, and post-bariatric surgery clients. His recent scholarly work centers on natural science interpretations of cognitive therapy techniques.

Dr. Moran's first co-edited book, Evidence-Based Educational Methods (Elsevier Press), will be published in January 2004.

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*indicates IIT affiliate

Donor Honor Roll List

The College of Psychology would like to thank all of it's 2003 donors. Their kind generosity helped the College better serve its students through scholarships, fellowships, lab upkeep, and other necessary expenses that help keep the College vibrant and strong. Thank you to everyone!

Dr. David Anderson
Anonymous (2)
Dr. Ivars Antens
Mr. Colonel Armstrong
Dr. Dennis Armstrong
Dr. Michael Asher
Dr. Allen Askew
+Dr. Roya Ayman
Dr. Judy Bakshy
Mr. John Barney
*Mr. William Bartholomay
Mr. Sy Baskin
Dr. Ramzi Baydoun
Dr. John Behr
Mr. Howard Bernick
Dr. David Bishop
*Mr. Ronald Bliwas
*Dr. Bruce Bonecutter
Dr. Michael Burke
Dr. William Burwell
Dr. Harold Bush
Dr. Wendell Carpenter Jr.
Castaways Foundation
Mrs. Millicent Chrusciel
Dr. Thomas Cogan
Dr. Iran N. Cohen
Mr. John Cole
Mr. James Connelly Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Crown
Mrs. Deborah Crown
Dr. Lawrence Dachowski
Dr. Doris Davidson
Dr. Russell Day
Dr. Juyne De Lessio
Mrs. Darlene Dehne
Dr. Julie Deisinger
Mr. William DeWoskin
William DeWoskin & Associates
Mrs. Linda Donchin
Mr. Richard Donchin
Dr. Lawrence Dribin
Mrs. Felicia Dudek
*Mr. Bryan Dunn
Ms. Helen Eicoff
Alvin and Helen Eicoff Foundation
Mr. Wolfgang Eschenlohr
Mr. Willard Eubanks
Dr. Patricia Farrell
Dr. Laura Faynor-Ciha
Mr. Benjamin Fearing
Dr. Donald Ferrell
Dr. Andrea Fink
+Dr. & Mrs. +Bruce and Laura Fisher
Mrs. Yvonne Fogerty
Dr. James Freiband
Mr. Jotham Friedland
Friedland and Marcus
Mr. Authur P. Frigo
Dr. Steven Frommelt
Mr. Andrew Garman
+Dr. Glen Geist
Mr. Charles Georgas
Dr. Michael Gerson
Dr. Andrew Gersten
Dr. Marshall Goby
Ms. Madeline Goldman
Dr. Steven Goldman
Mr. Robert Grassl
Mr. Robert Greitzer
Dr. John Harris
Dr. Richard Hazlett
Dr. Yvonne Heins
Dr. James Heisler
Mr. John Heitz
Dr. Diana Higgins
+Dr. John Hilburger
Dr. John Hollender Jr.
Mr. Franklin Horwich
Dr. John Houck
Dr. Allen Howard
Human Capital Management Group, Inc.
Mrs. Linda Iwamuro
Dr. Nancy Jensen
Mr. Bill Kaplan
Ms. Sophie Karaitis
Dr. Edward Kelleher III
*Mr. James Kiley
Mrs. Lynn Kirkbridge
Dr. Kathryn Koenig
Dr. Daniel Kolar
Dr. Terrence Koller
Dr. Burton Krain
*Mrs. Diane Krause-Stetson
*Dr. George Langlois
Dr. Mark Lerman
Mr. Lawrence Levy
+Dr. Daniel Lezotte
*Dr. Linda Liang
Mrs. Sheila Lima
Dr. Susan Lobonc
Dr. Sandra Lowe
*Ms. Apryl Major
Mr. & Mrs. Judd Malkin
*Dr. Sander Marcus
*Dr. Jaci Masztal
Mr. Michael Matyasik
Mrs. Natalie McLaughlin
Dr. Carol McDonough
Mr. Patrick McLinden
Dr. Jerrold Meyer
Mr. James Mills
+Dr. M. E. Mitchell
Mr. Emmett Moran Jr.
+Mr. Scott Morris
Dr. D. Murphy
Mr. Terry Newman
*Ms. P. Bridget Nowak
P.S. Consultants LTD
Mrs. Sharon Pappas
Mr. Bradley Planey
Dr. Charles Pounian
Dr. Mayari Pritzker
Pritzker Foundation
Dr. Jody Racenstein
Ms. Ellen Jordan Reidy
Mr. Roger Reining
Mr. David Reynolds
Dr. Ilene Rothgeb
Dr. Bonnie Rudolph
Ms. Theresa Schaeffer
Dr. Howard Schutz
Dr. Eliezer Schwartz
*Dr. John Scott
The John G. Searle Family Trust
Senior Lifestyle Management Corporation
Dr. Paul Sherman
Mr. Kenneth Silber
Dr. Michael Smith
Dr. Maurice Solodky
Dr. Addison Somerville
Dr. Susan Sorenson
Dr. Steven Sorrell
Dr. Anthony Spahr
Dr. Bridget Stafford
*Dr. Stephen Steinhaus
Mrs. Elain Sugent
Mr. Howard Sutcher
Dr. Derrald Taylor
Mr. Jeffrey Truthan
Dr. Joann Tsoutsouris
Mrs. Peggy Tyler
Dr. Paul Van Wyk
Dr. Steven Veit
*Mr. David Vitale
Dr. Wayne Von Bargen
Dr. Gerald Wellens
Dr. Daniel Wilman
Ms. Rebecca Zwolinski

+ = Faculty
* = Board Member and/or Trustee

Student News

Adam Ackerson

Adam Ackerson was an intern at Ambrosi and is now an Intern at Wilton Industries.

Michael Ciezadlo

Michael Ciezadlo is a Consulting Intern at Wonderlic Inc.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins is a Human Resource development Representative at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

Purvi Dudhat

Purvi Dudhat is an Intern with IPRO (Interprofessional Project) 339 at IIT.

Ben Fearing

Ben Fearing is an Associate Consultant at IIT's Center for Research and Service.

Kristen Fortmann

Kristen Fortmann is a Visiting Lecture at Northeastern Illinois University and is consulting on projects for Alexian Brothers Medical Center.

Jamie Kuo

Jamie Kuo was an HR Generalist at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Ilianna Hervia-Kwaske

Ilianna Hervia-Kwaske joined Roosevelt University as an Associate Professor of Psychology.

Heather Leffler

Heather Leffler was an Intern at Woderlic, Inc. and is now an Associate at IIT's Leadership Academy.

Patrick McLinden

Patrick McLinden is a Consultant at Wonderlic, Inc.

Melissa Rinchiuso

Melissa Rinchiuso is an Intern at the Navy Great Lakes Training Center.

John Skinner

John Skinner is an Associate at IIT's Leadership Academy.

David Soinski

David Soinski is an Associate at MICA Management Resources.

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson is the I/O Program Director at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Sofiya Velgach

Sofiya Velgach was an Intern at the IIT Human Resource Office, and is now an Intern at Sysmex America, Inc.

Dan Wilman

Dan Wilman is a contract consultant at Bank Administration Institute, and does project work for I/O Solutions and IIT's Center for Research and Service.

Rehabilitation News

Rehabilitation Counseling Graduates
We Need Your Help!

In mid-October, the Rehabilitation Services Administration announced that in the next five years there will be over 3,500 openings for Rehabilitation Counselors in the State-Federal VR system! These figures do not include openings in the non-for-profit and private-for-profit systems.

In order to maximize our potential to train Rehabilitation Counselors, we are asking you to use your personal and professional contacts to to encourage people to apply for a M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling here at IIT. We have RSA traineeships as well as other funding opportunities to help reduce tuition costs.

If you know someone who might be interested, have them contact John Hilburger at 312.567.3504 or email Prospective students can also learn more about the program by visiting our website.

Thanks for your help and remember to keep in touch with us!