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M.S. in Personnel and Human Resources Development

Learn the skills necessary to advance in the rapidly changing and growing areas of management consulting, human resource management, and industrial relations.

  • Develop an understanding of human and labor relations in the workplace.
  • Learn how to manage change and promote productivity.
  • Gain knowledge about leadership cultivation.
  • Use statistical methods to make sound decisions and evaluate effectiveness.
  • Learn critical human resources content area, such as compensation and benefits, and performance management.

A Distinctive Graduate Degree

The PHRD program is unusual among master's programs in that all of your classes will be taken with our Ph.D. students. This means that you will be taking part in a challenging, exciting, and comprehensive Ph.D.-quality classroom experience as a master's student. This will give you skills and experience that less rigorous programs cannot provide. The PHRD program is set up in this way to maximize the educational benefits to you and because we believe you are capable of achieving such high levels of work.

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Curriculum/Course Information

Required courses and typical program of study
Typical Program of Study (PDF)
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