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Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling Education Curriculum/Course Info

The Department of Psychology's Division of Counseling and Rehabilitation Science offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Psychology. We offer outstanding and intensive training in all aspects of rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation psychology that lead to careers in clinical practice, research, university teaching and administration. Based on the Boulder Scientist/Practitioner Model, the Ph.D. program integrates clinical and research experience, focusing on clinical psychology, rehabilitation counselor education and rehabilitation psychology.

Rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation psychology are concerned with helping individuals with disabilities adjust to their life circumstances. Regardless of type, duration, or severity of disability, people with disabilities may experience significant difficulties in social, psychological, vocational and familial aspects of their lives due to the inherent physical, cognitive and/or emotional aspects of their conditions. Problems also arise due to the interaction of the disabling condition with barriers in the external environment.

Rehabilitation Counseling students enroll in core counseling courses (e.g., individual and group counseling theories and microskills), and rehabilitation-specific coursework (e.g., vocational counseling and evaluation, job placement, medical and psychosocial aspects of disability), which provide the basic knowledge and skills necessary to rehabilitation counseling practice. Practicum and internships are taken at rehabilitation and social service agencies in the Chicago area. The program is two years in scope, full-time. Combining courses with field work, students begin working with clients in community facilities in the second semester, and continue hands-on supervised experience throughout the second year.

The Ph.D. Clinical-Rehabilitation joint program accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) combines preparation in clinical and rehabilitation psychology to prepare students as licensed clinical psychologists practicing in rehabilitation settings. Specific information on the Clinical-Rehabilitation joint program can be found under the Clinical Psychology section.

Typical Program of Study for Ph.D.