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Bachelor of Science in Political Science

At IIT, political science is primarily an applied discipline. We seek to equip our students with the skills they will need to succeed in, for example, government, the non-profit sector, and industry. We emphasize critical thinking, analysis, communication, and research methods, and we train students to identify, analyze, and critically evaluate solutions to political problems.

Through our core curriculum, students gain knowledge of political theory, political systems, and public policy in foundational areas of the discipline including American government, comparative politics, international relations, urban politics and policy. Our faculty share a common interest in policy, with particular expertise in technology and international development, economic development, and global migration

You’ll have the opportunity to

  • examine such issues as democracy, market regulation, political action, civic engagement, and social justice
  • gain an understanding of major theories, concepts, and political institutions
  • acquire knowledge in major fields including American government, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy
  • develop, articulate and defend logical, evidence-based arguments
  • experience meaningful working relationships with a small, dedicated faculty in small-size classes
  • participate in the cross cultural exchange of ideas with students who come to IIT from across the globe
  • identify, analyze, and critically evaluate political problems and policy solutions
  • interpret and analyze data
  • understand real world problems through use of quantitative and qualitative research methods and methods of policy analysis

The skills and knowledge gained in IIT’s political science program prepare students for diverse career paths

  • in federal and state government, non-profit organizations, or the private sector
  • as activists, analysts, administrators, and agents of social responsibility
  • into graduate school and law school through IIT’s co-terminal, five-year B.S. in Political Science and M.P.A in Public Administration and an Honors Law program that offers the opportunity to enter directly into IIT’s Kent College of Law

Political science majors are required to complete 36 credits in political science: 24 credits in required courses and 12 credits in political science electives. Majors are also required to complete courses in statistics and research methods. Additional courses may be required to prepare students for professional training and to enter fields such as law and medicine.

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Degree Requirements Checklist

Required Courses Credit Hours
Mathematics Requirements:
1 course at MATH 119 or above
PSYC 203 or BUS 221
Humanities, Social Sciences Required courses
3 Humanities Courses including HUM 102, 104 or 106 + 2 300 level humanities (including PHIL, HIST, COMM)
3 courses in 2 different Social Sciences (Political Science, Sociology or Psychology) with at least one course at the 300 level and 6 credit hours in one field
Natural Sciences Required courses
You can opt to take 3 natural science courses and 2 labs for a total of 11 credit hours, or you can take 4 natural science courses without labs for a total of 12 credit hours
Computer Science Requirement:
CS 104, 105, 110, 115, 116, or 201
Political Science Requirements:
8 core courses (see next page for specific list)
Required Major Electives:
Select any 4 PS course
Free Electives
You decide!
Interprofessional Projects
2 IPRO classes; 1st one can be IPRO 397
Total Credit Hours in PS: 36
Total Credit Hours: 126

Political Science Major Checklist

Courses Credit Hours Semester Offered
PS 100 (Introduction to the Profession) 3 Spring
PS 200 (American Government) 3 Fall
PS/SOC 209 (Research Methods) 3 Fall
PS 210 (Social and Political Thought) 3 Fall
PS 230 (International Relations)
PS 232 (Introduction to Comparative Politics)
3 Fall/Spring
PS 306 (Politics and Public Policy) or
PS 353 (Promise and Problems of Policy)
3 Spring/Fall

PS 315 (Urban Politics)
PS 354 (Urban Policy)

3 Spring
PS 490 (Senior Seminar)
PS 408 (Policy Analysis)
3 Fall
4 PS Electives (Any 4 political science courses of your choosing) 12 Every