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Bachelor of Science in Political Science

At IIT, political science is more than a theoretical discussion, it is an applied discipline that will give you the practical skills to identify and analyze real-world problems through the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods and policy analysis. At the same time, you will gain an understanding of the major concepts and the workings of political institutions, and learn about international relations, comparative politics, urban politics and public policy.

IIT’s major in political science places a high premium on real-life experience, drawing strength from the diverse range of professional and academic experiences held by its faculty. Our political science faculty come from truly international backgrounds, with several holding degrees from international universities. They have lived and worked in countries around the globe, and together they greatly inform this program’s wealth of expertise on political science.

While our political science faculty members have different areas of focus, they share a common interest in policy, with particular expertise in technology and international development, economic development and global migration. And at IIT, your political science exposure will continue beyond your experiences as a student on our campus: living in Chicago is itself a political science education. With its international community and rich, complex political climate, Chicago will provide additional learning opportunities you would not have access to at many other universities.

However you plan to utilize your degree in political science going forward, Chicago and IIT are great vantage points from which to study the field.

Program at a glance

Through our core curriculum, students gain knowledge of political theory, political systems, and public policy in foundational areas of the discipline including American government, comparative politics, international relations, urban politics and policy.

General Education (46 hours)
Major (36 hours)
Free elective (12 hours)

You will also participate in an Interprofessional Project, unique to IIT’s curriculum.

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Sample courses

  • International Relations
  • Urban Policy
  • Research Methods
  • Policy Analysis

After graduation

As a Political Science graduate, you will be prepared for careers in business and industry, community organizations and government. You will be prepared to act as activists, analysts, administrators and agents of social responsibility.

You will also be well-prepared to enter graduate school or law school through IIT’s co-terminal, five-year B.S. in Political Science and M.P.A in Public Administration and an Honors Law program.

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