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Bachelor of Science in Social and Economic Development Policy

In Social and Economic Development Policy at IIT, you’ll study the impact of globalization on local communities and regions, and on markets and societies, with a focus on the role technology plays in the alleviation of poverty and economic competitiveness of places. You can choose to specialize in emerging or advanced economies.

IIT’s program will prepare you to become a globally engaged civic-leader with expertise in assessing and analyzing the salient issues facing local governments and transnational organizations—as well as making policy recommendations to address these issues. You will be ready to enter careers that demand an understanding of the social, economic, political, technological, environmental, and policy issues that are fundamental to development today and in the future.

You will be required to complete 30 credit hours of core courses and at least one 15 credit hour specialization. You will also be required to complete a minor in Applied Economics. The senior capstone project requires you to complete a 30 hour internship which can serve as the gateway to your future career.

Apply: To get started on your application visit undergraduate admissions.

SEDP Degree Requirements Checklist

Required Courses Credit Hours
Mathematics Requirements:
  • 1 course at MATH 119 or above
  • PSYC 203 or BUS 221
Humanities, Social Sciences Required courses
  • 3 Humanities Courses including HUM 102, 104 or 106 + 2 300 level
    humanities (including PHIL, HIST, COMM)
  • 3 courses in 2 different Social Sciences (Political Science, Sociology or Psychology) with at least one course at the 300 level and 6 credit hours in one field
Natural sciences Required courses
  • You can opt to take 3 natural science courses and 2 labs for a total of 11 credit hours, or you can take 4 natural science courses without labs for a total of 12 credit hours
Computer Science Requirement:
  • CS 104, 105, 110, 115, 116, or 201
Social and Economic Development Policy Core: 30
Social and Economic Development Policy Specialization: 15
Free Electives
  • You decide!
Inter-professional Projects
  • 2 IPRO classes; 1st one can be IPRO 397
Recommended Minor 15
Total Credit Hours in SEDP: 45
Total Credit Hours: 130

SEDP Major Checklist

Required Courses Credit Hours
PS/SOC 100 (Intro to the Profession) 3
PS/SOC 204 (States, Markets, and Societies) 3
PS/SOC 209 (Social Science Research Methods) 3
Technology Requirement (1—300 Level Course):
SOC 356 (Transformative Technology)
PS/SOC 362 (Technology and Social Change)
PS 332 (Science and Technology Policy)
PS 360 (Global Political Economy) 3
PS 313 (Comparative Public Policy) 3
Methods/Skills Requirements (2—400 Level Courses)
PS 485 (Field Methods)
PS 480 (Survey Methods)
COM 383 (Social Networks)
COM XXX (Advanced Social Network Analysis)
PS 408 (Methods of Policy Analysis)
SOC 498 (Exercises in Behavioral Observation)
PSYC XXX (Regression and Time Series Analysis)
PSYC 204 (Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences)
PSYC 431 (Measurement of Attitudes)
PS 486 (Planning, Fundraising, and Evaluation) 3
PS 493 (Senior Internship Seminar) 3
Total Credit Hours in SEDP: 30


Specialization in Emerging Economies

Required Courses Credit Hours
PS 232 (International Relations) 3
PS 380 (Technology for Development) 3
PS 388 (International law and Organizations) 3
Electives (Choose 2)
PS 376 (Politics of Global Migration)
PS 372 (Politics of Africa)
PS 373 (Politics of East Asia)
PS 375 (Politics of Latin America)
PS 374 (Politics of Europe)
PS 440 (Issues in Globalization)
PSYC 481 (Leadership at Work)
PSYC 455 (Evaluation of Training Organizations)
(Creating and Managing the Sustainable)
BUS 468 (Entrepreneurial Environment)
BUS 341 (Business Law and the Global Economy)
COM 435 (Intercultural Communication)
PSYC 238 (Professional Skills)
PS 374 (Politics of Europe)
Total Credit Hours in EC Specialization: 15

Specialization in Advanced Economies

Required Courses Credit Hours
PS 214 (State and Local Government) 3
PS 385 (Triple Helix & Development) 3
PS 355 (Regional Economic Dvlpmnt) 3
Electives (Choose 2)
PS/SOC 220 (Global Chicago)
PS 317 (Chicago Politics)
PS 351 (Public Administration)
PS 453 (US Regulatory Policy)
HIST 350 (Urban History)
HIST 352 (History of Chicago)
SOC 354 (Urban Policy)
SOC 403 (Issues Urban Affairs)
SOC 350 (Urban Sociology)
PSYC 455 (Eval Training Orgs)
PSYC 481 (Leadership at Work)
COM 421 (Technical Comm)
PS 373 (Politics of East Asia)
PSYC 238 (Professional Skills)
Total Credit Hours in AEC Specialization: 15