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Bachelor of Science in Sociology

President Ronald Reagan. First Lady Michelle Obama. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Martin Luther King, Jr. Jesse Jackson. Dan Ackroyd. Robin Williams. CNN White House Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux. Can you guess what these people have in common? They were all sociology majors.

The study of sociology gives you powerful and innovative ways to think about and analyze human systems and behaviors. At Illinois Tech, you will study how technology, science, the built environment, social networks, and organizational structures shape the human experience. You will learn that things we commonly take for granted—morality, gender roles, the workings of the market, and even the notion of individuality—are produced through human interaction and are not merely natural. You will be challenged to understand how contemporary sociology is incubating fresh approaches to problems both local and global, theoretical and applied.

The major is designed with the flexibility to let you customize your educational experience how you see fit. At the same time, Illinois Tech’s focus on technology and innovation benefits Sociology students because you will work with engineers and scientists—the type of professionals you may collaborate with later in your career—as part of a high-functioning team right here at IIT. Most students do not get that kind of real-world experience in school. At Illinois Tech, you will.

Program at a glance

Five core courses and six electives are required within the sociology major, including a senior seminar (“capstone course”) in which you will produce a research paper or other project that demonstrates your interests and skills to potential employers and/or graduate schools.

General Education (46 hours)
Major (36 hours)
Free elective (45 hours)

You will also participate in an Interprofessional Project, unique to Illinois Tech’s curriculum.

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Sample courses

  • Sociology of Space
  • Social Inequality
  • Social Problems
  • Contemporary Sociology
  • Research Methods

After graduation

As a Sociology graduate, you will be prepared for careers in fields such as human services, government, education, and criminal justice.

You will also be prepared to continue on to graduate school in a number of fields.

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To apply or for more information, visit undergraduate admissions.