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Big Picture: Spring 2015

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"Gamers vs. Tropes vs. Women in Video Games"

Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities and Media Studies Carly Kocurek produced this video for the Journal of Digital and Media Literacy examining video gaming’s ongoing gender trouble, the broader context of Internet culture, and what these types of incidents pose for public discourse and civil society.

Dr. Elizabth Hildt Interview

Dr. Elizabeth Hidlt, Ph.D., moved to Illinois Tech from Germany last fall and is the director of the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at Illinois Tech. Read more about her journey to the university and her hopes for the center.

Mél Hogan: media, e-waste, infrastructure and the environment

Mél Hogan, Ph.D., joins Lewis College as assistant professor of communication in the Department of Humanities. Find out more about her research interests and scholarship here.

Psychology Chair Ron Landis holds joint faculty position in Stuart School of Business

Ron Landis, Nambury S. Raju Endowed Chair in Psychology, has been appointed to a joint faculty position in IIT’s Stuart School of Business, which will allow for collaborative teaching and research opportunities for both faculty and students. This appointment is the first of its kind at Illinois Tech. Learn more about Landis, his work, and his appointment.