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Xiaoqian Li

Xiaoqian Li

Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies



Siegel Hall 210


Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin, Media Studies (2018)

Research Interests 

Social effects of ICT
Digital inequality
Social networks


Xiaoqian Li is assistant professor of communication and media studies in the Department of Humanities in the Lewis College of Human Sciences at Illinois Institute of Technology. Her research is at the intersection of social and health effects of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and digital inequalities and inclusion, in both local and international contexts. She is interested in quantitative/computational methods of research.

Selected Publications 

Li, X., Chen, W., & Straubhaar, J. D. (2018). Concerns, skills, and activities: Multilayered privacy issues in disadvantaged urban communities. International Journal of Communication, 12, 1269–1290.

Li, X. (2018). Understanding eHealth literacy from a privacy perspective: eHealth literacy and digital privacy skills in American disadvantaged communities. American Behavioral Scientist, 62(10), 1431–1449.

Li, X., Chen, W., & Popiel, P. (2015). What happens on Facebook stays on Facebook? The implications of Facebook interaction for perceived, receiving, and giving social support. Computers in Human Behavior, 51, 106–113.

Li, X. & Chen, W. (2014). Facebook or Renren? A comparative study of social networking site use and social capital among Chinese international students in the United States. Computers in Human Behavior, 35, 116–123.