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2014 Humanities Writing Contest Winners

IIT Department of Humanities: 49th Annual Writing Contest Winners

From all the judges and faculty who make this contest possible, we express our appreciation to all of the students who submitted their work for consideration in this year’s contest.

The winners of the 2014 IIT Writing Contest are:

Freshman Essay Prize

1st: Eric Tendian (ITM) | NSA Leaker Edward Snowden in the Cultural Context of Digital Privacy

2nd: Aume Waheed (BIO) | Struggles of Working Poor

3rd: Melanie Standish (PSYCH) | Parental Influences on Adolescent Alcohol Use

Edwin H. Lewis Prize for Non-Fiction

1st: Tim Carsel (PSYCH) | The Logic of Confirmation

2nd: Shireen Gul (PTC) | Ethnicity trumps humanity in Quetta

3rd: Cheryl Lininger (ECE) | The Fall of Equality

Edwin H. Lewis Prize for Fiction

1st: Jeffrey Wigen (ARCH) | The Last Emperor

2nd: Rafael Soto (PHYS) | The Art of Dying

3rd: John Holden (BUS) | One Down, One to Go

Mollie Cohen Poetry Prize

1st: Jeffrey Wigen (ARCH) | Trilogy: a poetry collection

2nd: Sara Lieberman (ME) | Selected Poems

3rd: Anurag Ahuja (BME) | Self-effacing, Gracious, and Polite

Congratulations to all the winners!