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2015 Writing Contest Winners

50th annual Writing Contest Winners

Edwin H. Lewis Prize for Fiction

1st place: Chun Yan Huang
Title: Life Goes On

Edwin H. Lewis Prize for Nonfiction

1st place: Cindy Xie
Title: To Do

2nd place: Cheryl Lininger
Title: The Unconscious Glass Ceiling

3rd place: Cara Karter
Title: Decreasing the Expenditure of the United States Prison System

Mollie Cohen Poetry Prize

1st place: Sanjin Ibrahimovic
Title: Chicago The Collection

2nd place: Saja Hamayel
Title: How I Died

3rd place: Reno Waswil
Title: Lifecycle Marketing

Henry Knepler Freshman Essay Prize

1st place: Dana Abdullah
Title: Campus Sexual Assault and Patriarchy

2nd place: Shameemah Fuseini-Codjue
Title: Catcall Video Goes Viral - A Response

3rd place: Sanjin Ibrahimovic
Title: The Ideal Life