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Program Requirements for a B.S. in Humanities

1. General Education (47 hours)

  • Basic Writing Proficiency
  • Mathematics (5 hrs)
  • Computer Science (2 hrs)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences or Behavioral Sciences (21 hrs)
  • Natural Science or Engineering (11 hrs)
  • Interprofessional Projects (6 hrs)

2. Major Field Course work (33 hours)

  • Eleven courses in art and architectural history, communication, history, literature, philosophy, or courses offered by other departments that are approved by the student's HUM major advisor. At least eight of these courses should be at or above the 300 level.
  • Students wishing to specialize should take at least eight courses (24 hours) in a particular discipline.
  • Students planning to go on to graduate study in the humanities are encouraged to take at least one independent study course.
  • For single majors, all major coursework is over and above general education humanities requirements, and must be chosen in consultation with the student's academic advisor.
  • For multiple majors, up to two courses may in some cases be double-counted as applying to both humanities general education and the humanities major.

3. Minor*/2nd Major/Free Electives (46 hours)

Total Hours: 126

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*Students accepted into the Honors Law program forego the minor and most of the free electives, and take all the other coursework in the first three years.