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Speaker Series Archive

The Humanities and Technology Speaker Series began in 2012 as the Digital Humanities Speaker Series, and brought speakers from outside IIT and from departments across IIT to discuss the current state of the art in digital humanities and explore disciplinary issues within the emerging field. Speakers have included academics in multiple fields, library professionals, and public historians.

2012-2013: Defining Boundaries and Goals within the Digital Humanities

Digital Humanity: Foregrounding Human Traces in Technological Systems (and Why We Should Care)

September 20, 2012

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts spoke about current ethical and labor issues in digital humanities from a historical perspective.

Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching in the First North American M.A. in the Digital Humanities: The University of Alberta’s M.A. in Humanities Computing

November 8, 2012

Stan Ruecker

Stan Ruecker from IIT's Institute of Design spoke on “Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching in the First North American M.A. in the Digital Humanities: The University of Alberta’s M.A. in Humanities Computing.” His talk focused on his key role in creating the first MA program in digital humanities.

The CoCensus Project

February 14, 2013

Leilah Lyons

Leilah Lyons from the University of Illinois at Chicago spoke about her work on the CoCensus Project. Her talk focused on developing interfaces for user interaction with big data in the context of museum studies and public education.

The Emergence of the Digital Humanities

March 14, 2013

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones of Loyola University gave a talk drawing on his book The Emergence of the Digital Humanities, and discussed the development of digital humanities as a field of academic inquiry.

Digital Archives and the Mapping Movement

April 11, 2013

Jennifer Thom

Jennifer Thom of the Newberry Library spoke about the creation of digital archives and publications, including a site called Mapping Movement that combines traditional and faceted searching, the TEI project (, and her work creating a digital archive out of “hidden archives” of 18th c. French Broadsheets at the Newberry.

2013-2014: State of the Practice

September 11, 2013

Josh Honn

Northwestern University Digital Scholarship Library Fellow Josh Honn spoke about tools and tool usage.

October 23, 2013

Carly Kocurek

IIT Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Digital Communications Carly Kocurek discussed digital humanities in the classroom.

November 13, 2013

Maureen Flanagan

Department of Humanities Chair Maureen Flanagan and Humanities Professor Margaret Power discussed projects with undergraduates and the Chicago community.

January 22, 2014

Matt Heston and Andrew Roback

Matt Heston and Andrew Roback discussed projects they have done while in the Humanities graduate program, and their work within the DH community outside of IIT.

February 26, 2014

Halcyon Lawrence and Marie Hicks

Halcyon Lawrence and Marie Hicks talked about using digital tools to create student assignments that span different disciplines and apply classroom insights to real world problems.

March 12, 2014

Libby Hemphill, Michael Davis, and Kelly Laas

Libby Hemphill, Michael Davis, and Kelly Laas talked about collaborative work they've done to create lasting digital resources.

April 16, 2014

Claire Stewart

Claire Stewart from Northwestern talked about how to maximize your own digital archives and the access provided to digital tools by university library experts.

2014-2015: Building Infrastructure Through Collaboration

Jumpstart: Digital Humanities Projects at Northwestern University

September 9, 2014

Katrin Voelker and Jillana Enteen, heads of the DH lab at Northwestern

Jillana Enteen and Katrin Voelkner shared experiences and insights from recent projects at Northwestern that are designed to engage faculty in Digital Humanities debates and expand curricular offerings at the undergraduate level. Jillana and Katrin addressed benefits and challenges of trying to jumpstart and sustain digital humanities projects and curricular efforts, such as such as NUDHL, MMLC, CSCDC and the AVD Summer Fellowship.

How to 'Do DH' with Others: Digital Methods in Philology and Book History

October 21, 2014

Kevin Baker and Andrew Keener, graduate student co-conveners of the Northwestern DH seminar

Andrew Keener spoke about collaborative digital methods in graduate humanities research through discussing the "Spenser Engagements" project and his work on a Humanities Without Walls grant that is registering Northwestern's Special Collections holdings with a digitally accessible bibliographical catalog (the ESTC) for the use of scholars around the world. Kevin Baker discussed his experiences as a co-convener of the Northwestern DH seminar and offer a critical view of the institution-building involved in Digital Humanities, using insights from the field of Science and Technology Studies.

Structured Collaborations: How Libraries are supporting Digital Humanities Initiatives

November 18, 2014

Lisa Massengale and Devin Savage from Galvin Library<

Devin Savage and Lisa Massengale gave a brief talk on how academic librarianship has sought to encourage and support research and teaching for Digital Humanities initiatives. They then led a discussion on how the Galvin Library might create local opportunities for collaboration across disciplines.