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Kelly Laas speaks at the Kuwait First Forum

Kelly LaasKelly Laas, librarian for the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, recently traveled to Kuwait to participate in the Kuwait First Forum for Professional and Practical Ethics. She was joined by Richard Greene and Rachel Robinson-Greene of Weber State University and Patrick Croskery of Ohio Northern University to speak and lead a series of workshops. The forum was sponsored by the Kuwait Banking Association, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, and the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. 

Topics covered at the forum included the role of the state and professional associations in practical and professional ethics and their impact on the development process, the role of business owners in enhancing the commitment to practical and professional, and the role education can play in developing a new generation committed to ethical values. Specifically, Laas spoke about the role codes of ethics can play in shaping the ethical culture of an organization, and the important role leaders play reinforcing ethical conduct. 

On the second day, the speakers lead a series of workshops that took individuals through the Ethics Bowl approach to breaking down an case, and used this to help workshop attendees begin to develop their own guidelines for use in their specific field.

The forum followed the first ever international competition of the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl which was held in April 2017. During the forum, the winners of the international competition received plaques.

Kuwait First Forum for Professional and Practical Ethics