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Upper Midwest Regional Competition for the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl

On November 17, the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions will host the Upper Midwest Regional Competition for the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl. Thirty-two teams from 21 different schools from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin will take part. 

During an ethics bowl, teams are presented with ethical dilemmas which they have had the opportunity to study and analyze and are asked questions about the cases. They are then judged on the quality of their analysis of each situation. The event is competitive but not adversarial—teams can agree but for different reasons. The format allows for teams to respond to each other, and to respond to questions from the judges; the goal is to raise students’ ethical awareness and sensitivity, encourage collaborative thinking and promote civil discourse. 

Illinois Tech’s own ethics club, QED: The Ethical Debaters, is fielding a team of three first-year students: Antonio Archilla (CHBE), Bilal Khokhar (CHBE), and Sarah Davila (CAEE). We hope you can come and support all the teams who are taking part in this amazing event! 

If you would like to volunteer for the event, please contact Kelly Laas.