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After more than 80 years of awarding degrees between the former Lewis Institute and Illinois Institute of Technology, the Department of Psychology continues to grant more Ph.D.'s than any other college in the university and our alumni are 2,000 strong.

Psychology alumni can readily explain the critical role they fill and the vital contributions they provide to Illinois Tech and society. In addition, because the College is the only program in the country that provides a unique combination of clinical, rehabilitation, and industrial/organizational psychology, our students are extremely desirable by employers upon their graduation.

Alumni Placements

Clinical Psychology Program
Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program
Rehabilitation Counseling Education Program

Impacts our alumni have on society

  • Enhance the health and well-being of individuals
  • Provide life-changing opportunities for the disabled
  • Increase productivity in business environments
  • Provide meaning to technological and scientific advances in a global society

One could argue that psychology touches everyone in one or more ways over a lifetime. Our graduates most likely will deliver services either directly or indirectly to you, your family, your friends, or employees.

Not only do our alumni contribute in many ways to our communities but within Illinois Tech too. Our alumni have increasingly given back. They have presented to students, contributed their financial resources and volunteered to recruit new students or help with events to heighten awareness of our program.

If you'd like to connect with fellow alumni, or haven't been in touch recently, we'd love to hear how you are doing. Use the contact form below to update us about your life.