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Diversity and Inclusion: Pillars of your Psychology Education at Illinois Tech

As technologies continue to reduce functional distances between people and steadily increase interconnectedness between cultures, professional success in wide-ranging fields will increasingly require sensitivity to human diversity. By studying psychology at Illinois Tech, you will benefit from immersion in one of the most diverse college communities in the world—a community diverse with respect to gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, political orientation, and otherwise. We are a community that actively promotes a sense of inclusion for all members. This commitment manifests itself inside and outside our classrooms, in our teaching philosophy, research, and commitments to service.


Multiple courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels focus specifically on issues related to diversity and inclusion, broadly, and with respect to specific, historically underrepresented groups. One of the five specialization tracks in our Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science program is a specialization in Culture and Diversity. Our graduate programs also include special training with respect to understanding and respecting individual and cultural differences.

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Our students and faculty are actively engaged in conducting cutting edge, world-class research and are committed to identifying the best ways to assess diversity and recruit diverse samples of research participants. Historically, psychological science has oversampled a narrow range of the world's population; participants in psychological research have overwhelming been Western, educated, and from industrialized, rich, and democratic countries. At Illinois Tech we are working to acknowledge and correct that shortcoming. Research led by students and faculty in the department samples individuals from diverse cultures around the world, as well as from diverse and marginalized groups within the US such as racial and sexual minorities, and those with disabling conditions. In addition, many faculty members have research collaborators at other major universities all over the world. Furthermore, many research labs are dedicated to addressing prejudice and promoting inclusion.

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Students, faculty, and staff at Illinois Tech actively participate in promoting a culture of inclusion in the Illinois Tech, Chicago, and Bronzeville communities through a wide range of service initiatives. The Illinois Tech Coalition for Inclusion organizes inclusivity-promoting events on campus, including the Illinois Tech Social Inclusion Teach-In, an event that invites speakers from all over Chicago to share their unique perspectives on inclusion-related challenges. Another student organization, Active Minds, is dedicated to reducing stigma associated with mental illness. Our graduate programs in counseling and rehabilitation science and clinical psychology send students to internship sites throughout Chicago, often with organizations that provide low cost or free services to underserved communities.

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