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Dr. Young's Lab

Current Lab Research focus:

  • Emotion regulation strategies in depression and seasonal symptomatology.
  • Understanding the processes whereby depressive symptoms lead to distress and impairment.
  • Developing performance-based measures of attributions about seasonal symptoms.
  • Understanding group differences in psychopathology. Are there gender/ethnicity/sexual identity differences in the nature of depression? Do measures of depression severity function equivalently in these groups?
  • The effect of environmental light on seasonal symptomatology.
  • Use of experience sampling/ecological momentary assessment methods

Current Graduate Students

Pooja Dave

Masters (2011). Dimensions of executive functioning in older adults
Dissertation (in progress). The role of experiential avoidance in the association between anxiety sensitivity and emotional eating in non-eating disordered overweight/obese treatment-seeking individuals
Internship (2014-15). University of Chicago Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
Practica Bobby Wright Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center; University of Chicago Medicine Adult Neuropsychology Service; University of Chicago Medicine CBT Program; University of Chicago Medicine Huron Weight Clinic; Chicago Public Schools/IIT


Masters(2011). Implicit attitudes toward seasonal vegetative symptoms
Dissertation (In progress). An experience sampling study of cognitive predictors of seasonal depressive symptoms
Internship (2014-15). Edward Hines Jr. VA
Practica North River CMHC, NorthShore University Health System, Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago Public Schools/IIT

Kevin Zalizniak

Masters (2012). Does acceptance mitigate the pain associated with social ostracism? Neurobehavioral correlates of physical and social pain
Dissertation (in progress). Factors associated with cognitive impairment in well-motivated non-malignant chronic pain patients evaluated for candidacy for spinal cord stimulation
Practica University of Illinois at Chicago Adult Neuropsychology Service, NorthShore Medical Group, University of Chicago Hospitals, Trinity Family Counseling Center, Chicago Psychiatry Associates, Chicago Public Schools/IIT


Masters (2010). The affective, behavioral, cognitive, and drive/motivational manifestations of the Big-Five personality traits
Dissertation (in progress). Rumination as a transdiagnostic mediator connecting cognitive vulnerabilities and negative affect
Practica Trinity Family Counseling Center, The Mid-American Psychological Institute, The Depression and Anxiety Specialty Clinic, Chicago Public Schools/IIT


Masters(2012). Latitude and Seasonality: Examining Students Who Move to College
Dissertation (in progress). Unemployment and suicide in the framework of the interpersonal theory of suicide
Practica Chicago Public Schools/IIT, Greater Lawn Mental Health Clinic, NorthShore University Health System


Masters(2012). The effects of rumination and social support on student adjustment to university
Dissertation (in progress). A study of associations between emotional eating, gender, BMI, and rumination
Practica Chicago Public Schools/IIT, Trinity Family Counseling Center, The Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, The Family Institute at Northwestern, Penn State Counseling and Psychological Services

Laurie Stickney

Masters (2013). Psychological Well-Being and Online Mindfulness Training
Dissertation (in progress). Past- and future-oriented cognitions in PTSD: The relationship between rumination and worry in depression and anxiety symptoms
Practica Trinity Family Counseling Center, Edward Hines Jr. VA Medical Center, Depression and Anxiety Specialty Clinic of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools/IIT

Fabiana Araujo

Masters (2013). The role of psychological distress in post-stroke rehabilitation
Dissertation (in progress). The Association between psychosocial factors and glycemic control in severe type-2 diabetics
Practica John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County Adult Psychiatry Clinic, John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County High-Risk Pregnancy Clinic, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Affective Science and Treatment Laboratory, Chicago Public Schools/IIT

Irina Beyderman

Masters (2014). Attachment, Cognitive Styles, and Their Relationships to Depression
Dissertation (in progress). A psychometric evaluation of the Autobiographical Memory Test (AMT) in a sample of African American psychiatric outpatients
Practica Bobby E. Wright Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Chicago Public Schools/IIT

Caroline Antler

Masters (2013). Perinatal photoperiod and latitude as predictors of chronobiological function: A preliminary examination of the relationship between early life light exposure and later circadian dysfunction
Practica The Family Institute at Northwestern University, Trinity Services, Inc., Chicago Public Schools/IIT


Masters (In progress). The roles of shame, gender, and ethnicity in depression and anxiety
Practica Thrive Counseling Center, The Family Institute at Northwestern University, John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Chicago Public Schools/IIT

Joe Smetter

Masters (In progress). Flexible Cognitive Style Moderates the Relationship Between Rumination and Affect
Practica Chicago Public Schools/IIT, Trinity Family Counseling Center, The Family Institute at Northwestern University, Depression and Anxiety Specialty Clinic of Chicago

Jonathan Murphy

Masters (in progress). Choices of Emotion Regulation Strategies Associated with Depression
Practica Chicago Public Schools/IIT, Trinity Family Counseling Center

Jordan Fuller

Masters (in progress). Assessing Impairment in Functioning with a Configural Measure
Practica Chicago Public Schools/IIT, Trinity Family Counseling Center, NorthShore University Health System

Andrea Mosqueda

Masters (in progress). Here Comes the Sun: The effect of weather on the mood of people with winter depressive symptoms
Practica Chicago Public Schools/IIT, IIT Student Health and Wellness Center

Winter Johnston

Masters (in development).
Practicum Chicago Public Schools/IIT



Masters(2009). Assessing depression in gay and heterosexual women
Dissertation (2014). Assessing gender and sexual orientation differential item functioning in the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression scale
Internship (2012-13). University of Rochester Medical Center
Postdoc (2014-15). Edward Hines VA Medical Center


Masters(2009). Circadian rhythmicity in positive and negative affect and its relationship to depression, neuroticism, and extraversion
Dissertation (2014). Assessing the cultural sensitivity of the Boston Naming Test-2: Is there evidence for differential item functioning between African American and Caucasian Adults and between men and women?
Internship (2013-14). University of Chicago, Neuropsychology
Postdoc (2014-15). Northshore University Health System


Masters(2010). Development of a theory of the causes of distress and impairment in depression
Dissertation (2013). Depression and attributions for distress
Internship and Postdoc (2012-14). Milwaukee VA Medical Center
Current (2014). Director of Assessment, Counseling Center, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Masters(2008). Developmental precursors of depressive rumination: The relationships among attachment style, sociotropy/autonomy/ and rumination
Dissertation(2013). The effects of different written disclosure interventions and the mechanisms of action responsible for reducing maladaptive rumination
Internship (2013-14). Bradley Counseling /Allendale Association
Postdoc (2014-15). Northwestern University Department of Psychiatry


Masters(2009). Evaluating a new questionnaire for assessing level of functioning
Dissertation(2011). Risk factors associated with postpartum depressive symptoms: A focus on anxiety during pregnancy and the postpartum period
Internship(2010-2011). Northwestern University, Department of Psychiatry
Current (2014). Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Midwestern University


Masters(2006). Measuring stress in African American women
Dissertation(2012). Custodial grandparenting in young African American grandmothers: Exploring the stress process model and forms of adaptive coping
Internship(2010-2011). Temple University Health Sciences Center
Postdoc (2012-14). Geisinger Medical Center
Current (2014). Associate Clinical Psychologist (Rehabilitation/Neuropsychology), Reading (PA) Health System


Dissertation(2010). How mood inductions alter mood and their impact on cognitive vulnerabilities to depression
Internship(2009-10), Park Center, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN
Postdoc(2010-11), Samaritan Counseling Network, Greeley, CO
Current (2014). Instructor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine


Masters(2005). Gender differences in behavioral activation and inhibition
Dissertation(2009). The Effects of Bipolar Disorder Comorbidity on Clients' Beliefs about Responsibility for Substance Abuse and Stages of Change
Internship(2008-09). Salisbury NC VA Medical Center
Current (2014). Staff psychologist, Salisbury NC VA Medical Center


Masters(2005). Gender differences in attributional style
Dissertation(2009). A psychometric evaluation of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning for assessing attentional deficit hyperactivity disorder
Internship(2008-09). Chicago Children's Clinic
Current (2014). Clinical Psychologist at NeuroBehavioral Associates, Augusta, GA; Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior, Georgia Health Sciences University


Masters(2004). The accuracy of recall of positive and negative affect in depressed inpatients and normals
Dissertation(2007). Retrospective recall of affect in clinically depressed participants and controls
Internship and Postdoc(2007-09). University of California, San Diego, CA
Current (2014).Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dartmouth University


Masters(2003). Remission of seasonal affective symptoms
Dissertation(2006). An Exploratory Study of SAD Symptoms over the Course of Remission
Internship and Postdoc(2005-07). Bedford Massachusetts VA Medical Center
Current (2014). Project Coordinator, National Center for PTSD, Boston VA Healthcare System


Dissertation(2005). Efficacy of Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation Training in the Chronically Mentally Ill
Internship(2004-05). Indiana University Medical Center
Postdoc (2005-06). Larue Carter Memorial Hospital, Indianapolis, IN
Current (2014). Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Indiana University Medical Center


Dissertation(2004). Cognitive vulnerability to depression in seasonal affective disorder: Validation of the dual vulnerability model
Internship (2005-06). Boston VA Consortium
Postdoc (2006-07). VA Boston Healthcare System
Current (2014). Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Medicine, VA Boston Healthcare System


Masters(2000). Gender differences in the manifestation of depression
Dissertation(2004). Culture, somatization, and psychological distress in India and the United States
Internship(2001-02). Allendale Association/Bradley Counseling Center
Current (2014). Associate Professor, Department of Global Health, University of Washington


Masters(2000).Clustering of symptoms across the offset of seasonal affective disorder
Dissertation(2004). The Impact of Education on Language Test Performance in Cortical and Subcortical Dementia
Internship(2002-03). North Chicago VA Medical Center
Current (2014). Clinical Psychologist, Blind Rehabilitation Center, Hines VA Medical Center.


Masters(1998). Self-esteem as a mediator in the relationship between self-perceived physical attractiveness and depression
Dissertation(2003). Gender differences in the overnight regulation of anxious mood, negative affect, and positive affect
Internship(2001-02). University of Indiana Medical School
Current (2014). Clinical Psychologist, Insight Behavioral Health Centers, Chicago, IL


Masters(1999). Sociotropy/autonomy, self-construal, response style and gender in adolescents
Dissertation(2003). Predictors of adjustment in parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders
Internship(2001-02). Detroit Children's Hospital
Current (2014). Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology; Director, Developmental Disorders Clinic, The University of Illinois at Chicago


Dissertation(2003). Metamemory in electrical injury patients: The impact of depression and executive functioning
Internship(2001-02). Oak Forest Hospital
Postdoc (2002-03). University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
Current (2014). Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Aurora-Bay Care Medical Center, Green Bay, WI


Masters(2000). A Comparison of Depressive Symptoms in African-Americans and Caucasian-Americans
Dissertation(2002). An Explanatory Model of Racial Variations in Illness Behaviors
Internship and Postdoc(2002-04). University of California, San Francisco.
Current (2014).Professor, School of Social Work, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Selected Lab Publications (students bolded)

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