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Bachelor of Science in Applied Analytics

Applied Analytics

The amount of data readily available in today’s world is astounding. But data without context lacks meaning. In the Bachelor of Science in Applied Analytics program at Illinois Tech, you’ll learn how to collect, curate and analyze data, as well as how to construct a story outlining the major implications of your data samples for a range of audiences, from the general public to business leaders.

The McKinsey Global Institute, a renowned business and economic research group, even put out a report titled “Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity” outlining the growth potential of this field. The Lewis College Applied Analytics program prepares students to pursue these new careers and provides expertise in communicating data and understanding human behavior that are lacking from analytics-like programs housed in areas of computer science and statistics.

While many research universities offer Applied Analytics at the graduate level, Lewis College is one of the first to offer this high-impact program at the undergraduate level.

Program at a glance

This program is interdisciplinary, and allows you to take classes in psychology, business, economics and communications. While majoring in Applied Analytics, 30 credit hours are available to take electives, with which you could establish a minor in an area of your choosing.

General Education (52-53 hours)
Major (45 hours)
Free elective (30 hours)

Total hours 127-128

You will also participate in an Interprofessional Project, unique to Illinois Tech’s curriculum.

Sample Courses

  • Data Mining
  • Social Networks
  • Online Social Networks
  • Information Visualization
  • Data Modeling and Applications
  • Technology and Social Change
  • Psychological Testing

After graduation

Analytics and data science are lucrative fields with thousands of job openings yearly in such fields as data science, market analysis, business analysis, bioinformatics, psychometrics, public relations, or research in one of these fields. You will also be prepared to continue on to graduate school in a number of fields.


Christine Himes
Dean, Lewis College of Human Sciences

To apply to the applied analytics program at Lewis College of Human Sciences, visit the undergraduate admissions website.