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Bachelor of Science in Consumer Research, Analytics, and Communication

Consumer Research, Analytics, and Communication

We’ve all been there: Standing in the aisle of a convenience store, trying to decide what brand of gum to buy; or staring at the student government election ballot, wondering who we should vote for. Have you ever wondered why you might instinctively buy Heinz ketchup instead of Hunt’s? Or why people would root for the Seahawks if they have never been to Seattle? The decisions we make about everything from the gum we chew to the political candidates we back are based on a complex web of perceptions we have about ourselves and the world around us.

Companies and organizations not only capitalize on these perceptions when marketing a product, they shape them by conducting market research to better understand their desired consumer base and determine their brand messaging.

Who gets paid the big bucks to provide this insight? Market researchers.

While most market researchers have a basic business degree, the Bachelor of Science in Consumer Research, Analytics, and Communication program at IIT will take your academic preparation to the next level. From a cognitive perspective, you’ll understand how people digest new information and make decisions. From a sociological perspective, you’ll know how best to measure those opinions, attitudes and beliefs. And from a communications perspective, you’ll be able to tailor the message about your findings to a particular audience.

This degree is ideal for students who want the practicality of a business degree, but are also fascinated by human motivation and cognition. It’s a hands-on program, where the expert who guest lectures in your class first semester may end up becoming your supervisor at an internship during your senior year. 

Program at a glance

On top of required coursework, you and your advisor may identify a related minor within Psychology that will help tailor the degree to your unique interests. You also have the option of earning an out-of-degree minor in an area of your choosing.

General Education (45-51 hours)
Major (68 hours)
Free electives (13-17 hours)

Total hours 128-130

You will also participate in an Interprofessional Project, unique to IIT’s curriculum.

Sample courses

  • Anthropology of Technology
  • Social Networks
  • Correlation and Regression Analysis

After graduation

Market research, broadly defined, is a huge, prosperous field with a growing number of employment opportunities each year. As a Consumer Research, Analytics, and Communication graduate, you will be prepared for careers in market research and communications, political communications, and many other fields.

You will also be prepared to continue on to graduate school in a number of fields.

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