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Teachers and Counselors

Academic Programs

We offer a group of carefully selected students a rich educational environment to grow and explore their talents and opportunities as well as provide them with a customizable educational experience at a nationally recognized College. Our program is tailored to give each student the tools, knowledge, and direction they need to succeed in today's ever-changing employment landscape. We have also added several specialty tracks within our regular curriculum to give students a meaningful focus and a deeper level of customizability. With the aid of a faculty mentor, students investigate the field of psychology and hone their interests earning a B.S. degree so they are better prepared than students coming from traditional B.A. psychology programs.

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Special Programs

The Department of Psychology offers several accelerated programs which allow students the opportunity to pursue their M.S. degree. Because psychology is often the major of choice for people who wish to go into law or medicine, we offer Dual Admission Honors Law, pre-law advising, and pre-health programs. Our law school, Chicago-Kent College of Law, is nationally ranked.

Summer Program

Every year we offer a week long workshop that introduces high school students to the profession of psychology. The workshop is a rich learning experience designed to help students make the connection between psychological principles and human behavior in everyday life. Learn More.


In addition to the wide range of merit-based scholarships and need-based packages offered by Illinois Tech, the Department of Psychology also offers the David J. Vitale Scholarship Fund for especially high-achieving psychology undergraduates.

The Leadership Academy offers full tuition scholarships to a select number of Illinois tech students who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential. Qualified first year, second year, and third year students are eligible to apply for this highly competitive scholarship award. Learn more.

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