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Recommended Courses

Students in the Dual Admission Honors Law program must meet the requirements in the Illinois Tech   Undergraduate Bulletin to satisfy requirements for their B.S. degree and the requirements outlines in the Chicago-Kent College of Law Bulletin for their J.D. Degree.

Students in the Dual Admission Honors Law program or those considering law school should consider taking  courses in the following list as part of their undergraduate curriculum as their schedule allows.


COM 315: Discourse Analysis

COM 371: Persuasion

COM 374: Communication in Politics

COM 377: Communication Law and Ethics


HIST 305: Latin America, 1810 – Present

HIST 306: Women in Latin American History

HIST 311: Twentieth Century Europe, 1890-1945

HIST 322: United States Women’s History

HIST 355: Digital Labor

HIST 375: History of Computing


HUM 352: Gender and Technological Change

HUM 354: Science and Technology Studies

PHIL 305: Twentieth Century Philosophy

PHIL 326: Philosophy of Language

PHIL 332: Political Philosophy

PHIL 342: Philosophy of Mind

PHIL 351: Science and Values

PHIL 360: Ethics

PHIL 362: Philosophy of Law

Political Science

PS 214: State and Local Government

PS 230: International Relations

PS 232: Democracy, Dictatorship, and Development

PS 332: Politics of Science and Technology

PS 338: Energy and Environmental Policy

PS 388: International Law and Organizations

Social Sciences

SSCI 210: Social and Political Thought


SOC 312: Contemporary Social Problems