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Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests
Jonathan Rosenberg
  • Environmentally sustainable development
  • Stakeholder participation in environmental management
  • Development assistance, agency and accountability
  • Latin American and Caribbean political and economic development
  • Global political economy
Associate Chair
Faculty Research Interests
Rebecca Steffenson
  • Regional economic competitiveness
  • University knowledge transfers and innovation policy
  • External commercial policy of the European Union
  • Transatlantic market integration
Faculty Research Interests
Daniel Bliss
  • Economic development
  • State, local and urban government
  • Institutions and governance
  • Public administration
Christine Himes
  • Demography of aging
  • Obesity and health
  • Family caregiving
  • Body size and disability
Hao Huang
  • Globalization, foreign direct investment and trade, geography and development
  • Urbanization, housing and built environment, amenities and health
  • Sustainability, energy and society, inequality and poverty
  • GIS and cartography, spatial statistics and analysis, big data analytics
  • Science and technology, research and development, innovation
Patrick R. Ireland
  • Global cities
  • Urban migrant integration policies in Europe, North America, Africa, and Australasia
  • Migration and health, especially with respect to HIV/AIDS
  • Female migrant domestic workers
  • Comparative social policy
Yuri Mansury
  • Urban and Regional Studies
  • Economic Development
  • Technology and Society
  • Methods of Planning Analysis
Noah McClain
  • Urban sociology
  • Organizations
  • Security
  • Consumption
  • Objects and Technology
  • Work
Ullica Segerstrale
  • Creativity
  • Science and values
  • Scientific conduct and misconduct
  • Scientific controversies
  • Social impact of emerging technologies
  • Human nature and human future
  • Social and psychological aspects of architecture and design
  • Social communication
  • Higher education
  • Collaboration across disciplines
Matthew A. Shapiro
  • Northeast Asian innovation systems
  • Environmental and energy policies
  • Political communication
Faculty Research Interests
Elizabeth S. Friedman
  • History of Chicago: Innovation and Globalization
  • Ethnic Chicago: Immigration and Neighborhood Identity
  • Cultural and Environmental Anthropology
  • Archaeology and Material Culture
  • Archaeological Science and Ancient Technological Processes