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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Many students come to college with the hopes of studying abroad and Lewis College of Human Sciences is making it easier for them to do so. Open to Illinois Tech undergraduates in all majors, the Lewis College faculty-led summer study abroad program gives students the opportunity to have an international experience while earning credits to fulfill their degree requirements.

The next program will be held in Osaka, Japan. Continue reading to learn about Osaka, the available courses, and important program deadlines and requirements.

Osaka, Japan


Program Dates: July 2–29, 2087

Go Beyond the Classroom

Osaka is Chicago’s sister city. Much like Chicago, Osaka is famous for its food and friendly people. You will get to know this global city through course excursions and have the opportunity to explore the wider Kansai region with day trips to Kyoto, Kobe, Himeji, Nara, and Mt. Koyasan. Courses are scheduled three days a week to allow for easy weekend travel, and Tokyo is just three hours away by bullet train. This program involves direct cultural exchange with students and faculty at Osaka City University.

Study Abroad Application

Courses and Eligibility

Illinois Tech faculty teach all courses, which meet at Osaka City University. This four-week summer program allows students to take up to six Illinois Tech core curriculum credit hours. One social sciences course and one humanities course are offered, giving students the opportunity to earn “S” and “H” credit toward the Illinois Tech general education requirements. This program is open to students in all colleges who are not on academic probation.

Space is limited, so apply early! Preference will be given to students who take six credit hours.

SSCI 285/385: Global Cities: Osaka (Illinois Tech core "S" credit)
Industry Associate Professor Rebecca Steffenson, Department of Social Sciences

This course will draw on the interdisciplinary global cities literature to examine Osaka in a comparative context. We will examine the ways in which Osaka is connected to the global economy and what social and economic opportunities and problems this brings. We will draw on social science data and case studies to analyze how Osaka compares to other global cities such as Chicago. This is an experiential course which involves excursions to different neighborhoods in Osaka and nearby Japanese cities with the aim of observing how globalization affects local communities.

HUM 380: Introduction to Linguistics (Illinois Tech core "H" credit)
Associate Professor Matt Bauer, Department of Humanities

This course is an introduction to the formal study of sound and form of language, with particular emphasis on comparison between English and Japanese. The first part of the course addresses the mechanical basis for producing speech sounds as well as analyzing the acoustic outcomes of language specific sound patterns. The second part addresses basics in the study of English and Japanese syntactic and morphological structure: parts of speech, constituency, and structural relations. The overall goal is to understand how English and Japanese, though seemingly quite distinct, exhibit the same organization of sound and form, just in superficially different ways.

Deadlines and Program Costs


  • Application: February 1, 2018
  • First Deposit: $400: February 17, 2018
  • Remaining Deposit: $400: March 17, 2018

Space is limited, so apply early!


Students will stay in single rooms with private kitchens and bathrooms at the Osaka City University Guest House.

Additional Costs

  • Tuition for 3 or 6 credit hours (paid to Illinois Tech. Some Illinois Tech scholarships apply, please check with Financial Aid for more information)
  • Airfare
  • Meals
  • Transporation
  • Temple entrance fees
  • Visa

Apply Today!


Please contact Rebecca Steffenson, Lewis College faculty-lead, or Elizabeth Hall, study abroad coordinator, with any questions about the program.